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10 Cat Breeds With Short Legs (With Pictures)

Twin Munchkin Cat

More than 70 cat breeds are recognized in America today, and many are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some cats have long fur while others have none at all. Some are large, while others are smaller than the average kitten. There are many ways to sort cat breeds, and today we will discuss breeds with short legs. We’ve searched through various resources to create a complete list so you can see the difference between these cats and choose one for your home.


The 10 Short Legged Cats

1. Genetta Cat

genetta cat with rosette fur
Image Credit: syafta, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 9–12 years
  • Temperament: Friendly and energetic
  • Colors: Black, brown, silver, snow spotted

The Genetta cat is a dwarf breed with a spotted or marbled coat that resembles an African g It has a wild look that is very popular across the United States. This short-legged cat breed is a mix of Bengals, Savannas, and Munchkin breeds, and it is friendly and energetic. They often chase balls around the house for several hours at a time and love the laser pen. Despite their wild appearance, these cats enjoy snuggling and tend to remain close to their human family members.

2. Minuet Cat

Napoleon Minuet cat on the windowsill
Image Credit: Daves Domestic Cats, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 9–15 years
  • Temperament: Sweet, loving, playful, energetic
  • Colors: Wide variety

The Minuet cat breed used to be called the Napoleon and is available with long or short hair. It’s relatively new as breeders first created it in 1995. It has short legs and a short snout with a round face and dense coat. This breed is a favorite among children who enjoy its playful and loving temperament. It will often follow you around the house begging to be pet. It’s available in every color and pattern, so it’s easy to find one to suit your home.

3. Dwelf Cat

Dwelf Cat Lying on Fabric
Image Credit: Jenni Ferreira, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 8–12 years
  • Temperament: Sociable and friendly
  • Colors: Natural or black

The Dwelf cat is a hairless breed that is very sociable and enjoys being around people. Since it has no hair, it tends to spend a lot of time on your lap or other warm areas in your home. It has short legs and a curly tail. While these cats are becoming more popular, some experts worry that it could be unethical to breed these cats due to the short legs and lack of hair.

4. Skookum Cat

Rare Skookum cat on the couch
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 10–15 years
  • Temperament: Sweet, smart, easy-going
  • Colors: Wide range

The Skookum cat breed has only been with us since the 1990s, but it’s becoming more popular every day. This short cat is extremely playful and happy. It enjoys sitting on your lap and will happily chase a laser or a paper ball for hours at a time. These intelligent cats can learn several tricks and are good with kids. You can find them in virtually any color or pattern.

5. Kinkalow Cat

spotted kinkalow kitten with curled ears
Image Credit: UW.ART, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 10–15 years
  • Temperament: Sweet and playful
  • Colors: White, black, bi-color, tri-color

The Kinkalow cat is an adorable breed with short legs and curled ears. It’s a mixture of the American Curl and the Munchkin cat breeds, and the result is an extremely sweet and playful cat that the entire family will love. Its unique appearance is sure to attract plenty of attention, which is something this breed loves.

6. Minskin Cat

  • Lifespan: 12–15 years
  • Temperament: Sweet, outgoing, playful
  • Colors: Wide variety

Minskin cats are a nearly hairless cat breed available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It has a small body with short legs and large eyes. It will maintain a kitten-like appearance throughout its life and is fairly healthy with a life expectancy of 12–15 years. These cats are extremely affectionate, so they are increasing in popularity, but they are still pretty rare, and it may be hard to locate one.

7. Bambino Cat

grey bambino cat
Image Credit: Jaroslaw Kurek, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 12–15 years
  • Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, affectionate
  • Colors: Black, white, cream, brown

The Bambino cat is a hairless cat breed that often has bright blue eyes that can capture your attention from a distance. Though they have no hair, their skin can be the color the fur would be. You can find them in several colors, including black, white, cream, and brown. These cats love to snuggle, but their intelligence can cause them to be mischievous when they want something.

8. Munchkin Cat

white and brown Munchkin cat
Image Credit: This road is mine, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 12–15 years
  • Temperament: Docile, outgoing, affectionate
  • Colors: Wide variety

Munchkin cats have short legs, but their body and tail are normal sizes. It’s a naturally occurring mutation that a woman in Louisiana preserved. This breed does not seem to suffer any adverse health problems due to its short legs. Most owners describe their Munchkins as happy and outgoing cats that enjoy being around people.

9. American Curl Cat

American Curl
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 9–13 years
  • Temperament: Lively, friendly, active
  • Colors: Wide variety

The American Curl is a very popular cat breed in America and the rest of the world due to its uniquely curled ears that give it its name. The ears result from a genetic mutation, as do its short legs, but it is perfectly healthy and you can expect it to provide you with excellent companionship for 13 years or more. Its curled ears give it an owl appearance, making it a fun playmate for both kids and adults.

10. Lambkin Cat

Gray curly lambkin cat
Image Credit: UW.ART, Shutterstock
  • Lifespan: 12–14 years
  • Temperament: Docile, gentile, calm
  • Colors: Wide variety

The Lambkin cat breed is well known for its desire to cuddle up with family members. Many owners mention that their cat will actively seek out someone sitting still so it can jump up on their lap. It enjoys being pet and will let you carry it around the house. It’s available in multiple colors and patterns, and sometimes the fur can be quite long and shaggy, making it extra cuddly.


Conclusion: Cats With Short Legs

Out of the cats on this list, the American curl will be the easiest to find. The Munchkin and Bambino shouldn’t be too difficult either. We recommend avoiding the hairless breeds unless you live in the southern United States or like to keep your home very warm. All of the breeds on this list will make wonderful pets and a perfect addition to your family.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this list and found a few cats you would like to purchase. If we have helped you choose your next pet, please share these ten cat breeds with short legs on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image: Phannasit, Shutterstock

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