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Cremello (Perlino) Horses: Interesting Facts & Pictures

Dean Eby

March 8, 2021

If you’ve ever seen a Cremello or Perlino horse, you might have wondered what exactly you were looking at. These are some of the most unique horses around, with rare physical traits that make them stand out. Here are some interesting facts about these special and majestic horses.


1. Cremello and Perlino are Colors, Not Breeds

Many people mistakenly think that Cremello and Perlino are different breeds of horses. This isn’t the case. In reality, they’re just names for particular color schemes, and they can show up in any breed. Quarter Horses, Draft Horses, Saddlebreds, and Shetland Ponies are some of the most common breeds to display these colors.

2. Cremellos and Perlinos Aren’t Albino

Another common misconception about Cremello and Perlino horses is that they’re albino, which isn’t true. They’re actually not even white; they’re crème-colored.

a Cremello or Perlino colored horse
Image Credit: Rennett Stowe, Flickr

3. They’re “Double Diluted”

Speaking of crème coloration, Cremello and Perlino horses each have two crème genes, which is how they get their unique coloration. Perlinos are bays with two crème genes, and Cremellos are really chestnut-colored with two crème genes. Similarly, a Palamino is a chestnut with a single crème gene, and a Buckskin is bay-colored with a single crème gene.

4. They Have Blue Eyes and Pink Skin

When you see the coloration of a Cremello or Perlino, it’s easy to see why many think they’re albino. They have visibly pink skin, particularly around the face and eyes. The eyes, however, are blue.



Perlino and Cremello horses are beautiful and unique horses. Many people are confused about these horses, often mistaking them for albinos or thinking that they’re a particular type of breed. Hopefully, you’ll never make that mistake now that you’ve learned some of these interesting facts about these majestic horses.

Featured Image: Jean, Flickr

Dean Eby

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