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Do Dog Whistle Apps Actually Work? Myths & Facts Revealed

Training an active dog at home with a smartphone application

As dog owners, we love our pets more than anything, but occasionally they can cause a ruckus and be a bit annoying. Take barking, for example. Dogs that are fans of barking at anything and nothing can be a headache to deal with, especially if they aren’t listening to you when you tell them to stop barking.

So, what’s a dog parent to do? The best idea is to train them out of this behavior, which is where dog whistles come into play. Dog whistles can be used to let your pup know when it’s inappropriate to bark. But since you might not have a dog whistle handy, the next best thing is a dog whistle app.

But do these apps actually work? There haven’t really been studies into whether these apps work, but if you look at what pet owners are saying, many claim dog whistle apps do indeed do what they say they do. Of course, how good a job an app does might come down to which app you’re using. Here’s what you should know about dog whistle apps!


How Do Dog Whistles Work?

You’re likely somewhat familiar with dog whistles, but maybe you’ve never used one before and are wondering how they work. Dog whistles have been used for quite a while to help train dogs by emitting a sound that’s at a higher frequency than humans can hear. (For the most part—there are some audible dog whistles that make a sound you can hear as well.) Both people and dogs can hear low frequencies, such as 20Hz, but only dogs can hear frequencies between 70-100kHz. So, essentially your pup is capable of hearing frequencies that are three times higher than what humans can hear.

How Do Dog Whistle Apps Work?

A dog whistle app does pretty much what it says on the tin—it emits high frequencies that only your pet can hear so it can catch your pup’s attention during training. Every dog is different, though, and will respond to differently pitched frequencies, so dog whistle apps come with a range of frequencies from which to choose. You can use the app during training (ideally paired with treats) instead of using a clicker. Or you can simply use it to get your pet’s attention when you need to.

Dogs get training with dog whistle app
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Can Dog Whistle Apps Harm Dogs?

So long as you’re properly using a dog whistle app, your pet won’t suffer any harm. That means you shouldn’t use the app anywhere close to your dog’s ears, as your pup has much more sensitive hearing. Think of how you’d feel if a referee blew a whistle near you, then came up and blew it again right next to your ear. Ouch!

And be aware of other pets in your home—cats can also hear higher frequencies (even more so than dogs), so a dog whistle app could affect them.

What Are the Best Dog Whistle Apps?

There are quite a few dog whistle apps available on both Android and IOS, but we recommend going with an app that has a higher rating and good reviews. A few you can choose from that meet those qualifications include:

There’s a good chance you’ll need to try out more than one app to get the one that has a frequency that works with your pup, but that should be easily accomplished.

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There’s no hard data that can tell us if dog whistle apps actually work, but according to reviews from pet parents, there are some out there that do. If you’d like to try one out to help train your pup, keep them from barking, or just get its attention, there are several options available. Just make sure you’re opting for one that has a high rating and good reviews and keep in mind you might have to try more than one since each dog will react to different frequencies.

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