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Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give Crown & Paw Pet Portraits a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Image Quality: 5/5
Image Likeness: 4.75/5
Frame Quality: 4/5
Variety: 5/5


About Crown & Paw

ragz sitting behind her portrait from crown & paw pet portrait

Crown & Paw is a pet portrait website that offers a long list of products customized with the likeness of your furry friend.

They are most well known for their line of Renaissance-inspired portraits that turn your dog, cat, or other pet into a king, ambassador, knight, or other medieval painting. These prints are available framed or on canvas and are created to emulate oil paintings.

Crown & Paw has many other portrait options available, including watercolor, modern minimalist, and more. You can even get your pet’s face printed on shirts, cards, pillows, and other household items.

With an expanding list of portrait types, Crown & Paw now has something for every pet owner.

All you need to get started with Crown & Paw is a quality photo of your pet that captures their entire head and face. After you upload the photo to the website and pick your product, you’ll receive a proof to look at before the product ships.

I had the opportunity to get a portrait of my Dalmatian mix, Ragz, created by Crown & Paw. I chose the Modern Pet Portrait style because it matched my home decor the best. I have to tell you, I fell in love with it the moment I opened the box!

Keep reading to see my full Crown & Paw review and to find out if this service is the right one to help you immortalize your favorite pet.


Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Overview

ragz sitting next to her portrait from crown & paw pet portrait


Most Crown & Paw pet portrait styles start around $50 for one pet and the smallest size. Upgrading to a larger size (they offer three for most options) adds to the price. Adding additional pets also increases the price.

Crown & Pet uses digital tools and real-life artists to ensure your portrait looks authentic. And that added quality is worth a little extra.

Plus, when you compare Crown & Paw’s pricing with other similar quality pet portrait companies, you’ll find they all charge about the same amount.

Printing and Shipping

Because these products are created and proofed by real people, they take a little longer than you might expect to arrive after you order them.

I was selected to review Crown & Paw, so my order went through some back channels, which may have played a part in how long it took to get to me.

I placed the order at the end of August. I received the proof about ten days later but there was an issue with the proof (they spelled Ragz with an S instead of a Z initially) which caused further delays.

About two weeks after the revision exchange, the package arrived. The total time between the order and delivery was about a month.

According to the website, the artwork proof is generally sent out within 3 days of the order and the item is printed and shipped within 2 days of approval. Shipping within the US takes between 2 to 5 business days.

In Summary

  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Quality prints
  • Great likeness with an artsy touch
  • Great customer service
  • Company supports pets through charitable donations
  • Took a while to print and ship
  • Frame isn’t the best quality
  • Uses plastic instead of glass pane
  • There was an error in the first proof


Key Features

side by side image of ragz and her portrait from crown & paw


When it comes to the quality of the art itself, I am very impressed. The Modern Pet Portrait I received looks authentic—I can almost believe a real person painted it.

It captures Ragz perfectly but also has enough artistic liberty that it doesn’t just look like the photo I provided had been processed through a Photoshop filter. That fact gives it a little extra “artiness” that I love.

The print itself looks great! It’s the frame that leaves a little to be desired.

The wood is very lightweight and two of the corners have gaps where the angels meet. And instead of glass, the frame holds a thin pane of plastic. But the black paint looks nice and the whole thing is sturdy enough.


Crown & Paw has certainly been busy expanding its repertoire since it first landed on the scene. Now there is something to match every type of decor and taste.

For pet portraits, you can choose from:

  • Modern
  • Renaissance
  • Watercolor
  • Bathroom
  • TV and Film
  • Floral Crown
  • Sports and Hobbies
  • Superheros
  • Holidays
  • Jobs
  • Pets with Food
  • and more!

Once you choose your theme and specific image, you also get to choose your size, print type, and frame color.

That’s a lot of choices to ensure you get the perfect product to capture your pet’s personality.

Charitable Donations

To date, Crown & Paw has donated over $250,000 to animal humane organizations, including Humane Society International and Best Friends Association Society. A large proportion of their charitable donations go to fighting the dog meat trade in Asia.

crown & paw pet portrait in the box



Does Crown & Paw offer refunds?

Crown & Paw does not offer refunds or returns for shipped artwork. This is because every piece is made custom to order.

They do, however, allow for unlimited revisions on proofs so you can be sure you get exactly what you want before it ships.

How long does it take to get Crown & Paw products?

According to the website, Crown & Paw Pet Portraits typically arrive within two weeks of ordering. This is assuming the proof is approved soon after it’s emailed out.

What if I am unhappy with my product?

Crown & Paw offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promises to work with any customer who is not satisfied with their order. In my experience, their customer service division is very friendly and responsive.

ragz pet portrait from crown & paw


Our Experience With Crown & Paw

I ordered a Crown & Paws portrait of my Dalmatian mix, Ragz. She is 12 years old now and not quite as spunky as she used to be. I chose a photo from her younger days so I can always remember her for the regal ball of energy she once was.

I chose the Modern Portrait option because I thought the clean, simple design would look best in my home, which has an urban farmhouse aesthetic.

The portrait arrived in a simple box and was shrink-wrapped so the plexiglass and wood frame wouldn’t get scratched.

The artwork itself is great! I love the fat brushstrokes and minimalist design. Her spots are a little washed out, especially on the face, but I think that works well with the overall feel of the piece.

I can attest to how accurate the recreation is because my kitten would not stop attacking the picture. I had it propped up on the floor while I was trying to figure out where to put it. And Makoa, my three-month-old cat, would not stop charging and swatting it.

I think he was trying to get Ragz back for all the times she’s chased him!

As hilarious as this was, I was quick to put an end to the art aggression because I was afraid Makoa was going to scratch the plastic pane. It definitely would not stand up to cat revenge attacks. In an ideal world, I would have preferred to have a more solid glass pane.

Overall, I really love this portrait. My only real gripe is that now I have to order three more for my other pets!

ragz lying on the bed with her crown & paw pet portrait at the back



Crown & Paw does an excellent job helping pet parents immortalize their pets with quality, artful reproductions that look great. They offer dozens of different options that match every type of decor and capture every personality.

Their process of transforming photos using proprietary digital techniques with a real-life touch produces results you are bound to love. But if you don’t, don’t fret. They offer unlimited revisions to proofs and have a wonderfully responsive customer service team should anything go wrong.

If you need an excuse to spend more time staring at your pet and have a little extra cash to spend, I highly recommend perusing the many products Crown & Pet has to offer.

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