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7 Simple DIY Rabbit Hay Feeders You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

diy rabbit hay feeder

Hay feeders are an essential part of your bunny’s hutch, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money on them. You can make one at home with common household items. This not only saves you money, but it can be a great way to use up things you’d end up throwing away, like boxes.

If you’ve searched online already, you know that it’s hard to find ideas for DIY hay feeders. So, we’ve done the work for you and created a list of seven DIY rabbit hay feeders that you can build today.

Ready to get started? Read on for our favorite DIY hay feeders.


The 7 Simple DIY Rabbit Hay Feeders:

1. DIY Wire Hay Racks, From Brick House Acres Rabbitry

Bunny hay feeders can be pricey, especially for the bigger ones. This DIY wire hay rack tutorial from Brick House Acres Rabbitry shows you how to make one at home using just a few materials and tools.

  • Materials: Scrap of 1-inch by 2-inch welded cage wire and a piece of board about 24 inches long
  • Tools Needed: Wire cutters, pliers, and metal file

2. DIY Wire Hay Rack, From Coding With Bunnies

This DIY wire hay rack tutorial from Coding With Bunnies shows you how to make one at home using just a few materials and tools. It’s not only easy, but it also saves you from having to buy a ready-made hay rack for your bunny.

  • Materials: Cardboard, wire panels, twine or zip ties, and duct tape
  • Tools Needed: Scissors and utility knife

3. DIY Plastic Rabbit Hay Rack, From Homestead Lifestyle

This DIY plastic rabbit hay rack tutorial from Homestead Lifestyle shows you how to turn an ordinary plastic container into the perfect hay rack for your bunny. The plastic is easy to clean and durable, and best of all, you may already have an extra container lying around that can be repurposed.

  • Materials: Plastic storage box and S hooks
  • Tools Needed: Drill, hole saw attachment, and sandpaper

4. DIY Rabbit Hay Bag, From Counting Chick’ns

This clever tutorial from Counting Chick’ns shows you how to take a reusable shopping bag and turn it into a hay bag for your bunny. Not only is this project a great way to make sure your bunny always has plenty of hay, but depending on which bag you choose, it can add a pop of color to your rabbit’s hutch.

  • Materials: Reusable shopping bag, nylon straps, and oversized button
  • Tools Needed: Scissors, needle and thread, and fastening device (like Velcro)

5. DIY Easy Wire Hay Rack, From Bull Rock Barn and Home

This tutorial from Bull Rock Barn and Home shows you how to make a cheap and easy hay rack for your bunny at home. You may have to go to the hardware store for the materials, but none of them are expensive.

  • Materials: Heavy-gauge wire with 1-inch by 1-inch holes, wire clips, and J-clips
  • Tools Needed: J-clip pliers and metal file

6. DIY Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Hay Feeder, From Piwakawaka Valley Homestead

This tutorial from Piwakawaka Valley Homestead shows you how to make a rabbit hutch that’s big enough for a large, outdoor rabbit hutch. This is perfect if you have multiple rabbits, as it keeps you from having to refill their hay constantly.

  • Materials: Pallet, wire mesh, and U-staples
  • Tools Needed: Hammer

7. DIY Wooden Hay Rack, From Instructables

This tutorial from Instructables shows you how to make a rabbit hay feeder that is both cute and functional. The finished result looks great, even though this hay rack is created from inexpensive materials.

  • Materials: Plywood, ruler, and hanger
  • Tools Needed: Dremel with cut attachment and wood glue


Rabbit hay feeders make it easier to feed your bunny because you don’t have to give hay to them as often. A hay feeder doesn’t have to be expensive, though. You can make one from household items or inexpensive materials from the hardware store. We hope that our list of tutorials has helped you find the perfect DIY hay feeder for your rabbit!

Featured Image: Sangia, Unsplash

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