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Cinnamon Ferret: Info, Pictures, Facts & Rarity

cinnamon ferret

Domesticated for more than 2,000 years, ferrets are extremely smart and social creatures that make wonderful pets. Members of the weasel family, ferrets typically live for five to seven years and provide their owners with lots of love and affection.

While there is only one true breed of ferret, they are available in a wide array of patterns and colors. The most common ferret colors include black, albino, black sable, champagne, and chocolate. However, there are a couple of rarer colored ferrets available on the market, including cinnamon.

If you’re in the market for a stunningly colored ferret that is bound to take your breath away, look no further than the cinnamon ferret.

Here is everything you need to know about this rare weasel.


Cinnamon Ferret Appearance

cinnamon ferret
Image By: christels, Pixabay

True cinnamon ferrets are very, very rare and extremely difficult to come across. They’re so rare in fact that many argue that they don’t exist at all but are a variation of the champagne-colored ferret.

Unlike champagne ferrets that boast tan fur and a cream or white undercoat, cinnamon ferrets feature a bold red hue. They can have point or standard features, brown or red guard hairs, and darker legs and tails. Cinnamon ferrets generally have beige, pink, or brick noses, brown or ruby eyes, and light-red paws. The mask of the cinnamon ferret can vary in color. During some seasons, it becomes so faint that it can be hard to see.

Cinnamon mitt ferrets are also available as pets. They closely resemble cinnamon ferrets but have mitts.

Rare Ferret Colors

In addition to cinnamon ferrets, other types of rare ferret colors are just as stunning.

Other rarer ferret colors include:
  • Roan: Roan-patterned ferrets have 60% colored guard hairs, with the rest of their body being white.
  • Dark-Eyed White: Unlike albino ferrets that have pink eyes and no pigmentation, dark-eyed white ferrets have enchantingly black eyes. They sometimes can have some darker hair along their backbones. Dark-eyed white ferrets have pink or black noses and are prone to deafness.
  • Pewter: The pewter ferret, also referred to as the heavy silver ferret, has a gunmetal grey coat with scatterings of black. Their noses are pink.
  • Dalmatian: Another rare type of ferret, the Dalmatian ferret is named because of its close resemblance to the Dalmatian dog breed. They have white fur with black or dark ruby spotting. They also have an adorable pink nose.

Where Can I Buy a Cinnamon Ferret?

Because of their extreme rarity, cinnamon ferrets are not available in pet stores. You’d have better luck trying to hunt down this little critter from a reputable ferret breeder that specializes in this color mutation.



The cinnamon ferret is a distinctive pet with a red-toned coat. Extremely rare and oftentimes expensive to buy, this dapper animal makes a great addition to any ferret enthusiast’s home. However, if you’re a novice ferret owner, we recommend bringing home a more accessible ferret, such as a black or albino one.

Whatever color you pick, you can rest easy knowing that you’re bringing an adorable and curious companion into your home.

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Featured Image Credit: Couperfield, Shutterstock

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