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Do Cats Like Wearing Clothes & Costumes? (Facts, & FAQ)

cat wearing baby clothes

Clothing and costumes are fun accessories for cats, and they’re great for making your already adorable cat even cuter. When it comes to cats’ attitudes toward clothes, most cats don’t like wearing them, while a few don’t mind. It depends on the individual cat.

Clothes don’t just have to be worn for fashion purposes. They also have functional benefits. We’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of clothes and costumes for cats and when it’s appropriate for cats to wear clothes.


Do Cats Like Clothes & Costumes?

Most cats don’t enjoy wearing clothes. Clothes can make cats feel overheated and restricted. Intricate costumes can also weigh cats down.

Sometimes, cats with shorter hair or less hair appreciate clothes because they can help them retain body heat and stay warm. Some cats may like the cozy feeling of a sweater, while others may enjoy the positive attention they receive whenever they wear a cute outfit.

You can try to make your cat more comfortable with wearing clothes by starting with lightweight, soft material, like cotton. You can encourage your cat to put just its head through the shirt and slowly work your way to get the shirt completely on your cat. Using treats and praise can also motivate your cat to wear a shirt.

Advantages of Cats Wearing Clothes

White cat in red clothes
Image By: MabelAmber, Pixabay

Clothes are a great way to help cats feel warm, especially during colder months. Cat breeds with less hair, like Bambinos and Sphynxes, may appreciate wearing a sweater to retain their body heat. Kittens and elderly cats may benefit from wearing clothes because they can have more trouble regulating their body temperature1 and may try to seek more warmth.

T-shirts can help cats that are recovering from surgery by preventing them from licking or scratching at incision spots and stitches. Some cats may like the cozy fit of a shirt, and products, like the Cat ThunderShirt, may help reduce anxiety.

Disadvantages of Cats Wearing Clothes

Of course, clothes aren’t appropriate for all situations, and most cats don’t need them. Shirts can be a safety hazard if they’re made with cheap material and low-quality threading. Claws can get snagged on the material and cause damage to a cat’s nail beds.

While cat costumes are adorable, many are made with low-quality materials and poor designs. They can feel extremely uncomfortable for cats if the fabric is itchy. Some costumes can have smaller pieces, like buttons and sequins, that can be choking hazards.

Lastly, cats can get too hot wearing clothes, especially if they have long, thick coats. It is important to be mindful of room temperature whenever your cat’s wearing a sweater. Cats also shouldn’t wear costumes for long periods because they are often made with cheap, non-breathable fabric, and many cats will feel too hot and uncomfortable.

cat wearing a pirate costume
Image By: Benevolente82, Shutterstock



When it comes to wearing clothes, most cats won’t enjoy them. There are some benefits to cats wearing clothes, but there are also some disadvantages to consider. In most cases, cats don’t need to wear clothes. So, make sure to weigh the pros and cons before introducing your cat to clothes and training it to wear them.

Featured Image Credit: Patuss89, Shutterstock

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