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90+ Chinese Cat Names: Exotic Options For Your Cat (With Meanings)

Chinese Cat Names

There are very few Chinese cat breeds besides the Dragon Li, which is rarely seen outside of China. However, cats are becoming quite a popular pet in China, with cat owners holding their pets in very high regard. In fact, cats have always been respected in China and some Chinese legends even suggest that cats serve the spiritual purpose of warding away ghosts.

However, you don’t have to live in China or be of Chinese descent to give your cat a Chinese-inspired name. Maybe you just like Chinese culture or want an incredibly unique Sino-inspired name for your cat. If this applies to you, we’ve rounded up the best Chinese-inspired cat names, complete with meanings, so that you can find one that you love.


How to Choose a Name for Your Cat

Before we give you our list of the best Chinese-inspired cat names, we understand that naming your cat can be a big decision. After all, your cat will learn his or her name eventually so you don’t want to change it if you decide you don’t like it anymore.

No matter how pretty or unique a name is, any name that you choose for your cat has to feel right. With that being said, here are some tips for helping you decide on the perfect name for your feline friend:

  • Consider your cat’s appearance and choose a name based on the color or pattern of his or her coat.
  • Take some time to learn your cat’s personality before deciding on a name. Maybe your cat is highly sociable or extremely lazy and you want a name that describes his or her personality perfectly.
  • Consider your cat’s breed and take time to learn the breed’s history. You can always take an aspect of that cat’s history and translate it into something else (in this case Chinese).

As you read through our list, weigh each of the names and their meanings with the three suggestions above. It will help certain names stand out above others so that you can narrow them down and choose between them.

Female Chinese Cat Names

ragdoll cat sitting on a climbing frame
Image Credit: izmargad, Shutterstock

If you have a female cat and want a Chinese-inspired name, check out our suggestions for the best and cutest names for your lovely lady feline friend. For some names, we’ve provided literal translations as well as shortened versions of some words that you can call your female cat.

  • Ai—meaning ‘love’
  • Bai—meaning ‘white’; great name for a white cat
  • Heise—meaning ‘black’; great name for a black cat
  • Heping-meaning ‘peace’
  • Jia or Jiating—meaning ‘home’ or ‘family’
  • Jing—meaning ‘quiet’
  • Juzi—meaning ‘orange’; great name for an orange cat
  • Li hua—meaning ‘pear flower’
  • Ming/Mingliang—meaning ‘bright’
  • Nua/Nuhai—meaning ‘girl’
  • Pia/Piaoliang—meaning ‘pretty’
  • Xi/Xiwang—meaning ‘hope’
  • Xue—meaning ‘snow’; another great name for a white cat
  • Yinhua—meaning ‘calico’; 99% of calico cats are female
  • Yue—meaning ‘moon’

Male Chinese Cat Names

Maine Coon_pompi, Pixabay
Image Credit: pompi, Pixabay

If you have a male cat and want a Chinese-inspired name, check out these suggestions. Just like with the female names, we’ve provided shorter names and longer versions of the same name so that you can choose a nickname for your cat if you prefer.

  • Bao/Baozang—meaning ‘treasure’
  • Feng—meaning ‘wind’
  • Gui—meaning ‘ghost;’ a great name for a white cat
  • Hui—meaning ‘ash’; a great name for a black or gray cat
  • Hun/Hunluan—meaning ‘chaos’
  • Huo—meaning ‘fire’
  • Jinzi—meaning ‘gold’
  • Long—meaning ‘dragon’
  • Mux/Muxing—meaning ‘Jupiter’
  • Shizi—meaning ‘lion’
  • Shou—meaning ‘beast’
  • Tai/Taiyang—meaning ‘sun’
  • Tux/Tuxing—meaning ‘Saturn’
  • Ying/Yingjun—meaning ‘handsome’
  • Yun—meaning ‘cloud’; another great name for a white cat

Sweet Chinese Cat Names

persian cat near window
Image By: choosangyeon, Shutterstock

Is your cat gentle, affectionate, and a real sweetie pie? If your cat has a sweet and soft personality, maybe you can get inspired by one of the names below.

  • Fengmi—meaning ‘honey’
  • Kualie—meaning ‘happy’
  • Mao—meaning ‘cat.’ What can be sweeter and more perfect than that?
  • Miren—meaning ‘lovely’
  • Qinre—meaning ‘affectionate’
  • Tang—meaning ‘sugar’
  • Tian—meaning ‘sweet’
  • Tianshi—meaning ‘angel’
  • Tianxin—meaning ‘sweetie’
  • Yilian—meaning ‘attachment;’ perfect for cats who refuse to leave your lap.

Chinese Names Inspired By Personality Traits

American Curl
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

One of the best ways to choose a name for your cat is to take a look at his or her personality. If you think you know your cat well enough to choose a name based on personality, why not give one of these Chinese names a try? They’re all based on traits you might see in your cat.

  • Chao—meaning ‘overtake’ or ‘surpass.’ A great choice for cats with big personalities.
  • Cheng/Chengshi—meaning ‘honest’
  • Cong/Congming—meaning ‘intelligent’
  • Ping/Pingjing—meaning ‘peaceful’
  • Qiang—meaning ‘strong’
  • Qiaopi—meaning ‘playful’
  • Taoqi—meaning ‘naughty’
  • Xing/Xingyun—meaning ‘lucky’
  • Yonggan—meaning ‘brave’
  • Zhong/Zhongcheng—meaning ‘loyal’ or ‘faithful’

Names Inspired By Chinese Legends/Fictional Characters

bengal cat walking on plank outdoor
Image By: Seregraff, Shutterstock

Being one of the oldest civilizations on earth, the Chinese people have many legends that have come about over the years. Chinese characters are also prominent in popular culture. That’s why we’ve created this list of cat names inspired by fictional Chinese characters or characters in Chinese legends.

  • Chang’e—drank an immortality potion that made her fly to the moon. People try to spot her when the moon is the brightest during the Chinese Moon Festival.
  • Dragon—a hero in Chinese mythology, the most powerful and divine creature that is thought to bring luck and good fortune.
  • Jade—named after the Jade Rabbit who became a companion of Chang’e and is thought to be seen next to her on the moon.
  • Kilik—one of the main protagonists in the Soulcalibur video game series.
  • Liu Kang—one of the original player characters in the video game series Mortal Kombat.
  • Mulan—translates to ‘magnolia blossom;’ one of the most-loved Disney princesses.
  • Mushu—Mulan’s dragon companion in the Disney movie Mulan.
  • Nian—a monster that came down from the mountains to hunt people. Nian also means year in Chinese because the first Chinese New Year started when villagers were able to kill it.
  • Pangu-a Chinese god that cracked the egg containing Yin and Yang.
  • Po—the title character from the movie Kung Fu Panda.
  • Sagwa—a Siamese cat living in China on the PBS show Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat.
  • Sun—named after Sun Wukong, a naughty monkey turned loyal companion that is one of the main characters of the Chinese classic story The Journey to the West.
  • Yin/Yang—Yin created the Earth, Yang created the sky. Together they create two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy, with Yin representing the earth, femaleness, darkness, and passivity and Yang representing heaven, maleness, light, and activity. Use both names if you have two cats.
  • Zhao—one of the antagonists in Avatar the Last Airbender.
  • Zuko—literally meaning ‘vast’ or ‘deluge’, the antagonist turned protagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Names Inspired By Famous Chinese People

siberian cat_claudia125_Pixabay
Image Credit: claudia125, Pixabay

There have been many famous Chinese people or people of Chinese descent throughout history who have done amazing and inspiring things, from architects to actors to screenwriters and even philosophers. Check out this list of famous Chinese people and perhaps you’ll find one you can name your cat after.

  • Bruce Lee—world-famous martial artist and actor
  • Cao Cao—warlord, poet, and statesmen
  • Confucius, aka Kong Zi—philosopher, teacher, editor, and politician
  • Lao, Laozi, Lao Tzu—all named after Lao Tzu, philosopher and founder of Taoism
  • Jet Li—martial artist and actor
  • Jackie Chan—martial artist, actor, film director, producer, and stuntman
  • Pei—after I.M. Pei, the architect who designed the Louvre in Paris
  • Sun—after Sun Yat-Sen, ousted the Qing Dynasty and is known as the founding father of the Republic of China
  • Weiwei—after Ai Weiwei, contemporary artist and sculptor turned activist
  • Yao or Yao Ming—NBA player for the Houston Rockets, known as one of the greatest Chinese basketball players of all time

Flower-Inspired Chinese Names

ragdoll cat lying relaxed in the garden in summer
Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

 Maybe you want to name your cat after a flower, such as a rose, peony, or tulip, but feel like those names are overdone. Why not try the Chinese version? That way you can give your cat a super unique name that is still inspired by your favorite flower or that fits your cat’s personality based on the meaning of that flower.

  • A mali li si—meaning ‘amaryllis’. Amaryllis flowers symbolize pride. (There are nicknames you can develop from this name also if it’s too long to say every time you call your cat.)
  • Baihe—meaning ‘lily’. Lilies can symbolize purity, passion, pride, or gratitude depending on their color. However, be aware that lilies are often given as funeral flowers in Chinese culture, so use this name at your discretion.
  • Chahua—meaning ‘camellia.’ Camellias stand for love, affection, and admiration.
  • Chuju-—meaning ‘daisy.’ Daisies stand for innocence.
  • Cui ju—meaning ‘aster.’ Asters symbolize daintiness and charm.
  • Dalihua—meaning ‘dahlia.’ Dahlias symbolize dignity and pomp.
  • Feng xinzi—meaning ‘hyacinth.’ Hyacinths symbolize play, so it’s a great name for active kitties.
  • Furong—meaning ‘hibiscus.’ Hibiscus flowers stand for delicate beauty.
  • Hai kui—meaning ‘anemone.’ Anemone flowers represent fragility.
  • Hongmo—meaning ‘iris.’ Irises stand for royalty, wisdom, and respect.
  • Labahua—meaning ‘morning glory.’ Morning glories symbolize affection.
  • Lian/Lianhua—meaning ‘lotus.’ Lotus flowers are revered in Chinese culture as a symbol of purity and elegance.
  • Mei/Meigui—meaning ‘rose.’ Roses symbolize love, happiness, grace, or gentleness.
  • Moli/Molihua—meaning ‘jasmine.’ Jasmine symbolizes sweet love.
  • Mudan—meaning ‘peony.’ Peonies can represent bashfulness.
  • Xunyi/Xunyicao—meaning ‘lavender.’ Lavender represents devotion but is also associated with relaxation. This is a great name for kitties who seem to spend all their time sleeping.
  • Yujin/Yujinxiang—meaning ‘tulip.’ Tulips stand for love.
  • Yulan—meaning “magnolia.” Magnolia flowers symbolize a love of nature.
  • Yuzhou—meaning ‘cosmos.’ Cosmos flowers symbolize order and harmony.
  • Zise—meaning ‘violet.’ Violets represent loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness. We think this gorgeous name is the perfect way to end our list of flower-inspired names for your faithful and devoted feline.



Cats are revered in Chinese culture and we revere the cats in our home as well. With these Chinese-inspired cat names, you can give your cat a name that is exotic, meaningful, and as unique as he or she is. With over 100 names to choose from, hopefully, you can find one that fits with your furry feline friend.

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