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8 Creative DIY Birdcage Décor Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Birdcage Décor

There’s something unique about using a birdcage as a decorative accent in your home. Birdcages lend themselves well to virtually any home style—boho, vintage, Victorian, steampunk, or even modern. They can be used for lighting, centerpieces, or even plants. If you’ve stumbled across a used cage or have one kicking around your home, breathe new life into the piece by upcycling it into a decorative adornment for your home.

Keep reading to find our favorite DIY birdcage décor ideas.

divider-birds The 8 DIY Birdcage Décor Ideas

1. Art Deco Wire Birdcage by A Crafty Mix

DIY Art Deco Wire Birdcage
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

Materials: Wood slice, crystal bead, protractor, marker, thicker gauge wire, toothpicks, clay, faux leather scraps, black pin, glue
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Medium

This art deco birdcage is deliciously vintage and totally customizable. Don’t like the shape of the birdcage in the example, or could do without the whimsical flourishes atop the cage? Choose your own shape and do away with the flourishes altogether if you wish. This project is pretty easy, but shaping the wire can be time-consuming. When the shape of the cage is complete, you can add your personal touches to the cage’s interior. The original crafter made a clay mouse and added a fake succulent, but feel free to get creative with your project.

2. Glitter Candle Birdcage from Crafts by Amanda

DIY Glitter Candle Birdcage from Crafts
Image Credit: Amanda

Materials: Cage, fake or real candles, spray adhesive, glitter
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

This glittery candle project is perfect if you already have a little birdcage at your disposal. If not, you can find decorative bird cages at nearly any craft store for just a few dollars. Pick up a few candles of varying heights to put inside your cage. The original creator used real candles, but you can use LED ones if you want something safer.

3. Floral Birdcage by NooZay Decor

Materials: Skewers, embroidery hoops, fairy lights, silk flowers (hydrangeas, roses), jujube leaves, pearls, battery-operated candles, floral wire, lace ribbon, spray paint
Tools: Wire cutter, glue gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

This beautiful floral birdcage project requires you to build a cage from scratch using embroidery hoops and skewers. Everything comes together quickly, so don’t let the long material list scare you off. Once you have the skeleton of your cage, you can begin decorating it however you like. The original creator used lace ribbon and gold spray paint to beautify the cage’s exterior. Once the outside suits the look you’re going for, you can start the fun part – arranging flowers to secure onto the cage. The YouTube video shows how the original creator made theirs, and the result is truly stunning.

4. Birdcage Lamp Shade by iD Lights

DIY iD Lights Birdcage Lamp Shade
Image Credit: idlights

Materials: Lampshade structure, chicken wire, spray paint, LED bulb, glove, fake birds
Tools: Wire cutters, pliers, clamp (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

This simple project pairs a birdcage’s timeless beauty with a lampshade’s functionality. To do this project, you’ll need first to find a lampshade base. Use a roll of chicken wire to wrap around the outside of the base. Affix the wire to the lampshade base with clamps, hot glue, or even wire. Next, spray paint the shade with whatever color suits your home’s décor. The original creator used copper, but silver or gold would also add a beautiful touch. Finally, affix fake birds to the interior of the lampshade, and now you’re left with a vintage and steampunk-looking piece of décor.

5. Birdcage Planter by Empress of Dirt

DIY Birdcage Planter
Image Credit: Empress of Dirt

Materials: Birdcage, coir or burlap liner, potting mix, chicken wire, moss, flower pots, plants, spray paint
Tools: N/A
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re searching for projects to beautify the exterior of your home, this Birdcage planter should fit the bill. Before creating your planter, you’ll need to get your hands on a birdcage. These can be found on online garage sale websites, yard sales, or retail stores. Once the cage is in hand, decide if you want to change its color or repair any rust. Use exterior all-purpose spray paint for this job to ensure it’s long-lasting. Once the cage’s exterior is to your liking, it’s time to prepare it for plants.

First, you’ll need a planting area that can hold around three to five inches of soil. You might consider planting pots, chicken wire and moss, or high-quality burlap to complete this job. Next, add your potting mix and your plants. Trailing succulents or flowering annuals like fuchsias, donkey tails, ivy, or petunias are beautiful, statement-making picks.

6. Birdcage Chandelier by All Things Thrifty

DIY All Things Thrifty Birdcage Chandelier
Image Credit: allthingsthrifty

Materials: Large birdcage, chandelier, rope, spray paint, teardrop jewels
Tools: Grinder, drill
Difficulty Level:  Advanced

You need to be familiar with electrical wiring and power tools to complete this beautiful birdcage chandelier, but the result will surely become the statement piece in your home. First, find a second-hand birdcage or buy one new. Use a grinder to take off the base of the cage. Next, you’ll need to find a chandelier. The original creators found one at their local Habitat ReStore and then deconstructed it, so all that was left was the bare bones of the chandelier. Save the wiring, as you’ll need it to connect it to your home’s electrical system.

Then, make or find a hanging rope that you like the look of. The original creators wanted to replicate a $2,000 chandelier they found in stores, so they put a little more effort into this step. Add the jewels to the chandelier skeleton. Spray paint the exterior of the birdcage if you don’t like its current color, hang it, and voila—a gorgeous, unforgettable lighting option for your home.

7. Vintage Styled Birdcage by Hymns and Verses

DIY Vintage Styled Birdcage from Hymns and Verses
Image Credit: hymnsandverses

Materials:  Birdcage, vintage knick-knacks, succulents, spray paint,
Tools: N/A
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re going for a retro vibe in your home décor, this deliciously vintage birdcage project is a must-do. The hardest part of this project will be finding the perfect birdcage. Once you have found it, it’s time to decide what things you’ll display inside. The original creator of this DIY found a vintage bird flashcard booklet, bird flashcards, and live plants in pretty vintage-looking tins and planters. If your birdcage is a little worn out or rusty, you might want to give it a fresh coat of spray paint to liven it up.

8. Dollar Tree Birdcage by In the Event with Karem

Materials:  Wreath forms, spray paint, decorative birds, candleholder plater, glass candleholders, zip ties, hot glue sticks, LED candle
Tools: Wire cutters, hot glue gun, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to display a unique birdcage decorative piece in your home, this project from DIY Karem is made with items you can find at your local Dollar Tree. Buy two football-shaped wreath forms and use your wire cutters to cut the bottom portion of the form off. Connect the two forms using zip ties. Next, spray paint the cage and the candleholder plate if you don’t want your project to be black. You can also spray paint your decorative bird if you wish.

Connect two glass candleholders together with hot glue and paint them the same color as your cage. Attach the plate to the candleholders with hot glue. Affix your faux bird wherever you wish; the creator placed theirs on the top of their cage. Place your LED candle atop the glass plate and put your cage overtop.


Final Thoughts

There really is no limit to what you can create with an old birdcage, craft supplies, and a little ingenuity. So put out a call in your local garage sale Facebook groups for old birdcages and get started on the next statement-making piece today! And don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on a birdcage, use one of the projects above to create your own from scratch! Happy crafting!

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Featured Image Credit: sonseona, Pixabay

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