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2 DIY Hedgehog Carrier Plans (With Instructions & Pictures)

hedgehog in DIY basket

Hedgehogs are unique pets that people of all ages tend to love interacting with. They do not need to be walked like dogs, and they are typically much quieter than meowing cats. They can happily spend most of their time in their habitat if it is clean, safe, and large enough. However, it can be tricky to transport a hedgehog when it becomes necessary without a sturdy carrier.

Luckily, you do not have to run out and buy a carrier to get your pet hedgehog from one place to another. There are do-it-yourself hedgehog carrier plans that you can use to make your own carrier at home today! Here are two interesting and fun hedgehog carrier plans to consider putting into action.


Top 2 DIY Hedgehog Carriers

1. The DIY Bag Pack by Instructables

DIY Hedgehog Carrier Plans
Image Credit: Instructables

This is a relatively easy project, and the result should last for years if you take good care of it between uses. No special skills are required to complete this DIY hedgehog carrier project, and you may even learn new skills throughout the process. You do not need any particular parts or accessories, but in general, you should gather:

  • An old bag with straps or handles and that zips or buttons closed at the top
  • Mesh material or thin wire fencing
  • Thick thread or yarn and a large sewing needle

Start by cutting large holes into the sides of the old bag that you want to utilize as a hedgehog carrier. Afterward, cut the mesh material or thin wire fencing to fit the holes that you created. There is no need to be exact, but it is better to cut the material too big for the holes rather than too small.

Once you have mesh or wire pieces that match the holes in your bag, use your thread or yarn and your needle to sew the wire or mesh into place so the holes are completely covered with the material. These covered holes will enable your hedgehog to see out and ensure that they get fresh air while traveling. After sewing the mesh or wire over the holes, just put bedding on the bottom of the bag, and it will be ready to transport your hedgehog wherever you need to go.

2. The DIY Plastic Carrier by Thrifty Fun

DIY Hedgehog Carrier Plans
Image Credit: Thrifty Fun

This is a simple hedgehog carrier to make, although it is not the most convenient to carry around. It is a bit bulky and requires two hands to transport it from one place to another. However, it is extremely budget friendly and so easy to put together, even a child could do it. The first thing to do is find a plastic tub with a lid that tightly fastens on top of it.

The tub should be at least twice as large as your hedgehog, to ensure comfort and safety during short travels. For longer travels, the tub should be at least four times as large as the animal. If you are utilizing a used tub, make sure that you thoroughly clean it with a toxin-free soap and warm water to ensure that things like pollen, bacteria, and chemicals are eradicated. You could also purchase a new tub from the store for a fraction of the price that a commercial animal carrier would cost you.

Once you have a clean, dry tub to work with, use a hand drill to make small holes in all four sides of the tub and across the top. Try to cover the sides and top with holes — the more, the merrier!

Then, you can set the inside up just like you would their habitat. Add a food and water bowl, a branch, sand or grass, and a little cave for your hedgehog to hide in. Once your hedgehog is inside, the animal can enjoy time like they would at home and be safe while traveling just about anywhere that you need to take them.


Final Thoughts

The hedgehog carrier plans laid out here are great options to consider to help keep your pet contained and safe during travel of any kind. You don’t have to worry about how effective or reliable these carriers will be — after all, you’re the one making them! Therefore, the plans that you choose to utilize should be based on the materials that you have on hand or can easily source and the design that you like the best.

Featured Image Credit: Kseniia Vladimirovna, Shutterstock

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