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Champagne Ferret: Pictures, Facts & Rarity

champagne ferret playing on autumn leaves

Cute and quirky pets, ferrets are members of the weasel family. Often compared to cats, these lithe little critters love to sleep (sometimes as much as 20 hours per day!), cuddle, and can even be litter box trained.

Living between five to seven years of age, ferrets are available in a wide array of colors and coat patterns. Black, albino, chocolate, and champagne ferrets are the most common while colors like cinnamon and silver are extremely rare.

If you’re looking for a widely accessible ferret that is still gorgeous to look at, a champagne-colored ferret might be the perfect pet for you!

Here’s everything you need to know about this handsome creature.divider-ferret

Champagne Ferret Appearance

The champagne ferret is often mistaken for a chocolate one. But while the chocolate ferret features a wheaten- or cream-colored undercoat with chocolate guard hairs, the champagne ferret has much more saturated hues. They have burgundy or light brown eyes and pink or beige noses.

Another variation of the champagne ferret is the champagne point ferret. This little guy has a cream or white undercoat and diluted chocolate brown or tan points. The nose is typically pink, beige, or beige with a light brown ‘T’ pattern.

champagne ferret on a carpet
Image By: Couperfield, Shutterstock

Other Common Ferret Colors

There are many other common ferret colors to choose from, including:

  • Albino: These snow-white ferrets lack pigmentation, resulting in their pure white coat and pink eyes. They can often be prone to deafness.
  • Black: Black ferrets have jet-black fur with white markings around their faces and heads.
  • Sable: This is by far the most popular and widely accessible ferret color. Sable ferrets closely resemble raccoons thanks to their dark brown masks. They also have darker limbs, giving off the appearance that they’re wearing pants and sleeves. Sable ferrets have baby-pink noses and black eyes.
  • Black Sable: These pretty pets are as dark as black ferrets. However, they have cream-colored torsos with black guard hair and black hoods on their heads. The eyes can be black or dark brown.
  • Dark-Eyed White (DEW): These ferrets look a lot like albino ones, with the exception of their eyes. Instead of having pink eyes, dark-eyed white ferrets have distinctive onyx-black eyes.
  • Panda Ferret: Panda ferrets have contrasting fur on their heads and bodies, with darker hues around their hips and shoulders, mitts on their feet, and white tips on the tails. Most adorably, though, they have colored circles around their eyes

Ferret Coat Types

As with colors, ferrets come in a myriad of coat types. The most common type of ferret coat is short hair. Other kinds of ferret coats include angora and long-haired. Long-haired ferrets have silky, long coats. Angora ferrets, often confused with long-haired ferrets, have no undercoats. The hair can grow to be as long as two to four inches.

champagne ferret on summer meadow
Image By: Couperfield, Shutterstock

Buying a Champagne Ferret

Champagne ferrets can be found at most pet stores. They typically cost between $75 and $100. You can also purchase a champagne ferret from a reputable breeder or adopt one from your local animal shelter.



If you want to add a unique and friendly animal to your household, then consider buying a champagne ferret! Widely available in many pet stores, these cute companions are great with small children and other pets.

Consider bringing a champagne ferret into your family today!

Featured Image Credit: Jagodka, Shutterstock

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