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8 DIY Cat Feeder Puzzles You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

cat touching food in a slow feeder with paw

Cats love to eat, and they usually don’t waste any time when they hear food being poured into their bowls. Their zest for food can make some cats eat quickly, which may affect their digestive system as time goes on. Utilizing a feeder puzzle to offer food to your cat can help slow down their eating and improve digestion. Even if your cat doesn’t have a problem with eating fast, they would likely appreciate the opportunity to be challenged at meal or snack time.

You can purchase cat feeder puzzles at a local pet shop or online, but you can also make your own at home. Here’s a list of eight awesome DIY cat feeder puzzles.


The Top 8 DIY Cat Feeder Puzzles You Can Make Today

1. Bottle Puzzle Cat Feeder

DIY Cat Feeder Puzzle
Image Credit: Purina
Materials: A plastic water or soda bottle
Tools: Utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a simple and inexpensive DIY puzzle feeder that your cat is sure to love. You just need an empty plastic water or soda bottle and a utility knife. The project involves cutting small holes in the bottle, then adding kibble. After closing the top of the bottle, you can use it for your kitty. What’s great about this DIY project is that when the feeder puzzle wears out, you can easily make another one without shelling out a bunch of money.

2. DIY Cat Treat Vending Machine

Materials: Cardboard box, toilet paper rolls, glue, tape
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY project is just as much fun for cats as it is for humans. Using toilet paper rolls and a cardboard box, you can create an interactive “vending machine” for your kitty to get treats out of. You can also mix and match the rolls to create different puzzles as your cat learns how to master the original design.

3. DIY Board and Cup Puzzle Treat Feeder

Materials: A piece of flat cardboard, plastic or paper cups, glue
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Kitties of all ages should enjoy this easy-to-make board and cup puzzle treat dispenser. All you have to do is glue a bunch of plastic or paper cups to a flat piece of cardboard and then put a few treats in the cups so your cat must work to get the treats out. Your cat may chew on the cups while they try to get the treats, though, so expect to replace the cups as time goes on.

4. DIY Cat Puzzle Toy Box

DIY Cat Feeder Puzzle
Image Credit: The Glam Cat
Materials: Disposable food containers, black marker, rubbing alcohol, rubber adhesive casters, small cat toys, treats, or kibble
Tools: Utility knife, sharp scissors, lighter
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If your cat loves to play with toys, this DIY cat toy box is perfect for them. You can put small toys and treats or kibble in the toy box, close the lid, and then let your feline family member go to town by interacting with the holes on the top of the box. It takes skill and patience to get a treat out, but the toys inside make the adventure an exciting one.

5. DIY Toilet Paper Puzzle Feeder

DIY Cat Feeder Puzzle
Image Credit: Pets Plus Us
Materials: Toilet paper rolls
Tools: Utility knife or scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This super-simple puzzle feeder likely won’t last long, but you can always make another anytime you finish a roll of toilet paper. You just have to cut small circles, squares, or diamond shapes in the toilet paper roll, then fold one end of the roll together so it closes. Pour a few treats into the other end, then close it. The toy is ready to go!

6. Quick DIY Cat Puzzle Toy and Feeder

Materials: Cardboard box, paper injection mold
Tools: Pencil, box cutter,
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you can find a cardboard box with a paper injection mold in it, you can put together this quick DIY cat puzzle toy and feeder in a flash. You’ll need a pencil and a box cutter to complete the project, which shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete. Treats can be put into the puzzle through the top holes, so you won’t have to take apart the cardboard box every time.

7. DIY Tic Tac Kitty Treat Feeder

DIY Cat Feeder Puzzle
Image Credit: Chewy
Materials: Muffin tin, cardboard
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Using just a muffin tin and a small piece of cardboard, you can create a fun way for your cat to access their food. This feeder helps slow their eating for better digestion. You can easily customize the puzzle at each mealtime to ensure that boredom doesn’t develop.

8. DIY Egg Carton Treat Dispenser

Materials: An egg carton
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

You need nothing more than an old egg carton to make a fun treat dispenser for your cat. Just open the carton, let your cat see you put treats in a few of the egg holders, and then close the lid of the carton. Leave the carton on the ground, and your kitty will spend time trying to get the treats out. Expect the egg carton to get thrown in the air and swatted all around the house, though.



With so many cool DIY cat feed puzzles to choose from, you can try out different options to see which your kitty likes the best. Since so many plans use many of the same materials, you can make two or three different feeder puzzles at the same time and always have one on hand when you want to enrich your cat’s day and meal.

Featured Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

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