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10 Free DIY Rabbit Playpens You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

New Zealand Rabbit in pen

Your bunny deserves the chance to frolic and play. What better way to make that happen then by building them their own rabbit playpen? In this article, we look at free DIY projects that will teach you how to build a rabbit playpen that will give your bunny an awesome play arena.

Some of the selections below are a little bit tricky, but most are going to be accessible to the average homeowner with a basic toolbox at their disposal.


Top 10 Free DIY Rabbit Playpens

1. PVC Pen Best for the Thrifty by Bunny Approved

DIY PVC Best for the Thrifty
Image Credit: Bunny Approved

Bunny Approved came up with the idea for our first design. This PVC playpen is cool because it only costs a few dollars maximum for supplies, and if you regularly undertake do-it-yourself projects, there is a decent chance you will already have this stuff on hand.

PVC is a super flexible material in that you can expand it or work with it pretty much endlessly so long as you have the appropriate materials. This playpen gives your bunny a safe, ample place to play.

The barrier that serves as the “cage” is a gentle cable tie that won’t harm your bunny the same way other materials do.

2. Wire Pen Great for Dog Owners by The Rabbit House

DIY Wire Great for Dog Owner
Image Credit: The Rabbit House

This option from Rabbit House requires basically no work if you already have a dog. This plan essentially warrants that you set up the same wire caging materials you use for your dog. The only adjustment is that you put down padding so that the sharp, pointed materials don’t scratch up your floors.

The reason this option is great is that it can be expanded pretty much effortlessly, and it can also be put together in a matter of minutes.

3. Not so Puzzling, Great for People with Kids by Instructables

DIY Not so Puzzling Great for People with Kids
Image Credit: Instructables

Instructables has put together an option that will be great for people with a lot of toys lying around their house. This playpen is made from a puzzle play mat that children use. If you have kids there is a pretty decent chance you have something like this in your house already. If not, the pieces can be acquired for a few dollars.

The pen can be set up in a matter of minutes and altered and expanded just as quickly if ever the need presents itself.

4. Cardboard Castle, Great for People that Want Something Creative by Bunny Approved

DIY Cardboard Castle
Image Credit: bunnyapproved

Pinterest has come up with a great idea for people that haven’t quite shed their childhood creativity. This cardboard castle can be built for free with boxes that you probably already have sitting around the house.

If you are looking how to build a rabbit playpen that is safe and fun for all ages, this project might be the perfect plan! It serves as a great opportunity for bonding and it is a relatively easy task, requiring just tape and scissors. Fair warning, though—bunnies with idle teeth may make short work of this option. Hey, that’s ok. It just gives you an excuse to make a new one, right?

5. Easy to Build Rabbit Run by ferreriinfo1111

Materials: Plywood, chicken wire, screws, hinges, galvanized staples
Tools: Screwdriver, saw
Difficulty: Easy

This simple rabbit playpen is a relatively easy and quick project that you can complete in an afternoon. It’s a low-cost project that requires few materials, and you can customize the playpen dimensions to fit your rabbit’s needs.

The corners of the playpen are connected by hinges so that you can easily fold and store it away until you have to use it again. It’s an excellent design for an outdoor playpen that effectively keeps rabbits inside. Just make sure not to leave them unsupervised because the playpen won’t protect them very well from predatory animals.

6. DIY Outdoor Rabbit Run by FamilyGarden

Materials: Wooden stakes, wire fence, zip ties
Tools: Mallet
Difficulty: Easy

Building this outdoor rabbit playpen allows your rabbit to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe. It’s also a great way to expand your rabbit’s play area while protecting herb and vegetable gardens from nibbling rabbits.

Another great thing about this rabbit playpen is that you can easily rearrange and adjust its size and shape. If you want a more permanent fixture, you can plant stakes in the ground to give the playpen more support.

7. DIY Outdoor Rabbit Run by A Dash of DIY

Materials: Plywood, hinges, chicken wire, paint, wood glue, screws, gate lock
Tools: Saw, drill, screwdriver, hammer
Difficulty: Moderate

This rabbit playpen offers more protection because the plan includes a mesh cover that prevents rabbits from hopping out and deters aerial predators from swooping in. The cover’s design also includes hinges, so you can fold the cover to get a clearer view of your rabbit.

The playpen also includes a gate so that both you and your rabbit can quickly enter and exit. You can also paint this playpen any color, but just make sure to use non-toxic paint that’s safe for animals because there’s a chance your rabbit will try to chew and gnaw on the wooden frame.

8. DIY Enclosure by Cooper the Pooper

DIY rabbit enclosure
Image Credit: Cooper The Pooper
Materials: 2×4 lumber, wire mesh, plexiglass, door hinges, nails, screws, area rug
Tools: Saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver
Difficulty: Moderate

You can create both a beautiful home and a playpen for your rabbit with this DIY rabbit enclosure. It’s large enough to house your rabbit’s sleeping and feeding area and allow plenty of space for your rabbit to play and run around.

This DIY project has a more permanent design, so make sure to place it in a safe and quiet area where your rabbit won’t be frequently disrupted. The project plans also leave plenty of room for creativity and customization, so you can create really unique and fun designs that your rabbit will enjoy.

9. PVC Pipe Playpen by New Leaf Nicky

DIY PVC Pipe Playpen
Image Credit: New Leaf Nickie
Materials: PVC pipe, three-way connectors, chicken wire, zip ties
Tools: PVC pipe cutter
Difficulty: Easy

This PVC pipe playpen is a great option if you’re looking for a portable playpen. The PVC pipe frame is relatively lightweight, so you can carry it easily and place it in various areas. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require very many materials.

This plan is very customizable, and you can expand or decrease the size by using connectors and a PVC pipe cutter. You can also resize it after it’s made if you have to make changes, as long as you don’t use PVC cement.

10. DIY Rabbit Enclosure Under Bed by Martin the Bunny

Materials: Plywood, chicken wire, hinges, nails, screws
Tools: Drill, wire cutters, galvanized stapler
Difficulty: Easy

If you have a raised or lofted bed, you just may be able to create this fun rabbit playpen that takes up space underneath. This DIY plan includes instructions on creating the enclosure frame and ideas for raising your bed. However, if your bed is already lofted, it’ll be even faster and easier to finish this project. The plan is also mindful of inserting a plastic cover beneath the bed mattress to prevent any debris from getting into the pen. So, the overall pen is a creative use of space if you have a smaller living area.



Building your own playpen for your rabbit ensures that your pet gets exactly what they need and it’s also functional and aesthetically pleasing for you. Wed hope you enjoyed reading our list of recommendations. Happy building!

Featured Image Credit: Jeremiah W Terry, Shutterstock

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