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Do Agama Lizards Make Good Pets? All You Need To Know!

agama lizard

Are you in the market for a new exotic pet? Maybe you’ve heard about the gorgeous Agama Lizard and are curious if this reptile could be the perfect pet for you.

Hailing from the sub-Saharan regions of Africa, the Agama is a brightly-colored lizard that can live for up to 20 years. Docile, easy to handle, and stunning to behold, the Agama can be a great pet for both beginner and intermediate reptile owners.

But is the Agama the right pet for you? Let’s explore this lizard’s care needs more deeply to help you find out.

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How Do You Keep an Agama?

A social lizard, the Agama needs to be kept in groups of three or more. It requires plenty of space to crawl, explore, and roam. To house a trio, you’ll need to buy a tank that is at least 48 x 48 x 24 inches. However, the more space you can provide the better. If you’re looking for a pet that won’t consume large amounts of space, the Agama is not right for you.

In addition to a spacious containment, the Agama requires the proper heat and humidity levels. High UVB ray lights, a basking light, a heat mat, and a 10% desert lamp are all essential for an Agama’s health and happiness. Ambient temperatures ranging between 80 and 89 degrees F are essential for this reptile’s wellbeing.

agama in the tree bark
Image Credit: Pixabay

Is the Agama Easy to Handle?

Young Agamas can be quite jumpy when first being handled. However, with time and effort, this lizard will quickly warm up to you and allow you to gently hold it. The Agama doesn’t like to be over-handled. If it is stressed, the Agama will close its eyes to block you out and pretend you’re not there. Limited handling is recommended for this reptile. If you’re looking for a lizard that you can regularly interact with, the Agama may not be best-suited for you.

agama inside enclosure
Image Credit: Pixabay

What Do I Feed an Agama?

A natural carnivore, the Agama thrives on a well-balanced diet of crickets, super worms, and meal worms. Adult Agamas need to be fed two to three times per week and will consume up to 20 crickets or 10 super worms. If you choose to feed your Agama meal worms, keep in mind that you will need to feed your lizard at least 40 worms per feeding. A cricket shouldn’t be longer than the width of the lizard’s head to prevent choking. You can also treat your adult Agama to the occasional frozen or thawed pinkie mouse.

If you are squeamish about feeding your pet insects or rodents, consider getting a different pet than the Agama.


Final Thoughts

A brightly-hued lizard, the Agama can be a great pet for novice reptile enthusiasts. It must be kept in groups, be housed in a spacious enclosure, and have the proper heating and humidity levels in its tank at all times. Additionally, the Agama feeds only on insects or small rodents.

If you can provide the Agama with the proper care it needs, this lovely lizard could be an excellent pet for you.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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