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8 Awesome DIY Hanging Cat Beds & Hammocks (With Pictures)

Gray cat on a brown hammock

While cats like to watch the birds and hang out on the window ledge, they also love to lay around and nap all day long. We want our furry felines to have a nice soft place to relax and sleep. Hammocks and hanging beds are great for our cats but they can be costly.

Why not try making a DIY hanging bed or hammock for your cat? You can customize it to your cat’s size and habits. You may have fun doing it, too. Here are a few ideas and plans that may get you motivated.


The 8 Awesome DIY Hanging Cat Beds & Hammocks

1. Cute DIY Cat Bed Using Macrame Cord

DIY Cute Cat Bed Using Macrame Cord
Image Credit: cuckoo4design
Materials Macrame cord, metal hoops, round pillow, small clamps, plant hook, wood beads (optional)
Tools Measuring tape, scissors
Difficulty Level Simple

This Purrfectly Cute DIY Cat Bed Using Macrame Cord is easy and inexpensive to make. In one day, you can create a lovely hanging cat bed in your window. Your cat can enjoy watching the birds and soaking up the sunshine. It will have the comfort of a soft, cozy pillow rather than sitting on a hard windowsill.

Creating the bed requires learning two basic macrame knots. Once you have learned the basic knots, the project should be complete in about one day. If you are just beginning to learn macrame, be patient. It may take practice at first. Once you have completed the macrame bed, choose a color for the bed pillow. Think about painting the beads to match the cushion or leaving the natural wood. The choice is up to you.

2. DIY Cat Perch – Hanging Window Basket

DIY Cat Perch
Image Credit: hymnsandverses
Materials A basket tray, plywood, shelf brackets, screws zip ties, rope
Tools Drill, drill bit, scissors
Difficulty Level Easy

This DIY Cat Perch-Hanging Window Basket is a quick and easy project to make for your cat. You can place this hanging basket in a window that allows your cat to observe the outdoors. Maybe choose a window that lets your feline bask in the early morning sun and nap in the afternoon shade. Give them a cushion with a moisture-wicking fabric for the summer and a warm fleece for the winter.

Anyone with basic DIY skills will be able to follow the tutorial to completion. In one to two hours, you will have a cat bed hanging in the window. The tools required are basic hand tools found in most homes. If you do not have a saw, you can have the plywood cut to size at your local hardware store. Once complete, place the pillow in the basket and let your cat enjoy it!

3. Modern DIY Kitty Hammock

DIY Modern Kitty Hammock
Image Credit:
Materials Dowel, pine wood, wood glue, wood screws, cabinet knobs, hair elastics, fabric, catnip (optional)
Tools pencil, tape measure, sandpaper, countersink drill bit, drill, drill bits, screwdriver bits, screwdriver, saw, sewing machine, fabric scissors
Difficulty Level Easy

This Modern DIY Kitty Hammock is an easy project for someone with basic sewing and building skills. In no time, your little buddy can be resting on their own comfy hammock.

The easy-to-follow tutorial will have you completing this project in no time. If you do not have the required tools, you can buy them at your local hardware store. If your budget is tight, you can purchase the dowels and have them pre-cut and drilled. You can leave the wood natural or paint it to match your home. The hammock does require a sewing machine, or you may be able to hand sew it by hand. If not, you can always purchase one online.

4. Easy Macrame Cat Hammock

DIY Easy Macrame Cat Hammock
Image Credit:
Materials Wood stick, fabric, heavy yarn, fiberfill
Tools Scissors
Difficulty Level Moderate

The tutorial for this Easy Macrame Cat Hammock has a list of all you will need to create a beautiful hanging macrame cat bed. The big fluffy pillow will give your cat a comfortable hammock to relax and nap on. They may just like to hang around up there and keep an eye on things. Either way, they are sure to use it.

The instructions for this project are good for those who have some knowledge of basic macrame. Chances are, if you have never done it before, you may be confused. If you have basic macrame skills, you can finish this project in a brief time. You can choose a color that matches your home and add a printed fabric for the cushion. Make it a stylish part of your home décor.

5. DIY Cat Hammock

DIY Cat Hammock
Image Credit:
Materials Fabric, twill tape, batting
Tools Quilter’s ruler, fabric scissors, sewing machine and supplies, straight pins, side table (optional)
Difficulty Level Easy

The DIY Cat Hammock is an easy project that can be completed in one hour. You can create a cute hammock for your pet with an existing piece of your furniture. Choose a fabric that will blend with your home décor and begin.

The instructions for this project are easy to follow. It provides options for existing furniture or suggestions for places to get one that is suitable for your cat. If you do not have a sewing machine, you will need to sew the hammock by hand or ask a friend to do it for you, however.

6. DIY Cat Wall Perch/Hammock/Shelf – Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

Materials PVC pipe, PVC pipe caps, hot glue
Tools Lag screw, sisal, rope, drill, drill bits
Difficulty Level Easy

The DIY Cat Wall Perch/Hammock/Shelf video is an easy project for anyone with basic tools and skills. The hammock can be custom-made to size and color. Along with a wall hammock, there are scratching posts for them to enjoy. The video also features little snips of the DIYer’s cats and dogs. They are cute!

The project can easily be done in a short period of time. It will depend on the custom size, the number of steps, and the hammocks you choose to attach to the wall, however. The fabric on the hammocks can be one color, patterned, or a variety of colors. Be creative with this project!

7. Simple Cat Hammock

DIY Simple Cat Hammock
Image Credit:
Materials Fabric, plastic coat hangers, shower curtain rod
Tools Sewing machine
Difficulty Level Easy

This Simple Cat Hammock is a project that is easily done in a short amount of time. Use any type of fabric that is thin enough to fit through a hanger. This is a portable hammock that is movable to different areas of your home. It functions as a cat hammock, but it is not pretty. If you are creative, you might have an idea to make it aesthetically pleasing.

The tutorial is basic and easy to follow. We all know a cat that likes to play hide-and-seek, so you may want to hide it under the stairs or in a quiet part of the home. You can also hang it in an area where they can enjoy looking outdoors. The window is always a good place for bird watchers. With two hangers, a shower rod, and a piece of fabric, it cannot get much cheaper than that!

8. DIY Cat Tree with Hammock

DIY Cat Tree with Hammock
Image Credit:
Materials 3-step ladder, blanket, flowerpot, mat, upholstery foam, rope
Tools Scissors, drill, hot glue gun, measuring tape, stapler
Difficulty Level Easy

This DIY Cat Tree with Hammock is a quick and easy project. You don’t need any specialty equipment or skills. It is a straightforward instructional with limited materials. You can leave the ladder “as is” or paint it with a vibrant color and use a contemporary printed fabric.

The project is easy and does not require any building skills. If you have an old, sturdy ladder that you no longer use, you will not have to purchase one. If your budget is tight, you can use an old sweatshirt to cover the upholstery foam. Your cat will love your scent on the hammock for sure. So, get busy—your cat will love this one!



As you can see, the skill level for these plans is basic. Most of them require tools found in the average household, and the materials are inexpensive. You get to be creative; add color and personality to your cat’s bed. Your feline friend will love the new bed and will love you for making it.

Featured Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

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