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11 Awesome DIY Cat Bed Plans: No Sew (With Pictures)

Cat sleeping in bed_Matthew Manuel_Unsplash

Is your cat always on the prowl for the perfect place to curl up and take a nap? Of course, you answered yes. Isn’t that what cats do? As a cat owner, choosing a pet bed at your local pet store can become quite expensive. With prices constantly on the rise, the idea of saving a bit of money by letting your creativity shine is something more people are trying. If you want to give your cat a cozy bed and avoid learning to be a seamstress, these awesome DIY cat beds have no sewing involved and are a great project to tackle.


The 11 No-Sew DIY Cat Bed Plans

1. No-Sew Easy Cat Bed

DIY No-Sew Easy Cat Bed
Image Credit: yourpurrfectkitty
Materials: No pill, polar fleece, or blizzard (roughly a yard), and polyester batting
Tools: Fabric scissors and a ruler
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This no-sew easy cat bed is right up your alley if you’re a beginner. You’ll make your kitty a cute and comfy place to sleep while having the opportunity to take pride in your own work. All you need is the fleece of your choice, batting, scissors, and a ruler. You can adjust the size and colors of this bed without much issue to make it the perfect bed for your feline pal.

2. Reversible No-Sew Cat Bed

Materials: ½ yard of fleece, batting or poly-fill
Tools: Fabric scissors and a ruler
Difficulty Level: Beginner to advanced beginner

You may expect this reversible no-sew cat bed to be difficult, but with just a few materials, your cat will be thanking you for your craftsmanship. With easy-to-follow directions, this project can be tackled by beginners. Using different cuts of your material, a cat bed that is not only reversible but also has raised sides to avoid issues with your kitty falling off is the end product.

3. No-Sew Cat Tent

DIY No-Sew Cat Tent
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Medium t-shirt, 2 wire coat hangers, 15×15 piece of cardboard, safety pins, and tape
Tools: Wire cutters or pliers to clip the coat hangers
Difficulty Level: Beginner

You may not consider a cat tent a cat bed, but we’re sure your cat will. Having a place they can snuggle and hide away from the world is heaven to most kitties. With only a handful of materials, most easily found around your home, you can spend an evening doing something fun with the kids that will be beneficial to your feline. Luckily, this project is not time-consuming. If your cat doesn’t like it, you haven’t wasted tons of money and time.

4. Easy Cat Box

DIY Easy Cat Box
Image Credit: yourpurrfectkitty
Materials: Fabric of choice for outside of the box, box, glue, Mod Podge, and batting
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If your cat is a fan of boxes, making their bed in one may be the best idea you’ve had. This simple cat box bed is easy to make and only requires a few basic items. You can choose your preferred material types and colors to give your cat a bed that is loyal to their personality.

5. Cat Teepee

DIY Cat Teepee
Image Credit: coffeewithsummer
Materials: 5 wooden dowels, jute twine, drop cloth, hot glue, and blanket
Tools: Scissors, hot glue gun, drill
Difficulty Level: Advanced

For cats that love snoozing in hidden areas, this teepee cat bed is a creative answer. With a little know-how when it comes to power drills and glue guns, you can get this cat bed together in an afternoon. Once finished, simply pop the blanket inside for your pet to have a cozy place to lay. The directions for this teepee are easy to follow and will give you a sense of pride once completed.

6. No Sew Pet Bed

No sew pet bed
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Fleece, batting
Tools: Scissors, ruler
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Your pet bed options are fairly limited if you want to avoid sewing. The easiest solution is to make what is basically a pillow or cushion, but even these usually require sewing to keep the case together. This no-sew pet bed uses pieces of fleece and batting to fill the cushions. The edges of the fleece are cut and then used to essentially tie the cover around the filling. Use a good knot and it will stay secure while still enabling you to open it if you need to add or remove any filling.

7. Easy DIY Cat Window Basket for Less Than $2

Materials: Plastic basket, polyester rope
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Some cats aren’t concerned with having cushions for their bed. They prefer walls to keep them stable and have access to sunshine. This easy DIY cat window basket costs less than $2 as it just requires a plastic basket and some poly rope. It’s also very easy to make and you can put a blanket in the basket, which will increase the comfort. The basket does use the window to hold the ropes in place, which means if you open the window, the basket won’t stay in place. The plan also suggests using contact paper to make it look more attractive.

8. Super Easy No-Sew Cat Bed

Super easy cat bed
Image Credit: catingtonpost
Materials: Fleece, polyester stuffing
Tools: Scissors, ruler
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Fleece is a great material for making any type of cat bed. It’s comfortable and warm, and most cats enjoy snuggling up to a fleece blanket. This super easy no-sew cat bed is another plan that teaches you how to make a poly-filled cushion using a fleece cover. It also gives you some good ideas of what you can do with the leftover fleece, so your cat can enjoy a new bed and, potentially, some catnip pillows or catnip knots.

9. DIY No-Sew Cat Bed

No sew cat bed
Image Credit: ohmydogblog
Materials: Cardboard box, fleece, glue
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

You could just give your cat a cardboard box to lay in. Plenty of cats enjoy sitting in boxes, although many of the same cats will turn their noses up if you intentionally offer them one as a bed. Or, as in the case of the creator of this DIY no-sew cat bed, the cats might chew the edges of the box, and if you have a particularly aggressive chewer, the box won’t last long and you will have a sizable mess to clear up.

This plan is really simple and shows you how you can cover a cardboard box in felt so it’s a little comfier and warmer and hopefully prevents your cat from chewing at the box.

10. DIY Cat Bed using Macrame Cord

hanging macrame DIY cat bed
Image Credit: cuckoofordesign
Materials: Macrame cord, metal hoops, wood beads, pillow, plant hook
Tools: Scissors, tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Strictly speaking, this DIY cat bed uses macrame cord and teaches some very basic macrame knots that you don’t even need macrame hooks for, so there is no sewing required. On the other hand, it does require a little more work and effort than some of the more basic designs. But it also yields a beautiful-looking hanging hammock-style bed that looks great and offers your kitty an elevated sleeping position. It also has wooden beads to give it an even better-looking finish.

11. DIY Cat Bed

DIY Cat Bed Wooden Box
Image Credit: soeasybeinggreen
Materials: Wooden box, sisal rope, pillow
Tools: Brush, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you have a wooden box, you basically have a cat bed. Throw in a pillow or blanket and your cat will likely enjoy the confined design of the bed and spend hours snoozing in there. Alternatively, with a little more effort, you can add a scratch post to one end and turn it into a bed that your feline friends will absolutely adore. This DIY cat bed looks great, can be customized to match the décor of your home, and uses sisal rope to create a scratching pad end.

Final Thoughts

These awesome DIY cat beds are convenient ways to get your kitty a comfortable sleeping area for those who aren’t pros when it comes to sewing. Each of these projects is fairly low-cost and can make great get-together activities for the entire family, including your pet. Choose the one you feel is best suited for your feline friend and try creative ways of making it your own. You’ll get just as much enjoyment out of them as your kitty.

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Manuel, Unsplash

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