10 Best Goldfish Foods of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Goldfish Foods

Many people think fish food is just fish food, but there is quite a bit of science behind it, and choosing a food that’s healthy for your pet may be more challenging than you think. There are many brands available, and they vary quite a bit in the ingredients to use as well as the … Read more

5 Best Aquarium Hoods 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Aquarium Hoods

If you’ve never had fish before as a pet, and you’ve always had a cat or a dog, chances are that you think that fish are going to be easy to care for. After all, you don’t have to walk them, you don’t have to clean their litter box, and they don’t make a lot … Read more

6 Best Foods for Clownfish – Reviews & Top Picks 2021

Best Food for Clownfish

The clownfish has become an increasingly popular pet since the release of Finding Nemo. Now that he finds himself amongst the favorite aquarium fishes, a lot of our readers are wondering, what should I feed him? If you aren’t an animal nutritionist or tropical aquarium expert, the world of pet food can be daunting. Overwhelmed … Read more

6 Best Foods for Angelfish 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Food for Angelfish

Fish are such wonderful pets. They are relaxing to watch, come in many different colors, and fairly easy to care for. One of the most popular types of fish that people choose when they decide to get a tank are angelfish, mostly due to their bright colors and beautiful shapes. If you are interested in … Read more