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8 Strong & Waterproof DIY Dog Pools (With Instructions)

dog in the pool

Just like us, our dogs can get hot in the warmer months. Dogs may benefit from a pool they can dip in when the temperature begins to rise, especially in warmer areas. However, commercial dog pools tend to be weak and easily punctured by our dogs’ nails. Therefore, your best bet is to build a more permanent structure if you have the room.

While this may seem a bit overwhelming, it is pretty straightforward. There are many plans out there that can guide you through creating many different pools. Here are some of our favorite options.


The 8 DIY Dog Pools

1. Small Wading Pool by Wilker Do’s

Materials: Concrete, large stone, DRYLOCK masonry waterproofing, mortar, rebar, PVC pipe and ball valve attachment
Tools: Basic home tools
Difficulty: Hard

This pool plan works best for those with smaller dogs and plenty of DIY skills. It is built with larger rocks and mortar to hold them together. Cement is utilized for the floor, and a waterproofing compound is needed to make the whole thing waterproof. Therefore, you are building a small pool in your backyard. You don’t need many tools, though, which helps keep the price of this plan low.

You can build a wooden platform around the pool to make entry even easier. Ultimately, this leaves you with a reasonably attractive pool that’s easy to drain and care for.

3. Stock Tank Pool for Dogs by Stock Tank Pools

DIY Stock Tank Pool for Dogs
Image Credit: Stock Tank Pools

Materials: Stock tank
Tools: Varies
Difficulty: Easy

Using a stock tank, you can create a simple pool for your dogs to swim in. The instructions are straightforward, and you don’t need many tools. Therefore, this is one of the few suitable options for beginners. You can even choose the best size for your dog with ease.

This plan is very adaptable. You can simply throw a stock tank down and fill it up or add a pump, deck, and drain.

4. Hay-Bale Swimming Pool by SimpleMost

DIY Hay-Bale Swimming Pool
Image Credit: SimpleMost

Materials: Hay bales, ratchet strap, tarp, tape
Tools: Basic home tools
Difficulty: Moderate

If you can get your hands on some hay bales, you can easily make this hay bale pool. It works wonders for larger dogs that need more space. Plus, you can build it without any tools or DIY skills. It doesn’t take long to complete, either.

Simply put, you need some hay bales to act as the walls of your pool. Next, cover the hay bales with a plastic tarp and use a racket strap to hold everything in place. You can also build a wooden deck around it, though this is optional. Ultimately, this leaves you with an accessible pool that can be upgraded.

5. Pallet Pool by Awesome Jelly

Materials: Wooden pallets, ratcheting straps, large plastic tarp
Tools: None
Difficulty Easy

This straightforward pool doesn’t require much know-how at all. However, it provides a functioning pool for very cheap. All you need is some ratcheting straps, pallets, and a tarp. The ratcheting straps keep the pallets together, and the tarp makes the whole thing waterproof.

This pool’s size can be adjusted quickly. Therefore, it works well for dogs of all sizes (and even you!)

6. Very Simple DIY Dog Pool by Instructables

Materials: Various wood sizes, tarp, nails
Tools: Basic home tools (like a hammer)
Difficulty: Easy

This pool may not be the best one to look at. However, it is exceptionally straightforward and works well for most purposes. Its size can be adjusted to meet the needs of your dog, and it is a semi-permanent structure. It doesn’t take up much room or require much work.

You don’t need many supplies. The wood you’ll need will depend on the size you want to make the pool. Beyond that, you’ll just need some nails to hammer the wood together and a tarp for waterproofing.

7. Rock Dog Pool by April Wilkerson

Materials: Masonite board, rocks, mortar, drain valve
Tools: Knee pads, hearing protection, saw, brush
Difficulty: Hard

This pool looks a lot better than most options out there. However, it does require more work, as well. It is made entirely out of rocks and mortar. Therefore, it is harder to pull off than just nailing some wood together. It doesn’t require many tools, though. It also works great if you have a bunch of rocks laying around.

The instructions are all on Youtube. If you’re a visual learner, these instructions may be easier for you to follow.

8. Pallet DIY Dog Pool by Easy Pallet Ideas

DIY Pallet Dog Pool
Image Credit: Easy Pallet Ideas

Materials: Small plastic pool, pallets
Tools: Something to cut wood
Difficulty: Moderate

This plan looks extremely simple. However, the instructions aren’t very detailed. It is far more of an “idea” than a ready-to-go plan. The plywood is utilized to make a deck for the small kiddie pool, which helps your smaller dog get in and out easier.

Of course, because a small kiddie pool is used, this plan doesn’t work great for larger dogs. It would allow them to get a bit wet, but the pallets would be more likely to move and shift.




There are many creative ways to go about making a doggie pool. You can throw one together with hay bales and a tarp, or you can build a more permanent solution out of wood and vinyl linings. Some plans require a lot of tools and DIY work, while others can easily be thrown together in an hour or so. Pick a plan that best fits your needs.

When choosing a plan, also be sure to consider your dog’s size. Some of these plans make relatively small pools that would be difficult to make bigger. Other plans make very large, deep pools that would likely be unsafe for smaller dogs. Therefore, your dog’s size does matter and will narrow down what plans you could potentially make.

Featured Image Credit: bednuts, Pixabay

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