15 Cat Breeds with Huge Eyes (with Pictures)


All cats are beautiful, but there’s something about huge eyes that make us love them even more! These little fury gracious friends will melt your heart just by how they look at you. Also, cats use their eyes to communicate, making them more relatable because eyes don’t lie. People attribute huge eyes to beauty. It … Read more

16 Cat Breeds with the Shortest Lifespans (with Pictures)


Is it true that some cat breeds live longer than others? While some can live for more than 20 years, others come full circle after only 8 years of life. If you deeply love your pretty little kitty, you have to come to terms that they aren’t immortal. It would help if you checked the … Read more

15 Cat Breeds that Look Like Lions and Tigers (with Pictures)

bengal cat

Have you ever fancied having a “big cats” as a pet? Well, unfortunately, that will never happen. The closest you will ever get to the big cat family will be to get yourself a cat. There is an uncanny resemblance between felines and their huge, strong, and fanged cousins. In fact, historical records have it … Read more

15 Cat Breeds That Shed the Least Fur (with Pictures)


Cats shed fur because of different reasons, like biological and environmental factors. For instance, seasonal changes from winter to summer are enough to get a feline to shed some fur. Like human beings, cats also undergo stress, allergies, poor diet, or diseases that cause them to shed fur. Cats can have different lengths or amounts … Read more

15 Best Cat Breeds for Families (with Pictures)

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A cat is a great addition to any family. They can bring love, character, and fun to a house. But if you have kids, you have to consider the welfare of the cat and the safety and enjoyment of the child. Kids tend to poke, pull, and shove cats and small animals around. While your … Read more

15 American Cat Breeds (with Pictures)

Of the many cat breeds that exist in the world, more than a dozen originate from the U.S. They may have been intentionally bred or occurred naturally through the organic breeding of native cats. They could have been for a particular purpose, such as rat and rodent hunting, or to achieve a certain look. There … Read more

10 Orange Cat Breeds (with Pictures)

orange cat

What is it about orange cat breeds that fascinate people so much? It could be because orange is considered a warm color, so we can assume that these felines will be friendly and affectionate towards us. There is a long list of reasons that could possibly explain why most people gravitate towards orange cat breeds. … Read more

10 Cat Breeds That Look Like Siamese Cats (With Pictures)

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There are many different cat breeds in existence, and many more used to roam this planet but are now extinct. Each has their own unique look and personality, but many share similar haves, and it can be confusing when it comes to determining their true breed. For example, there is only one Siamese cat, but … Read more

10 Best Cat Beds for Large Cats in 2021 — Reviews & Top Picks

love's cabin II_Amazon

Buying a cat bed is sometimes a challenge for pet owners. They often like to curl up, which can make it difficult to gauge the size that will work best. There’s also the material to consider. Cats like different textures because they navigate their world by touch through their paws and whiskers. They want things … Read more

Do Possums Attack and Eat Cats? What You Need To Know!


Possums are omnivorous wild animals, meaning that they can theoretically kill and eat any small household pet like cats and young dogs. Although that’s how most people perceive these creatures, the fact is that possums do not prey or eat cats; instead, the possum is more likely to feel threatened, run away, and be attacked … Read more