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8 DIY Pet Grave Markers & Memorial Stones (With Pictures)

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Some of the closest bonds we form in life are those with our pets. Unfortunately, unlike humans, most pet animals have shorter lifespans, with most averaging a lifespan of 8-13 years. If you are lucky, your beloved pet can reach the ripe old age of 20 years, which is also a short lifespan in the grand scheme of things.

As a result, most people are usually at a loss when it comes to dealing with the demise of their pet. It just feels too soon. Memorializing your pet is a great way of dealing with your loss. It helps you to convert that grief into an appreciation for the time spent together.

While you can purchase memorial stones and grave markers at the store, we are of the opinion that designing them yourself is one of the best ways of showing how much your pet meant to you. The following are simple DIY ideas for pet grave markers and memorial stones.


The 8 DIY Pet Grave Markers & Memorial Stones

1. Mosaic in Concrete

DIY Mosaic in Concrete
Image Credit:

This memorial stone does not take a lot of skill and material to make. All you require is a bag of concrete and a small concrete mold, both of which you can get at your local hardware store.

Mix the concrete, fill the mold, and allow it to set. Before it dries completely, use a stick to indent your pet’s name into the setting concrete. Once it dries up, that indentation will last forever. You can make your stone unique by setting pieces of colored beads and glass to create a mosaic. Choose beads that feature your pet’s favorite color. You can also get creative and make your pet’s favorite shapes on the concrete.

2. LED Pet Memorial Plaque

DIY LED Pet Memorial Plaque
Image Credit: uniquecreationsbyanita

This elegant memorial plaque might not be for beginner DIY-ers to make, as it requires considerable skill to pull off. However, if you are up for the challenge, you might just get it right. Nonetheless, it will take a while.

To make this LED memorial plaque, you need 2 pieces of flat wood board, a wooden base, Perspex, a circuit vinyl cutter, LED light, and a few other materials. Use this easy-to-follow tutorial to make this amazing LED pet memorial plaque.

3. Pet Tombstone

DIY Pet Tombstone
Image Credit: Instructables

Tombstones remain the most popular type of grave marker among humans, thanks to their durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable grave marker for your fallen pet, consider making them a tombstone.

In addition to their durability, tombstones are simple and inexpensive to make. Here is a detailed instructional on how to make a pet tombstone.

4. Wooden Cross Grave Marker

DIY Wooden Cross Grave Marker
Image Credit: joincake

How about a wooden cross to mark your pet’s grave? The great thing about crosses is how easy they are to make. Here is how to go about it. Consider getting creative with the engravings.

5. DIY Stone Pet Grave Marker

DIY Stone Pet Grave Marker
Image By: 100things2do

The biggest issue with standard grave markers is their short lifespan, as most are susceptible to degradation by the elements. Therefore, if you want something long-lasting, it would be a good idea to use stone.

In this particular case, you can put the artistic part of your brain into good use to carve out your pet’s name in setting cement and then add some flare. Pulling this project off is not as difficult as it looks or sounds. Here is a detailed guide on how to make this grave marker.

6. DIY Pet Urn

DIY Pet Urn
Image By: ehow

If you prefer cremation to burying, then a DIY pet urn project would be a good fit for you. Fortunately, this project does not require next-level woodworking skills. Simply follow these steps, and you will be good.

7. Create a Concrete Stone Marker

Create a Concrete Stone Marker- entirely emily.blogspot
Image By: entirely emily.blogspot

Give your pet’s gravesite a unique touch with a memorial stone. The kit used in the tutorial came from Michaels, but you can also mix up some concrete and pour into a square mold. Before the concrete sets, you can decorate it with glass beads and other items. You can even use a stencil and etch your pet’s name into the concrete.

8. Carve Your Pet’s Name in Wood

For a more classic memorial marker, consider carving your pet’s name into a piece of wood. Use a utility knife, router, or chisel to carve the letters, and then sand and stain for a finished look. You can use any type of wood you like, from pine to cedar or even cherry. Place the finished product at the grave site for an elegant tribute.



Our deepest sympathies for your loss. Losing a pet is akin to losing a dear friend. This is why it hurts so much when they leave us.

DIY projects are great avenues for dealing with that loss. You are forced to reminisce about all the times spent with your pet, allowing you to process the loss and be grateful for the companionship.

If you are not a professional, take it easy on yourself and work at your own pace. Fortunately, the grave markers and memorial stones in this article are some of the easiest to make.

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Featured Image Credit: jeep5d, Shutterstock

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