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Do Bengal Cats Shed? Breed Characteristics & Care


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Shedding can be a hassle to deal with. It requires a lot of cleaning and can be especially difficult to deal with if you have allergies. To avoid extra maintenance, some cat owners prefer to have low-shedding cats.

So, do Bengal cats shed? The short answer is yes; they do shed. However, the shedding of a Bengal cat can look a little different than the way that most cats shed. If you are wondering how that can be, keep reading to learn more!


What Does Bengal Cat Shedding Look Like?

Although Bengal cats shed, they shed so little that it is hardly noticeable.

While most domestic cats can shed a decent amount, Bengal cats shed very little in comparison. This has led some people to believe they do not shed at all. While this is not the case, their minimal shedding is much easier to deal with than other breeds.

The Bengal’s coat is a shorter length than other cats. So, while there will be some shedding (and maybe an occasional hairball), it will be much more contained than most other’s cat’s shedding.

bengal cat on carpet
Image Credit: Elena Sonmez, Shutterstock

Do Bengal Cats Need to Be Brushed?

If Bengal cats shed so infrequently, do they need to be brushed?

Yes, Bengal cats still need regular grooming. Brushing your Bengal weekly to manage their shedding and keeping their coat healthy and clean is essential.

Woman combing fur of a Bengal cat with brush. Woman taking care of pet removing hair at home
Image Credit: Rodica Vasiliev, Shutterstock

Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

Yes, but no.

Bengal cats are hypoallergenic in the sense that they may not cause you to have an allergic reaction. On the other hand, they still possess specific proteins that can trigger allergies.

If you are incredibly allergic to cats,  the Bengal cat may still cause you to have a reaction. However, if your allergies are minimal, there is a good chance that the Bengal will not give you any trouble.

bengal cat sitting on tree trunk
Image Credit: Jane Koshchina, Shutterstock

What May Cause a Bengal Cat to Shed Excessively?

If your Bengal cat is shedding excessively, there may be a few reasons.

Fuzzy Phase

As Bengal kittens grow, they undergo a unique transformation known as the fuzzy phase. This is a process that has been passed down from the wild cats that the Bengal is descended from. Bengal kittens will shed more during this growing phase until they have established their adult coat.


The food that your cat eats can have a significant impact on its level of shedding. A poor or incompatible diet can lead to more shedding, whereas a healthy and proper diet can keep your cat’s coat looking shiny.

To ensure that your cat is getting the proper nutrition in their diet, pay attention to the protein levels and the fat levels. These are the two main areas that will promote the health of your cat’s coat. If these areas are neglected, you can expect to see negative results—aka, extra shedding.

bengal cat eating
Image Credit By: Photo_Olivia, Shutterstock

Ticks, Fleas, or Mites

These ectoparasites can cause a host of other problems, such as itching, scabbing, infection, and depression. If left untreated, the pests can become a real problem for your pets! If you think your cat may have one of these parasites, talk to your vet to devise a treatment plan.


When cats are stressed, they may begin to shed more than usual. This is due to the cat’s muscles becoming tense enough to release the follicles of some hairs.divider-cat


Bengals are beautiful cats with low-maintenance grooming needs, making them an excellent fit for those with allergies or those who don’t want to pick up a broom every day. While Bengals shed, they do not shed as frequently as other breeds. Still, they need to be brushed regularly to maintain the health of their coat. If you find your Bengal cat shedding excessively, you have to determine, with your vet’s help, what is causing the issue.

Featured Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

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