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12 Creative DIY Goat Toy Plans (With Pictures)

Two young goat kids playing on wooden board, meadow with dandelions in background

Goats are growing in popularity thanks to the rising popularity of small hobby farms. Goats are intelligent and social animals that are often underestimated. However, bored goats are more prone to escape, as well as becoming destructive and even aggressive. It’s important for the health of your goats and your own sanity to provide your goats with an environment that is full of enriching items that will keep them entertained.

There are tons of DIY projects you can do to provide an enriching environment for your goats, and they encompass all levels of DIY abilities.

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The 12 DIY Goat Toy Plans

1. Scratch Brush by Simple Living Country Gal

Materials: Push broom replacement head
Tools:  Drill, screws
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The only moderately difficult part of this DIY scratch brush project is having to use a drill. Otherwise, this project is inexpensive, typically coming in at least $10, and will probably take you less than 15 minutes. Although, how long it takes will usually depend on just how helpful your goats want to try to be.

This may not seem like a particularly interesting toy for your goats, but goats love to scratch against things. Not only does it spread their scent around, but it also relieves their itches and irritations. While this isn’t a solution for things like lice and fleas, it can make your goats more comfortable while you’re treating an issue. Your goats will likely love to use this scratch brush no matter what, though. It’s recommended to have at least one brush for every five goats.

2. Treat Dispenser by Horse And Man

Materials: Plastic bucket, rope or twine
Tools:  Scissors or knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re looking for a project you can start and finish today without having to try too hard, this treat dispenser is a great option. All you need is a plastic bucket, like an old ice cream bucket, and some type of rope or twine. Make sure to choose something that your goats are unlikely to eat, like a non-organic rope.

This treat dispenser can be used to feed a variety of things to your goats, from fruits and veggies to grains. It can be used to slow daily feedings or to provide enrichment to your goats routinely. Make sure to install the bucket just high enough that your goats will be able to access treats through the holes you’ve cut, without allowing them to eat the food from the top opening of the bucket or accidentally eating the rope or twine you’ve used.

3. Food Dispenser by Nigeri And Warf Goats

Materials: Plastic laundry basket with holes
Tools:  S hook
Difficulty Level: Easy

This food dispenser can be used to feed your goats treats, grasses and hay, supplements, and more. It’s a great way to use an old laundry basket, and it will only take you a couple of minutes to get set up. This project requires essentially no effort on your part.

All you’ll have to do is use the S hook to attach the laundry basket to your fence, then fill it with food for your goats. This DIY works best with a soft plastic laundry basket, although a harder basket could be used as well.

4. Water Jug Toy by Horse Shoe

Materials: Water dispenser jug
Tools:  None
Difficulty Level: Easy

If your goats seem bored, this water jug toy is a great way to keep them busy and reward them, even when you’re not home. If you have access to a water dispenser, then you’ll just need to grab one of the empty jugs for this project. You may even be able to snag an empty one from your job, friend’s house, or doctor’s office. Just make sure to ask before taking it!

The best part about this project is that it will keep your goats busy, usually for hours, and it requires as little effort as possible on your end. You’re just going to put some interesting snacks inside of the jug and then throw it into the pen for your goats to work on. They will work for hours trying to get every scrap of tasty food out.

5. Kid Trampoline by Goods Home Design

Materials: Small children’s trampoline
Tools:  None
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have a children’s trampoline taking up space in your garage, then this is a great project to entertain your goats. It’s hard to even call it a project because you’re just going to give this trampoline to your goats to jump on, although it may be necessary to take care of any sharp edges or rusted parts before handing the trampoline over.

This is such a great toy for goats because it is easy for you and can entertain goats of all ages for hours. You may even consider giving it to your goats to play with, but not leaving it in the pen at all times. This will allow you to rotate through toys to keep things interesting and fun.

6. Cowbells by Homestead And Survival

Materials: Cowbells, small chains, wood
Tools:  Hooks, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Most people don’t have cowbells laying around the house, but if you have a small farm, then you might find a use for them with this project. The good news for you is that goats often enjoy any type of novel toy, including cowbells. This project does require a drill and some drilling but is otherwise a relatively easy one to put together.

You may not need to purchase any wood for this project. If you have any wooden overhangs in your goat pen that are at head level of your goats, then you can attach your cowbells to this. You may even consider hanging the cowbells at different levels on the fence or shed to keep things interesting for your goats.

7. Dollar Store DIY by Goats Live

Materials: Dollar store dog rope toys, pipe or wood
Tools:  Drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Dollar stores are usually very accessible, even in more rural areas. As their name implies, they’re also usually quite affordable. This dollar store DIY project will allow you to use any dollar store dog rope toys you buy or find around your house.

There are multiple ways you can make this project. The easiest way is going to be to run a piece of pipe or PVC through two posts and then closing them off on the far side of the post to keep them from coming loose. This will allow you to run the pipe through the toys and then hang them up, but they will still be accessible if needed to clean or replace them. Make sure to mount the toys near eye level of your goats.

8. Goat Perch by Little Missouri Homestead

Materials: Wood
Tools:  Drill, screws
Difficulty Level: Moderate to hard

This goat perch is a great way to use any posts that may be present in the middle of your goat pen, but you can also install posts yourself to make this project. This will give your goats something to climb on, making their environment more interesting and comfortable.

Make sure to create these perches well away from fences. If they are put too close to a fence, your goats are likely to take advantage of this and jump the fence. You can place these at various levels, but you’ll need to make sure that at least one or two are close to the ground so your goats can safely come and go from the perches.

9. Old Tires DIY by Green Eggs And Goats

Materials: Tires, rocks or concrete
Tools:  Shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have old tires in your garage, then you can use them to make a fun DIY for your goats. Any type of tire will do, and different sizes of tires may make play more interesting for your goats. This is an easy project, but it does require some digging.

Weighing the tires down to keep them securely in place, even if the ground is loosened, is a good idea but isn’t a requirement. You can fill the lower portion of the tires with concrete if you have some available, but rocks, gravel, or other heavy objects can be used. Just make sure not to use anything that could accidentally or intentionally be eaten by your goats.

10. See-Saw by Homestead And Survival

Materials: Wood, hinges, concrete (optional)
Tools:  Drill, screws, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate to hard

Goats love to climb, and providing your goats with unstable but safe surfaces is a great way to enrich their environment and keep them strong and active. This DIY see-saw does require some technical know-how, including the use of power tools.

You will also need to be able to secure the see-saw into the ground. This can be accomplished by burying the frame posts deep into the ground, but you can also use concrete to stabilize the posts and hold them in place. Make sure to make your see-saw secure enough that it won’t topple over once your goats start fiddling around on it.

11. Tether Ball by Goats Live

Materials: Tetherball set or ball, rope, and hook
Tools:  Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Goats love interesting and novel toys, and tetherball is a great way to provide this for them. You could purchase a tetherball set if you want, but you can also DIY a tether ball toy for your goats. This will require you to put a hole in a ball, connect a hook, and attach a rope.

Make sure to choose rope or twine that is unlikely to be eaten by your goat, and make sure not to leave loose ends of rope dangling in places where your goats may be tempted into an inappropriate snack. The great part about this project is that there are multiple ways you can make it, and you can use balls of any size and just about any type or texture for it. This will allow you to make a fully customized item that your goats will love.

12. Tire Climbing Tower by Gggoats Blogspot

Materials: Tires, wooden posts, concrete (optional)
Tools:  Drill, screws, bolts
Difficulty Level: Moderate to hard

This tire climbing tower is a great DIY project to keep you busy for a few days, and your goats are sure to love it. You can customize this project, making it as tall or extensive as you’d like. Just make sure to keep raised areas away from fences to keep your goats from breaking free.

This project does require you to secure some posts into the ground. This can be accomplished by digging deep holes with a shovel or post hole digger, and you can use concrete to provide extra security to the posts once they are in the ground. Concrete is optional, but it will make this toy overall safer for your goats. Make sure to invest in some sturdy bolts to hold the tires in place to ensure your goats don’t weigh the tires down.

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There are lots of great projects you can DIY to entertain your goats. Some will take a matter of minutes, while others may take a few days and multiple items to build. Either way, your goats will appreciate your efforts to provide them with a more enriching environment for them. Enrichment is a great way to keep your goats safe, entertained, and healthy.

Featured Image Credit: Lubo Ivanko, Freepik

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