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12 DIY Indoor Dog Potty Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

black and white dog on a grass floor

Do you have a dog that simply refuses to go out in the yard? Or do you have limited space or no access to grass where you live? Indoor potty areas are great solutions for various bathroom woes. You can buy commercial products, but it might be cheaper to make your own.

We rounded up the best potty alternatives for your pooch. Pick one that is the best for your setup so your dog can get relief without relying on you. You can put these boxes on your porch, breezeway, balcony, or sunroom.


The 12 DIY Indoor Dog Potty Plans

1. Instructables Dog Porch Potty

DIY Instructables Dog Porch Potty
Image By: Instructables
Materials: Two 6 x 8 feet wooden beams, 3 ft linoleum, 4 ft tubing, screws, tub caulk, artificial turf grass, linoleum glue, pressboard, 1/8 wood beam, square plastic grate
Tools: Drill, circular saw
Difficulty: Moderate

The Instructables Dog Porch Potty is a terrific option for your porch or room. This is especially good for balcony areas or places with inaccessible potty places. It doesn’t take a lot to get started. The creator reports she spent a little over $60 in supplies, but keep in mind this varies depending on the products you choose.

This tutorial gives basic instructions alongside photos in a step-by-step fashion. If you have a basic concept of hand tools and construction, you can jiffy this together in no time. The design connects a thin clear tubing to the drain, but it will require frequent cleaning.

2. Oodle Life DIY Balcony Dog Porch Potty

Materials: Wood, screws, wheels
Tools: Drill, hacksaw
Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re more of a visual learner who needs to follow action-based instructions, the Oodle Life DIY Balcony might work best for you. The makers initially stain the wood, which is an optional step. Instead of staining, you can also paint the wood your preferred color before assembling.

This DIYer makes the job look easy, but we recommend this one for people who have basic knowledge of building—it’s a little more intricate than some others. But if it’s in your skill level, this is a very aesthetically pleasing option for a potty station.

3. Dengarden How to Build a DIY Patio Potty for Your Dog

DIY Dengarden How to Build a DIY Patio Potty for Your Dog
Image Credit: dengarden
Materials: Wooden boards, plywood sheet, plastic shower curtain, PVC pipe, wood screws, silicone sealant, sod, staples
Tools: Drill, staple gun, tape measure, hole saw, spade drill bit
Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re a person who loves detailed instructions with specific numbers, the Dengarden How to Build a DIY Patio Potty for Your Dog is an exceptionally written example. Each part is explained in great detail, so you can follow along without missing a bit of information.

This particular DIY uses sod instead of Astroturf to give the potty area a natural feel. This could be a great training tool or emergency potty.

4. Imgur DIY Porch Potty

DIY Porch Potty
Image Credit: imgur
Materials: Drip pan, plywood, drain spout, wood, steel, sod
Tools: Hammer, screwdriver, screws, nails
Difficulty: Easy

If you like a visual aid of everything you need upfront, the Imgur DIY Porch Potty comes in handy. The creator shows you all the supplies you need right up front so you can gather up what you need and get going.

Rather than needing step-by-step instructions, there is quite a bit of room for creative freedom here. This person got many of his or her items for free using upcycled pieces.

5. Photographic Mom DIY Dog Potty

DIY Dog Potty
Image Credit: photographicmomory
Materials: Shower pan, wood, tote, river rock (or gravel)
Tools: Hammer, drill
Difficulty: Easy

The Photographic Mom DIY Dog Potty for indoors is a fabulous option for in-home use. It is a very simple tutorial, giving basic instructions and straightforward photos. It’s definitely the easiest and least messy option on the list.

Rather than using sod or Astroturf, this interesting potty uses stones to filter the urine. The stones are very long-lasting and easy to clean. They don’t retain odor and you can easily sift and spray when needed.

6. Firefly Haven DIY No-Drain Puppy Patch

DIY No-Drain Puppy Patch
Image Credit: fireflyhaven
Materials: Wooden tray, plastic tarp, kitty litter, grid, sod or Astroturf
Tools: Litter Scooper
Difficulty: Easy

The Firefly Haven DIY No-Drain Puppy Patch is a genius idea for the person who doesn’t want to deal with all the waste. This DIY uses cat litter to absorb the urine and contain the smell. With other potty areas, you have to use tubing and a draining tub to collect your pup’s waste. We think it’s genius.

This DIYer didn’t stop here either. She uploaded two other follow-ups with additional tips and revisions. Check those out to see if they are relevant to your project.

7. Hub Pages Homemade Dog Potty

DIY Homemade Dog Potty
Image Credit: discover
Materials: Plywood, wood, sod, nails
Tools: Drill
Difficulty: Easy

The Hub Pages Homemade Dog Potty is perfect for someone who has next to no carpentry skills. The creator herself is not tool savvy, so she uses minimal supplies for achievable results. The DIY combines written instructions and visual aids to guide you.

This potty was designed for porch use, providing a safe place for your pup to go despite the wind and rain. It is a very easy option that looks pleasing, too.

8. Balcony Boss DIY Balcony Dog Potty

DIY Balcony Dog Potty
Image Credit: balconyboss
Materials: Wood, screws, peg board, landscape fabric, soil, grass, pea gravel
Tools: Drill
Difficulty: Easy

The Balcony Boss DIY Balcony Dog Potty might be among the most attractive options to do at home. It has a lovely dual section potty place—one grass, one pea gravel, to give a textured, functional outcome. Or you can fill with 100% sod.

We think your dog will adore it—whether you use it in the home or outdoors. You don’t need much experience to make this potty place. You just need to buy the right items and assemble them correctly. Using real grass, much liquid is absorbed, making cleaning a breeze.

9. The Banana Hammock Dog Potty Patch

DIY Dog Indoor Potty Plans
Image Credit: The Banana Hammock

This dog potty patch by Banana Hammok is incredibly simple and perfect for apartment living. The end result doesn’t look quite as nice as some of the other dog potty plans on this list, but if you want something fast and easy, it serves its purpose. And Banana Hammok’s dog seemed to love it!

You’ll just need to cut a large tarp to the size you need, then spray Concrobium (used to prevent mold) where you’re going to lay the tarp. Spray a bit of Concrobium on top of the tarp, then cover it in mulch, and you’re finished! You’ll also want to replace the mulch every month or so to prevent the odor from becoming too bad.

10. Instructables Indoor Doggie Potty

DIY Dog Indoor Potty Plans
Image Credit: Instructables

This doggie potty found on Instructables isn’t quite as simple as the last two, but it isn’t difficult either. The most challenging part seems to be cutting the ceiling grate to size, but otherwise, it’s relatively easy.

Get whatever size washer tray will work best for you, then ceiling grate to match (you might need more than one piece of ceiling grate if the washer tray is huge, which is where the zip ties come in). After you’ve sorted your ceiling grate and cut or tied it where needed, you’ll put it in the washer tray and cover it with astroturf. The person who put this together suggested also adding kitty litter or puppy pads beneath the grate to help with odor, but that’s up to you.

There are several photos included with this plan, so putting it together should be a breeze!

11. The Annoyed Thyroid Real Grass Dog Toilet

DIY Dog Indoor Potty Plans
Image Credit: The Annoyed Thyroid

Want to make a doggie potty using real grass? Then this plan by the Annoyed Thyroid is the one for you! It’s similar to a couple of other plans on this list, but it uses a bread crate, which ends up working well to contain the grass and soil.

If you know a local baker, you can ask if they have a spare bread crate; otherwise, you’ll probably have to buy a few of these as they often come in bulk. (Though, if you have multiple dogs or a large one, you’ll probably need more than one anyway.) Once you have your crate, you want to cut the plastic liner to fit it. Then, top with soil, followed by turf! Besides that, you just need to remember to water your grass regularly!

12. Trish Parr Dog Litter Pan

DIY Dog Indoor Potty Plans
Image Credit: Thrishparr

This litter pan for dogs will work best for smaller breeds. But if you don’t want to deal with grass or fake grass when making an indoor dog potty, this is the plan you want. And it’s so simple!

You’ll cut the egg crate styrene to fit the utility tray. Then, line the tray with newspaper, puppy pads, kitty litter, or whatever you fancy. Put the styrene on top, and you have a nice little tray for your indoor dog to use when it needs the bathroom!

divider-dog paw Benefits & Downfalls of Having a Potty Patch

There are several reasons pet parents love these potty options for their dogs. It screams convenience for you both. Many people live in heavily populated areas with limited to no grass. These potty boxes are fantastic alternatives rather than resorting to messy and expensive puppy pads.

So, whether your dog is impossible to convince or can’t access the potty when needed, here are both sides of owning a potty patch.


Easy Access

Your dog (and you) will have quick, easy access to the potty without expansive walks, breaks, or preparation. This can come in handy in the cold or rain and be a perfect alternative for dogs who can’t make it to the potty on time.


The potty space is controlled, so you’re not going to have to poop or scoop all over the place. You can essentially treat it like a litter box, scooping it and cleaning it as needed.


Your dog won’t have to wait to relieve themselves anymore. You can put this box in the house for immediate use or on a patio or balcony.

brown dog lying on a wooden floor
Image Credit: cottonbro, Pexels


Your dog can use this potty again and again, permitting you to clean It regularly.

Great for Training

If you have a pup still learning the ropes, this little box can be a terrific alternative for puppy pads, training your dogs to go on grass instead.

Great for Emergencies

Your dog won’t have to hold it anymore. They can relieve themselves as needed, especially when their humans are gone or too busy to take them out.


Requires Maintenance 

Despite it being reusable, you need to clean it regularly. It can easily get stinky and cause bacteria to build up if you let it go too long.

Could Leak 

If you don’t build the box correctly, it could leak. That might not be such a big deal for certain setups, but for others, it could be dripping on the carpet or porch—no one wants that.

Cleaning materials on the floo
Image Credit: Mariakray, Pixabay


Wrapping Up

Ultimately, we think an indoor or on-the-porch potty box is outstanding for specific situations. If you and your dog could benefit from having a small potty spot, we believe the effort is worth the reward.

We hope you found a DIY you can start today. We tried to scoop up some for every need and experience level. Which was your pick?

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Featured Image Credit: Ollie Tabooge, Pexels

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