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5 DIY Homemade Rabbit Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

bunny with toy

Rabbits need toys to keep them from getting too bored in their hutch. Toys can also keep bunnies healthy by engaging their minds, keeping them physically active, and helping file down their teeth.

You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on toys for your bunnies. In fact, using basic household items, you can learn how to make rabbit toys!

We’ve created a list of eight DIY rabbit toys you can make at home today to keep your bunny happy.


The 5 Easy DIY Rabbit Toys

1. DIY Bunny Snuffle Mat, From Bunny Approved

DIY Bunny Snuffle Matt
Image Credit: Bunny Approved

This DIY rabbit toy tutorial from Bunny Approved shows you how to take everyday household items like a sink mat and felt strips to create a fun, interactive toy for your bunny. You can hide treats among the felt strips, which will engage your bunny’s natural foraging instincts.

  • Materials: Plastic or rubber mat and fleece strips
  • Tools Needed: Scissors

2. DIY Rabbit Chew Toy, From A Farm Girl in the Making

DIY Rabbit Chew Toy
Image Credit: A Farm Girl in the Making

This DIY rabbit chew toy tutorial from A Farm Girl in the Making shows you how to use natural outdoor materials to give your bunny something to chew on. The wrapped bundle of sticks provide an excellent toy for your bunny to file down its teeth and promote good dental health.

  • Materials: Apple twigs and willow branches
  • Tools Needed: Scissors or pruning shears

3. Festive DIY Rabbit Toy, From Petplan

DIY Festive Rabbit Toy
Image Credit: Petplan

This festive DIY rabbit toy tutorial from Petplan shows you how to use leftover holiday materials, like a shipping box, to create a toy for your bunny. You can use a plain cardboard box that’s free of ink, glue, tape, and staples and fill it with treats for your rabbit to forage for. Your bunny will love nibbling the box and burrowing inside.

  • Materials: Plain cardboard box, plain wrapping paper (optional), and treats
  • Tools Needed: Scissors

4. DIY Rabbit Grazing Mat, From 101Rabbits

This DIY grazing mat video from 101Rabbits on YouTube shows you how to take leftover cardboard and turn it into a fun toy for your bunny. With the paper strips, this toy encourages your bunny’s natural foraging instincts. You can also hide treats under the paper strips for your bunny to find.

  • Materials: Plain cardboard box and plain paper
  • Tools Needed: Scissors or utility knife and ruler

5. DIY Egg Box Rabbit Toy, From Best 4 Bunny

DIY Egg Box Rabbit Toy
Image Credit: Best 4 Bunny

This DIY egg box rabbit toy from Best 4 Bunny tutorial shows you how to take an egg carton and turn it into a foraging toy for your bunny. All you need to do is fill it with treats and hay. Your bunny will be engaged and entertained, shredding the egg carton and getting to the treats inside.

  • Materials: Egg crate, treats or herbs, and hay
  • Tools Needed: None!


Entertaining your rabbit doesn’t have to be expensive. Learning how to make rabbit toys is a great way to reuse household products and other natural materials you can find out in your yard. Your bunny will love the DIY toy just as much as a store-bought one.

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Featured Image: Jennifer Chen,Unsplash

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