10 Best Hamster Treats 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks


If you have a tiny pet in your life, you know that their small world needs a lot of enrichment to keep them happy and healthy. One of the best things you can provide for a hamster is treats. Many of these small snacks provide a lot of essential nutrients and other benefits besides just … Read more

7 Best Bedding & Substrates for Bearded Dragons 2020 – Reviews & Guide

dragon Lizard

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular reptile pets. They are tame, hardy, and give hours of fun to watch, whether chasing crickets around their terrarium or headbanging in a show of a dominance. Although they do require some live feeding, this usually only consists of crickets and roaches, with the beardie enjoying nutrient … Read more

6 Best Chew Toys for Hamsters 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

gold hamster chewing

Like any other pet, hamsters need something to keep them entertained and help their teeth stay healthy. Luckily, there are toys made specifically for your tiny furball to help with both of those issues. With such a pint-sized pet, however, it’s important to find a toy that will be appropriate for their small life. This … Read more

9 Best Cage for Two Guinea Pigs 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

guinea pigs

If you have a Guinea Pig, chances are you have more than one. This small furball is a herd animal, and they typically do better in pairs or even large groups. Giving your pet a pal to play with is not only good for their well-being, but it can also extend their lifespan. Of course, … Read more

10 Best Syrian Hamster Cages 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Hamster Cage Prevue Pet Products 528-Amazon

There are few pets that are cuter or more fun than Syrian hamsters, but it can be difficult to find proper cages for one. Some are big and spacious but offer ample opportunity for the little guy to escape, while others are small, secure, and boring. Even worse, it can be hard to tell a … Read more

10 Best Hedgehog Wheels of 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Bestmemories Wooden Exercise Wheel

A hedgehog can run up to 13 kilometers a day, just for fun. Hedgehogs love to exercise. In the wild, hedgehogs are always skittering around, foraging through the forest. A pet hedgehog doesn’t have the same opportunity, but they have the same instinctive desire to run. A hedgehog wheel is the best way to make … Read more

8 DIY Hamster Cages You Can Build Today


If your hamster’s cage is less than inspiring, then we’ve got good news for you! It’s pretty easy to create your own DIY hamster cages, rather than buying an expensive ready-made one. Hamsters need safe and secure places to sleep at night, so even if you let your hamster out for exercise during the day, … Read more

10 DIY Chinchilla Toys You Can Build Today (With Pictures)


There are three things you need to give your chinchilla to make them feel happy and comfortable in your home. Healthy food and a safe place to rest are the most essential, but you shouldn’t forget about giving them toys to play with! Chinchillas are very curious and active pets, and will greatly appreciate anything … Read more

9 DIY Reptile Enclosures You Can Build Today


Are you a proud owner of a snake, lizard, turtle, or bearded dragon? Or maybe looking to get your first reptile pet? Either way, giving them a great enclosure will make them feel safe and welcome in your home. If you’re the crafty type, you’ll be interested to know that there are plenty of options … Read more

9 DIY Hedgehog Cage Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)


Even if you’re not the handiest of people, it’s surprisingly easy to make a hedgehog cage. Depending on the design, you can probably make one with materials you have around the house right now. Of course, if you are handy with tools, you can also make an elaborate mansion for your little buddy. You’re only … Read more