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Do Cavapoos Bark a Lot? How Much & How to Stop It

a cavapoo dog barking outside in the snow

If you’re considering adopting a Cavapoo, you may be concerned about how much barking this dog does. After all, smaller dog breeds are often known for being “yappy”! However, the Cavapoo breed, for the most part, isn’t known for excessive barking (though dogs are individuals, so some may bark more than others).

This doesn’t mean they don’t bark at all, though—the Cavapoo is still quite vocal. But if your Cavapoo is barking, then it’s barking for a specific reason, and you’ll need to figure out what that reason is. Otherwise, the dog will continue to bark.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cavapoos, why they bark, and how to stop them from doing so.

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Why Do Cavapoos Bark?

Cavapoos typically only bark for specific reasons, but what are those reasons? Turns out there are quite a few of them! Below are the main reasons a Cavapoo will begin (and keep) barking.

1. Wants Attention

The Cavapoo breed is intelligent, and these smart pups will quickly realize that if they want your attention, they can get it by barking. For this reason, when they are young and in training, you should ignore them when they bark, so you don’t give them positive reinforcement for the behavior.

Cavapoo dog on the grass
Image Credit: Matthew Ashmore, Shutterstock

2. Changes in Routine

Dogs experience stress and anxiety just like we do, and one factor that can cause these is a change in their daily routine. Whether moving to a new home or a new person or animal coming into the house, these sorts of routine changes can leave your Cavapoo stressed and feeling the urge to bark about it.

3. Alerting You

Cavapoos may not make the best watchdogs due to their friendly nature, but they’re still fairly vigilant. And that vigilance can mean that these pups will want to alert you to any strange noises they hear, people approaching the door, and more.

4. Discomfort

Cavapoos are also known for barking when they experience discomfort. This discomfort may be due to an insect sting, a cut on the paw, feeling overheated, or even being spooked by a loud noise.

Image Credit: Steven B Gold, Shutterstock

5. Frustration

Your Cavapoo friend will also bark when it becomes frustrated by something, such as being unable to reach a toy it wants or not being able to do something it feels the need to. Think of it as a tiny tantrum.

6. Separation Anxiety

An important thing to know about the Cavapoo is that it’s prone to separation anxiety and doesn’t do well when left to its own devices for long periods. So, if you have a Cavapoo and it’s left on its own often, you can expect excessive barking and other behavioral problems.

7. Social Barking

One of the ways dogs communicate is via barking, so if your Cavapoo hears another dog in the house or neighborhood barking, it may join in.

golden Cavapoo puppy in the garden
Image Credit: Danny Shiers, Shutterstock


How to Stop Your Cavapoo From Barking

You can’t stop a dog from barking entirely, as this is one of their ways of communicating. However, you can work to keep your pup from barking excessively if that’s an issue.

The best way to go about stopping a Cavapoo from barking too much is by properly training it. You can do this by either ignoring your dog when it starts barking a lot (so you aren’t giving it attention that can be viewed as positive reinforcement), redirecting your pup’s attention with a toy, or removing the element that is causing the barking. You can also train your pet to respond to a command, such as “Quiet!”, to get it to stop barking.

If your Cavapoo is a barker because it’s stressed and anxious, you’ll likely need to rearrange some things in your home or life. For example, if your dog becomes anxious when someone approaches the front door, try keeping the dog in an area of your home that’s furthest away from the door. Or if your Cavapoo is barking excessively due to separation anxiety, you may want to invest in a dog walker or sitter that can visit with them each day or try out a camera that lets you see your dog wherever you are and allows it to hear your voice.

To remedy a situation where your dog is experiencing anxiety, you’ll need to first figure out what is causing the issue, so resolving this cause of barking may be a process. Finally, another great way to help your pet handle stress is through exercise, so be sure your dog is getting enough each day.

Or perhaps your dog is just the sort to bark at everyone it sees through a window. Solving this barking issue is relatively simple—just close the blinds or curtains so your pet can’t see out.

By incorporating these tips, you should be able to eventually resolve any barking issues your Cavapoo has.


Final Thoughts

Cavapoos may not be the barkiest of dogs, but they are pretty vocal. This means your pup may bark in an effort to communicate with you, whether it’s to let you know someone is at the front door or to express frustration that it can’t get what it wants. You can stop your Cavapoo from barking by beginning training with it as soon as you get the dog; you can also try to remove stressors from your home or work around these stressors so they don’t cause your pup as much anxiety.

For the most part, though, your Cavapoo shouldn’t bark excessively (though every dog is different!). So, enjoy life with your new friendly furry pal!

Featured Image Credit: Sam foster, Shutterstock

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