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12 Awesome DIY Dog Christmas Cards You Can Make Today! (With Pictures)

Dogs with christmas costume

Christmas is a beautiful holiday that allows people to show love and appreciation for one another by exchanging thoughtful gifts. Including your dog in Christmas cards instantly boosts the card’s cuteness and is sure to bring smiles to people’s faces.

If you’re looking to make this year extra special, you may want to consider making your own cards and either mailing them out or including them with your gifts for others. We have a collection of some fun and special ideas that you can use for dog Christmas card photoshoots or your next craft project. Take a look at our list for inspiration to make memorable Christmas cards for your loved ones.


The 12 Awesome DIY Dog Christmas Cards

1. Photo With Caption

Materials: Paper, marker, letter board, Christmas decorations
Tools: Camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

Some of the most fun dog Christmas cards are ones that contain funny captions. You can easily make a hilarious Christmas card with a letter board and some basic Christmas decorations, like baubles, tinsel, and wreaths.

If you don’t have a letter board handy, a sharpie is an excellent alternative. It shows up well on cameras, and it also gives you the option to hang a paper sign around your dog’s neck. You can also choose to print your sign if you’re concerned about any messy handwriting.

2. Christmas Light Photos

Materials: Christmas lights
Tools: Camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

Glowing lights always add a warm and pleasant effect to photos. Many dogs will be used to Christmas lights because they’re similar to leashes. However, if you have a timid dog, make sure to gently introduce it to the lights by laying out treats near the lights while they’re on. You can even use this moment to take photos of your dog as it sniffs around the lights.

The lights can also be wrapped around your dog loosely. If you have a puppy that likes to chew, you can try putting the lights around a box and placing your puppy inside. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you can’t fully trust a dog not to play with the lights, it’s best to choose a different photo prop.

3. Photos With Gifts

Materials: Empty boxes, Christmas wrapping paper, bows, ribbons
Tools: Scissors, tape, camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

This dog Christmas card idea is budget-friendly and easy to complete. All you need are some empty boxes and Christmas wrapping paper of your choice. You can get really creative with this idea and use all kinds of wrapping paper and decorate the boxes with bows and ribbons.

Once you wrap the boxes, you can set them up to create a nice backdrop or set them as props for your dog. Bigger boxes will create a more significant effect, but small boxes are also effective, especially if you have a smaller dog.

4. Family Christmas Photo with Matching Outfits

Materials: Matching clothes, Christmas decorations
Tools: Camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re already going to have a family Christmas photoshoot, you might as well include your dog in it. There are plenty of Christmas outfits that include dog sizes. So, you can opt for a classic Christmas pajama look, or if you want a more humorous vibe, matching ugly Christmas sweaters are sure to make people laugh.

If you plan to work with a professional photographer, make sure that you let them know that your dog will be participating. Photoshoots with animals may require additional preparation or an extra hand, so it’s good etiquette to give your photographer this information in advance.

5. Christmas Bauble Backdrop

Difficulty Level: Easy

Premade Christmas backdrops can be expensive. So, you can save a lot on costs with this DIY Christmas photo backdrop for dogs. You’ll probably find the best deals on Christmas baubles and tinsel at your local dollar store during Christmastime. For safety purposes, make sure only to buy plastic baubles.

Once you measure and cut out the hole for your dog’s head to poke through, you’re ready to decorate the rest of the cardboard as you please. You can add a tinsel border around the hole or just cover up the entire board with baubles.

6. Mistletoe Photo

Materials: Plastic mistletoe sprig, invisible string, rod
Tools: Camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

Mistletoe photos are always a cute photo option that you can use for Christmas cards. You can usually find mistletoe sprigs being sold at craft stores during the holidays. If you want to create cards far in advance, check online retailers, like Amazon, to see if they have a good plastic mistletoe sprig in stock.

When it comes to taking photos of your dog, you can always have your hand in the photo. If you want just a photo of your dog, try hanging the mistletoe on a line of invisible string. If you’re having difficulty getting your dog to focus on the mistletoe, try tucking a few of its favorite treats between the leaves.

7. 12 Dogs of Christmas Photoshoot

Tinsel, Christmas baubles, Christmas lights, confetti, Christmas dog costumes
Tools: Camera
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you want to feature all your dog’s unique quirks and adorable looks, a 12 Dogs of Christmas photo card might just do the trick. While the project is pretty easy to set up, it’s definitely a time investment, since you’ll have to take multiple photos with different decorations or backdrops.

This card idea is also a great option if you have multiple dogs or work at an animal rescue and want to do something special for the holidays.

8. Paw Print Card

Materials: Non-toxic green paint, painting paper, watercolor paint
Tools: Paintbrush or sponge
Difficulty Level: Easy

This hands-on craft is a great Christmas card and gift to anyone who shares your love for your dog. All you need is some green paint and some paper. Gently coat your dog’s paw with paint and press it down several times to create a triangle-shaped tree. If your dog doesn’t end up liking the feeling of paint on its paw, you can just opt for a painting with just one paw print.

After the green paint dries completely, you can paint in the finer details, like a trunk, Christmas baubles, stars, and tinsel. For single paw print paintings, add red dots to create a holly bush.

9. Watercolor Dog

Materials: watercolor paper, watercolor paint, optional craft material
Tools: Watercolor brushes
Difficulty Level: Easy

Watercolor dog Christmas cards have a fun and whimsical look that matches the Christmas spirit. This tutorial provides helpful guidelines and practical steps to create simple but cute watercolor dogs. You can paint on Christmas elements, like hats, holly, and Christmas trees, or you can use other craft materials, like ribbons, glitter, and felt, to make Christmas shapes.

Once you get the design of your dog down, it’s easy to make many copies of the card. Each one will look a little different from the other, but this captures the essence of homemade cards and makes them special, as no two cards are alike.

10. Stamp Card

Materials: Cardstock, sketch markers
Stamps, stamp pad, acrylic block, stamping platform, scissors, double-sided tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

Using stamps is a great way to create unique, personalized dog Christmas cards. Stamps are a useful crafting tool that makes creating clean, uniform designs simple and easy. If you’ve never used stamps before, you do have to invest in some essential tools, like an acrylic block, stamp pads, and a stamping platform.

Once you’ve stamped the designs, you can be creative with the types of colors you want to use. This project uses sketch markers, which produce clear and crisp colors. However, they can be fairly expensive, so you can use other media, like colored pencils and brush markers.

11. Scottie Ornament Card

Materials: Cardboard, cardstock, felt, ribbon, jewelry making chain
Tools: Sharpie, scissors, hot glue gun, wire cutter
Difficulty Level: Easy

This adorable Scottie Christmas craft can double as an ornament or card embellishment. If you want to use it as a part of a card design, you just need to glue felt to one side of the Scottie cardboard cutout and glue the bare side to your card.

The craft also allows you to make some creative decisions, like choosing various jewelry-making chains or ribbons to glue to the dog’s collar. Even though most people perceive Scotties only to have black coats, you can still personalize the card with unique accessories so that you’re not left with a generic Scottie.

12. Dog Pun Card

Photo paper, photo of your dog, cardstock, ribbons, Christmas-themed craft material
Tools: Printer
Difficulty Level: Easy

Using dog puns is a great way to create a cute and endearing Christmas card. Once you find a dog pun that you like, you can add it to any photo of your dog. There are plenty of free photo editors that you can use to add text to your digital photos. 

If you want a more handmade look, you can always make your own cards and use stencils, stickers, and other craft materials to design a beautiful Christmas card with a more personalized touch.


Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the frenzy of Christmas gift shopping. Creating your own DIY dog Christmas cards is a thoughtful way to remove yourself from commercialized gimmicks and make others feel special with a homemade gift.

Since it takes more time to create your own cards, make sure you schedule time in advance to work on them without feeling stressed out. All the time and effort will be worth the special moments you’ll make with these unique cards.

Featured Image Credit: Seaq68, Pixabay

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