9 Best Foods for Oscar Fish in 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

oscar fish

There are plenty of great brands of Oscar fish food, and the one right for you is largely dependent on your Oscar and what type of food they like to eat. Most like floating food, but some rather pick it up off the floor. Your fish may also prefer flakes or pellets. We’ve chosen nine … Read more

11 Types of Freshwater Puffer Fish (With Pictures)

pygmy pufferfish

Raising freshwater pufferfish is a great challenge for any experienced aquarium keeper. You’re going to need a large tank and the ability to filter the water quickly and thoroughly, but we’re assuming you know all that and are here to compare a bunch of varieties to see which one you like best. We’ve been able … Read more

10 Popular Types of Cory Catfish (With Pictures)

pepper cory catfish

Cory catfish make a great addition to any aquarium. They’re not hard to maintain, and most will help keep the bottom of your tank clean. There are peaceful fish that cohabitate well, and they are available in many sizes and color patterns. The most difficult part is often choosing which one you want and then … Read more

13 Types of Angelfish You Should Know About (With Pictures)

blue zebra angelfish

Angelfish can make a great addition to any aquarium, they can grow quite large, and you can choose between several varieties. Some types will require more water, prefer more or less vegetation, or be more aggressive than others, so we highly recommend doing some research before you make a purchase. We’ve made a list of … Read more

6 Best Aquarium Test Kits 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Aquarium Test Kit

Picture this: you’ve done your research, picking out the perfect tank, substrate, plants, decorations — and of course, fish — for your aquarium. Now you’re ready to fill your aquarium with water and get started decorating the ideal home for your fish. Stop right there! If you haven’t yet considered exactly what sort of water … Read more

8 Best Aquarium CO2 Regulators 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Aquarium CO2 Regulator with 12 DC Solenoid-Big Dual Gauge

If you are in the market for a new aquarium CO2 regulator, you may find that you have a lot of questions about some of the different features offered as well as brands available. There is quite a large selection to choose from, and the best one is not always apparent. We have chosen eight … Read more

12 Types of Saltwater Starfish for Aquariums (With Pictures)

starfish in aquarium

No saltwater aquarium is complete without a starfish. Starfish look attractive and help keep the aquarium clean. There are many breeds available, and each has a unique color combination and specific needs. Matching a starfish up to your environment only requires comparing a few variables to make sure your starfish can be healthy without throwing … Read more

13 Popular Types of Rainbow Fish (With Pictures)

bosemans angelfish

Most Rainbow Fish are a new addition to the aquarium community, but there are many colorful breeds to be had, and they are peaceful fish that likes large numbers. If you’re looking for a chance to see several different types of Rainbow Fish in one place so you can choose the one you like best, … Read more

9 Best Aquarium Wave Maker 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

FREESEA Aquarium Wave Maker close-up

One of the golden rules of setting up an aquarium is ensuring that your tank has sufficient water flow. The movement and flow of the water in your aquarium is essential in maintaining a healthy underwater habitat. The health of your fish, plants, and other living creatures will depend on it, and without water flow … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Thermometers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

HDE LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Aquarium thermometers are a small but essential piece of aquarium equipment. All living things have an ideal temperature range in which they can survive comfortably. For fish, plants, and corals living in the wild, this temperature range can vary quite significantly. Temperature changes in freshwater rivers or even around corals in tropical areas can vary … Read more