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8 DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Scottish little cat playing on scratching posts

Cats will be cats. Scratching is a part of their world, whether we like it or not. While they often scratch just for the fun of it, their claws are vital to them. Many experts believe that it’s also a form of communication by marking particular spots as theirs. It’s worth noting that both the American Veterinary Medical Association and The Cat Fanciers’ Association oppose declawing.

A better alternative is to give your kitty appropriate things to scratch and indulge their instincts. It’ll at least spare your furniture. DIY ideas can add fun to the mix. There are plenty of simple projects to keep your feline companion happy.


The 8 DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Plans

1. “Give It a Home” DIY Cat Scratcher

There’s nothing like cutting to the chase and saying what it is up front. This project is the cat equivalent of a child’s fort. They can scratch it or just take a nap inside it. It’s so easy to make that you can quickly replace it after your pet has had its fun with it.

2. “Flatten It Out” DIY Cat Scratcher

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher
Image Credit: Crafting A Green World

Some people have theorized that cats scratch after napping as their way of stretching. We know how good that feels too! The flat DIY cardboard cat scratcher allows your pet to loosen up those tight muscles for the next adventure.

3. “Multi-Purpose Is the Way to Go” DIY Cat Scratcher by Etsy

Multi-Purpose Is the Way to Go by etsy
Image Credit: Etsy

Who says that a cat scratcher has to have only one purpose? This DIY project gives your cat something to scratch on and a place to take a snooze when they’re done playing. It’s an excellent alternative to expensive cat furniture.

4. “Make It Tall” DIY Cat Scratcher by Etsy

Make It Tall by etsy
Image Credit: Etsy

Stretching goes both ways, horizontal and vertical. We like this DIY project as a fun thing for kids to do on a rainy day. The best thing about this plan is that you can build the base and refill it as necessary, making it a permanent fixture for your cat.

5. “King of the Hill” DIY Cat Scratcher by Etsy

King of the Hill by etsy
Image Credit: Etsy

Now, if you really want to get creative, you can go all out and make a cat tower that will serve double-duty as a cat scratch post and a place to lounge around or sleep. Let your imagination take off to create an interesting tower with many places to explore and hide.

6. “Tower Over the Rest” DIY Cat Scratcher by Etsy

Tower Over the Rest by etsy
Image By: Etsy

This project is definitely a labor of love. But isn’t your cat worth it? It serves its purpose well, with a bit of flair that makes it that much more special. We bet that you won’t find one of these at your local pet store either!

7. DIY Cat Scratcher by Cardboard Cat Homes

Cardboard Cat Homes
Image By: Cardboard Cat Homes

This guide is pretty straightforward and helps you create a functional cat scratcher. You don’t need any fancy tools or much time. Plus, it’s easy enough to adjust as you need to. You’re basically just gluing a bunch of cardboard together, which creates a safe scratching surface.

8. Corrugated DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher by Crafting a Green World

Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher
Image By: Crafting a Green World

Many cats love corrugated cardboard. With this plan, you can easily make a cat scratcher made solely out of corrugated cardboard very easily. You don’t need any fancy tools, and the guide even provides alternative options for those that want to make several different cat scratchers.



Final Thoughts

There’s something gratifying for a pet owner in making toys or scratch posts for their cat. The designs on this list are also smart ways to repurpose cardboard to eke out another use for them before they hit the recycling can. That makes these projects both eco-friendly and feline-friendly.

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Featured Image Credit: Daga_Roszkowska, Pixabay

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