14 Best Therapy Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

therapy dog in group

A therapy dog can help you in more ways than you probably ever imagined. Certain breeds do better at handling therapy-type situations than others. The roles of a therapy dog can differ from one person to the next, opening the doors for many breeds that will qualify to be a therapy dog. In this guide, … Read more

13 Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners (With Pictures)

happy frenchie with owners

Getting a dog is a truly exciting time. With thousands of breeds and hybrid breeds available, choosing the right breed for your first dog can be baffling. Above all, you must choose a dog that matches your lifestyle. If you’re an active person that loves to walk or run, choose a dog with a similarly … Read more

15 Best Farm Dog Breeds for Life on a Ranch (With Pictures)

dog with horse at ranch

Farm dogs are hardworking, hardy, durable, working animals. Depending on the type of work they are used for, they may need to be highly-protective, entirely independent, or capable of standing up to the largest and toughest of livestock and predators. They will have to put in a lot of arduous work, and while some prefer … Read more