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10 DIY Cat Collars That Are Unique & Adorable (With Picture)

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If your cat likes to step out in style and you enjoy a good project, why not combine the two and create your cat a fancy new cat collar? In this article, you’ll find 11 stylish DIY cat collars you can make today, including a list of materials and tools needed for each one. Not every cat will wear a collar, but if yours will, they deserve nothing but the best!


The 10 DIY Cat Collars

1. Breakaway Cat Collar by Third Stop on the Right

DIY Breakaway Cat Collar
Image by: Third Stop on the Right
Materials: 1/2 yard of interface, 1/2 yard of cotton fabric, thread, breakaway buckle, ring, bell, adjuster buckle
Tools: Sewing machine, iron, scissors, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This breakaway cat collar looks like one you’d purchase at any pet store, but you can customize it using whichever fabric you like. You’ll need a sewing machine and some experience with stitching for this project to go the most smoothly.

The directions are detailed and illustrated with photographs. However, they don’t suggest where you can find some of the unique materials, such as the breakaway buckle. If you’re accustomed to sewing projects and know where to find what you need, this collar should be no problem to produce.

2. Cat Collar with Recycled Hardware and Bow by Dainty Diaries

Materials: Old cat collar, fabric of choice, thread
Tools: Sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, sewing marker, iron, glue gun
Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate

This cat collar is made using recycled hardware from an old collar and includes the option of a bow. The plans call for a sewing machine, but in theory, you could hand stitch it if you’re extremely neat and detailed.

With a well-conceived instructional video plus additional written directions, you don’t need to be an experienced crafter to pull off this project. Use any fabric you want for a custom look. This would also make a great DIY gift for the cat lovers in your life.

3. Cat Collar with Optional Bell by FlossieBlossoms

DIY Cat Collar with Optional Bell
Image Credit: FlossieBlossoms
Materials: Collar hardware, fabric, thread
Tools: Scissors, iron, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate

This cat collar is created using similar methods to the first one on our list, but the plans are more detailed and include suggestions for where to get your hardware. They also explain how to create each fold and stitch step-by-step to get the buckles and adjusters attached properly.

This project is fast and inexpensive if you have a sewing machine and know how to use it. These DIY collars are a good option for owners of outdoor cats who constantly break or lose their neckwear.

4. DIY Cat Collar by Sweet Simple Vegan

DIY Cat Collar
Image Credit: Sweet Simple Vegan
Materials: Collar hardware, fabric, thread, stitch witchery
Tools: Scissors, iron, sewing machine or needle, measuring tape, damp cloth
Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate

Customize your cat’s look with this easy DIY collar that requires minimal sewing. The directions are simple, and the project can be constructed without a sewing machine. If you have some hand sewing experience, you’ll get through this project faster, but even a novice crafter can pull it off.

The plans mention that you should pay careful attention when placing your hardware to ensure it’s curved the right way to be comfortable for your cat. However, they link to an external video to explain attaching the hardware.

5. Cat Collar with Minimal Sewing by Made on Maidstone

DIY Cat Collar with Minimal Sewing
Image Credit: Made on Maidstone
Materials: Collar hardware, fabric, thread, stitch witchery
Tools: Scissors, iron, needle, and thread
Difficulty Level: Easy

The tutorial for this easy cat collar notes that it only requires “about 6 stitches,” so this is a good one for those who aren’t confident in their sewing skills. Rather than sewing the whole collar length-wise, these easy-to-follow plans explain how to bond the fabric using stitch witchery and an iron.

Like the others on our list, this collar can be customized to any color and pattern. The plans even describe the needle and specific stitch to use when sewing the buckles on. Inexperienced DIYers should have no problem with this one.

6. DIY Webbed Cat Collar by Doodlebug Craft Finds

Materials: Collar hardware, nylon or polypropylene webbing, thread, ribbon
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, pins, lighter
Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate

This project uses nylon or polypropylene webbing to create a collar using the same materials as the one you’d buy in the store. You can make a solid-colored collar or add an optional ribbon for some added pattern or contrast.

The video tutorial is very detailed, including close-up shots of the sewing machine so you can see exactly how to position your webbing. If you’re new to using the machine, this could be an excellent project to tackle to help you gain some experience.

7. Necktie Collar for Cats by Mey Lynn

Materials: Buckles, ribbon, velcro, thread, cloth, wire
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, marker/chalk, lighter, sewing machine, glue gun, wire cutter, sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Easy

This simple collar is fancied up with the addition of a “necktie” and an optional tie bar. The collar requires only minimal sewing and uses Velcro for easy attachment. Attaching the necktie is a no-sew operation, making this an easy project for beginning DIY crafters who own some basic equipment.

The video tutorial is detailed and simple to follow. According to the plans, this isn’t the sturdiest of cat collars and may be best suited for photo ops rather than everyday wear.

8. Holiday DIY Cat Collar by Practically Functional

DIY Holiday Cat Collar
Image Credit: Practically Functional
Materials: Holiday fabric, elastic, decorations (bells, etc)
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine, skewer
Difficulty Level: Easy

These holiday-themed elastic collars are stylish, unique, and simple to make. The plans describe these as “Christmas collars,” but they can easily be customized to other holidays simply by changing the fabric and decoration choices.

You’ll need only a few materials for this project, and the directions are clear and easy to follow. These collars are slip-ons rather than buckles, which makes them easy to remove if your cat isn’t a fan. Consider these a fashionable rather than functional collar option.

9. Leather Cat Collar by Rose Anvil

Materials: Leather, downloadable pattern, collar hardware, rivet
Tools: Scissors, pattern scratcher, hole punch, wire cutters, hammer, box cutter, rubber mallet, rivet setter
Difficulty Level: Hard

This leather collar is incredibly stylish, but the project requires specialized leather working tools that the casual crafter probably won’t have. If you have access to these items and know how to use them, the video tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

While it describes the process of making a dog collar, the same methods are used for a cat collar except for using smaller pieces of leather. The plans don’t tell you how to make this a breakaway collar, so keep that in mind if you want your cat to wear this every day.

10. DIY Belt Cat Collar by 87Beamara

Materials: Old belt, button, old jewelry for decoration, bell, collar ring, thread
Tools: Scissors, super glue, nail, needle, nail file
Difficulty Level: Easy

This collar uses old belts to make a quick and easy collar that’s easy to decorate in a flashy manner. As an earth-friendly way to recycle old, unwanted human accessories, this project is also incredibly easy, even for inexperienced crafters.

The tutorial describes how to make collars from a leather (or faux leather) belt and a fabric one. The directions for both are clear and straightforward. You don’t need specialized equipment to make these collars. Like the leather collar, the Belt Cat Collar is not a breakaway accessory.




After you make your cat one of these stylish DIY collars, use it to attach an ID tag with your contact information. Even if your cat is microchipped, wearing a collar with tags provides an extra layer of protection should your cat ever get lost. Indoor cats often escape, and you want to make it as easy as possible for your kitty to make it safely home.

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