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15 DIY Pet Stairs, Ramps, & Steps You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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Pet ramps or stairs are a great way to allow an older pet easier access to different parts of your home. Some pets struggle to climb onto the bed or sofa, or into the car, and ramps and steps are the best way to help them avoid pain or even injury. Pre-made pet stairs and ramps tend to be expensive and fairly unsteady, and it can be difficult to find the right size for your needs.

Building your own pet stairs and ramps can easily solve these problems because it is inexpensive, they can be built to your exact specifications, and it’s a fun and easy weekend project. We scoured the internet to find the best pet stair, ramp, and step ideas for you to try out.



The 15 DIY Pet Stairs, Ramps, & Steps Plans

1. Simple DIY Wood Steps by Ana White

DIY pet stairs
Image Credit: ana-white

If you are woodworking inclined, these steps are a great permanent option. In fact, the design is so simple to make, even woodworking novices can build these steps without much trouble at all! A few 2x4s, a dozen screws, and sandpaper are all you need to make a great-looking set of steps for your pooch!

2. DIY Crate Pet Steps by Ikeahackers

DIY pet stairs
Image Credit: ikeahackers

If you have any wood or plastic crates lying around, they can easily be repurposed into functional pet steps. Simply stacking a few together and adding cushioning makes a great set of steps and provides valuable storage space. Plus, you’ll finally have a use for those crates that have been laying around!

3. Collapsible DIY Dog Ramp from Family Handyman

DIY pet ramp
Image Credit: familyhandyman

Most pet stairs and ramps have the added problem of storage: They are typically bulky, oddly shaped, and difficult to stow away. This collapsible dog ramp solves that issue by collapsing to a flat item, making it easy to stow away under the bed. It may involve slightly more involved carpentry with the hinges, but the reward is worth it!

4. Quick & Easy DIY Dog Ramp by Kolchak Puggle

DIY pet ramp
Image Credit: kolchakpuggle

This simple dog ramp can be built quickly and easily with items that are most likely already laying around the home. Two simple pieces of flat wood, a chain or string to act as a hinge, and grippy carpeting are all that’s needed. Plus, the ramp folds flat for easy storage.

5. Compact DIY Kennel Steps by Baby to Boomer

DIY Pet Stairs
Image Credit: babytoboomer

Another step-and-kennel combination design, these pet steps are easy to build. The kennel is located directly underneath the steps to provide more space and make the steps far easier to build.

6. DIY Storage Ramp from HGTV

DIY pet ramp
Image Credit: hgtv

Need extra storage space along with a ramp for your pet? This project is a great idea, as it combines various sizes of storage and shelving with a carpeted ramp for your pet. The ramp is easy and inexpensive to build and is the perfect way to reduce clutter while allowing your beloved pet access to a cozy bed! The storage space can also double as an extra kennel space for your pet to snooze.

7. Inexpensive & Simple DIY Wooden Dog Stairs by Family Handyman

Inexpensive and Simple Wooden Dog Stairs
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Family Handyman does a great job of walking you through everything you need to know and do for each of their projects, and this simple wooden dog stairs guide is no exception. There are no advanced features with these stairs, but they’re simple to build and get the job done.

This guide doesn’t walk you through any painting or decorations, but with a simple wood finish, you can customize the final appearance however you’d like to match the rest of the décor in your home.

8. DIY Under the Bed Pet Stairs by Do It Yourself Furniture

Under the Bed Pet Stairs
Image Credit: Do It Yourself Furniture

If your dog likes to hang out in your bed but struggles to get up and down, building these collapsible stairs using the guide from Do-It-Yourself Furniture is a great idea. Not only does it provide a way for your pup to easily get on and off the bed, but when you’re not using them, they fold down flat and fit right underneath the bed so they don’t get in the way.

9. DIY Scrap Wood Dog Stairs by Instructables

Scrap Wood Dog Stairs
Image Credit: Instructables

Do you have some scrap wood hanging out in your basement, garage, or shed? If so, then this DIY dog stair guide from Instructables is for you! It’s all about repurposing the wood you already have into some great dog stairs your pup can use in various settings.

Whether they need help getting in and out of bed or up and down somewhere else, these stairs are a great choice that you can build without breaking the bank.

10. Simple DIY Dog Steps by Live Laugh Rowe

Simple DIY Dog Steps
Image Credit: Live Laugh Rowe

Few dog steps provide an appearance as simple as these. But for elegant households that need some dog stairs, it’s an outstanding choice. Even better for DIY crafters since it is so simple, it’s much easier to build, saving you a ton of frustration during the construction and assembly process.

If you follow this guide from Live Laugh Rowe, you should be able to complete the project in just a few hours, giving your pup some new stairs to use in no time.

11. Easy Cardboard DIY Pet Stairs from Mild Mile

Easy Cardboard Pet Stairs
Image Credit: Mild Mile

We have some concerns about the durability of these cardboard pet stairs, but there’s no denying that the design from Mild Mile is pretty cool! It’s also an inexpensive project, just don’t expect these stairs to handle the weight of larger dogs.

But for small pups that need some stairs in an indoor setting, this is a fun little project you can knock out in a few hours.

12. Inexpensive DIY Doggie Ramp by Instructables

Inexpensive Doggie Ramp
Image Credit: Instructables

If you’re looking for something other than stairs and you don’t want to spend a ton, then this guide from Instructables is exactly what you’re looking for. The guide converts some simple and inexpensive wire shelves into a great doggie ramp that’s durable, lightweight, and reliable.

It’s the perfect solution that can save you a big chunk of change and it shouldn’t take you long to complete the project!

13. DIY Wood Dog Ramp by Fox and Brie

DIY Wood Dog Ramp
Image By: Fox and Brie

This is another DIY dog ramp option you can build in a few hours. This design uses a wooden frame with slats throughout to help your pup keep their balance and navigate the ramp. While it’s not the most inexpensive option out there, it works great for both indoor and outdoor settings.

14. DIY Dog Ramp with Carpet by Pretty DIY Home

DIY Dog Ramp with Carpet
Image By: Pretty DIY Home

If you think your pup needs a bit more traction when walking up and down the dog ramp, this DIY guide from Pretty DIY Home walks you through everything you need to know to build a dog ramp that includes some carpet for your pup.

And since you get to pick out the carpet yourself, it also lets you put a little of your own style into it! This ramp works great for indoor and outdoor applications.

15. Simple & Inexpensive DIY Dog Stairs by Build-Basic

Simple & Inexpensive Dog Stairs
Image By: Build-Basic

These dog stairs from Build-Basic are an outstanding combination of simplicity and inexpensiveness. They’re a great weekend project that even the most inexperienced woodworkers can handle. Build-Basic claims it only takes about 3 hours to make, so it’s an easy Saturday morning project that your pup can enjoy for years!



Building your own stairs, ramp, and steps for your beloved pet does not need to be expensive or complicated, and there are ideas to suit every level of DIY expertise. From simple cardboard box steps to complicated storage ramps, any of the above ideas will allow your pet access to the bed, sofa, or car, and you can add extra storage space!

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