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9 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Portrait of cute red guinea pig in cute halloween costume

For some, Halloween is their favorite time of the year. All of October is dedicated to celebrating the spooky holiday, not just one day of the year. And now, pets everywhere are celebrating with their owners.

So, we have a trick-or-treat for all you guinea pig owners wanting to go the extra mile with Halloween costumes this year. We’re listing creative costumes you can try making for your guinea pig if you don’t want to buy a new one.


The 9 DIY Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs

1. DIY Salmon Sushi Costume by Pet DIYs

DIY Salmon Sushi Costume
Image Credit: Pet DIYs
Materials: Salmon-colored fabric, Black fabric, foam, velcro
Tools: Fabric scissors, sewing needle, thread
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you love sushi, try checking out this DIY costume. Your guinea pig’s potato-shaped body offers a perfect shape for a sushi costume. It’s simple and takes a few minutes if you have your basic sewing skills down. Even if you don’t, sewing a simple pillow is a great first project and easy to make. If you mess up, no one will really know.

2. DIY Poop Factory Costume by Pet DIYs

DIY Poop Factory Costume
Image Credit: Pet DIYs
Materials: Cardboard box, toilet paper roll (2), Black spray paint, Grey spray paint
Tools: Scissors, Scotch tape, Elmer’s glue
Difficulty Level: Easy

As a guinea pig owner, you know your sweet piggy is a poop machine. Now, you can turn your guinea pig into a literal poop factory this spooky season.

This costume is simple. Odds are, you already have the supplies lying about the house. If you’re under 18, you’ll need help obtaining a couple of cans of spray paint, but that should be the only challenge you face.

All you do is select a cardboard box slightly bigger than your guinea pig’s body, with one side left open for your guinea pig to lay in. Glue a couple of toilet paper rolls to the top, spray paint the box, and tape a sign to the box that says, “Poop Factory.” Short, sweet, and hilarious.

3. A Simple DIY Sweater by Knitter’s Row

DIY A Simple Sweater
Image Credit: Knitter’s Row
Materials: 200 yards of sock yarn (any color), size 3 16-inch circulars
Tools: Knitting needles, fabric scissors
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This sweater is perfect for knitters of all levels, but we listed it as difficult because there are some terms in the pattern that beginners may not know. However, you only need two simple tools- some knitting needles and fabric scissors. You can choose any color you want your guinea pig to wear for materials, as long as you have 200 yards’ worth of yarn. The creator of this pattern used three different colors, and we think the sweater looks adorable!

4. DIY Pua the Pig Costume by Stephanie

DIY Pua the Pig Costume
Image Credit: stephanierp
Materials: Felt fabric, Black sharpie, Brown sharpie, String, Hook & Loop fasteners, Small animal jacket or Plain Onesie
Tools: Hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

Double up on the pigginess with this DIY Pua the Pig costume. Moana fans will love this costume. This is a no-sew design and takes about two to three hours to make once you’ve gathered all the materials. If you’re an experienced crafter, you can complete the project in less time.

The only challenging part about this costume is the small animal jacket. The costume creator designed this for her small dog, so finding a jacket to fit your guinea pig may be challenging. Instead, you can use a plain baby onesie and skip the felt fabric and hook & loop fastener altogether!

5. DIY Guinea Pig Football Costume from Kaytee

DIY halloween costume ideas
Image Credit: Kaytee
Tools: White felt
Materials: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

This Guinea Pig Football Costume is very simple to make, as long as your cutting skills are up to par. You need very few materials to make it, and your Guinea Pig will look absolutely adorable. In fact, you’ll have so many pictures of your pet in this costume this Halloween you’ll have to get a photo album to hold them all.

It’s even possible that you have these materials lying around the house. If not, white felt is pretty easy to find. All you need to do is select a piece of white felt bigger than your Guinea Pig, cut the felt into a lace-like strip, and place it over your pet’s fur on its back. Instant Guinea Pig football! You can also easily add a graphic that will signify your favorite football team.

6. DIY Pharoah Pig Halloween Costume by Costume Works

DIY pharaoh pig costume
Image Credit: Costume Works
Tools: Fabric scraps
Materials: Needle and thread or sewing machine
Difficulty: Easy

What could be cuter than a Guinea Pig in a Pharoah Pig Halloween Costume? This costume can be made by taking a few fabric scraps that you have lying around the house and a needle and thread. If you have a sewing machine, it will certainly be a quick, easy task, and your little pet will be the talk of your Halloween party.

Don’t forget to enter it into Halloween contests in your area or online because you’re sure to win!

7. DIY Guinea Pig Lion Costume by Pet DIYs

DIY guinea pig lion costume
Image Credit:
Tools: Ribbon or string, Velcro strip, tan fabric
Materials: Scissors, needle, or sewing machine
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Guinea Pig Lion Costume will make your Guinea Pig feel like the king of the jungle for sure, or at least the king of his cage. It’s pretty simple to cut the fabric and attach it to the string and ribbon. If you know how to sew and have a sewing machine, this is an easy project.

If you’re a beginner, it could be a bit more challenging. While you can’t expect your Guinea Pig to roar and scare away trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, you might get a few squeaks when your pet asks for treats.

8. DIY Crochet Pumpkin Costume by Craft and Sparkle

DIY crochet pumpkin costume
Image Credit: Craft and Sparkle
Tools: Black felt, crocheted orange costume
Materials: Crochet needle, glue, scissors
Difficulty: Moderate

If you know how to crochet, you’ll have no problems making this Crochet Pumpkin Costume. If not, purchasing an already-made crocheted sweater that will fit your Guinea Pig is simple. Though this costume is intended for a small dog, it will also work well for a Guinea Pig Halloween costume.

Your Guinea Pig is sure to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in your house with this costume, and you can add a black hat to the mix, so your Guinea Pig can be a witchy pumpkin.

9. DIY Smores Costume by Studio DIY

DIY smores dog costume
Image Credit: Studio DIY
Tools: White dog shirt (small), cardboard, brown felt, elastic
Materials: Hot glue, scissors
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

While intended for a small dog, this Smore’s Costume will surely be a hit as a Guinea Pig costume. It is a bit more challenging to make than others on our list, but if you’re handy with glue, you shouldn’t have a problem at all.

Once the costume is complete, ensure your Guinea Pig can move around comfortably. If the fit is too tight, you can widen the leg holes. Your Guinea Pig will look like a delicious treat, and you’ll have the entire neighborhood laughing when they see it.



Wrapping It Up

Now you have many DIY Halloween costumes to pick through. Which costume was your favorite? Whichever one you choose, always remember your guinea pig’s safety. Avoid dangling objects as much as possible and ensure your guinea pig has enough room to move around comfortably.

We believe these costumes check those boxes. It’s up to you now to put in the work. Happy Halloween!

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Featured Image Credit: Dev_Maryna, Shutterstock

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