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Do Dogs Like Baths? 4 Reasons Why Dogs Go Crazy After a Bath

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Dogs are active animals that tend to make a mess whenever possible. They don’t seem to mind being stinky and dirty! You likely try to bathe your dog regularly so they don’t stink up the house and make your furniture look dingy. So, do dogs like baths? Whether they do or not, what is it about baths that make them act wildly afterward? Let’s explore these topics here.

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Some Dogs Like Baths, Some Dogs Don’t

The fact of the matter is that some dogs like baths, and some dogs do not. The same principle applies when it comes to water in general. Some pooches love frolicking in lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. Others prefer to keep their distance from the water and explore land masses. It depends on your dog’s breed, personality, and experience with water regarding whether they like baths.

You can usually tell by how your dog reacts when they find out you are getting ready to bathe them. If they run away and try to hide, chances are that they aren’t fond of baths. If they come when you call or at least don’t try to run away, they likely don’t mind baths too much. Your pet’s like or dislike of baths can change, depending on factors such as age and the weather.

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The 4 Reasons Why Dogs Go Crazy After a Bath

It is no secret that dogs tend to act wild after taking a bath, whether they like it or not or even if they’ve simply been hosed down in the yard. Here are four common reasons for this behavior.

1. To Relieve Stress

Bath time can be stressful for some dogs. They don’t have a choice about what’s going on, and they cannot get away from the water they are submerged in or sprayed on them. They may be still and calm during their bath, but once it is over, they will run around the house and rub their bodies on anything they encounter. They might paw at the ground and wag their tails fiercely as they move about.

Taking your dog out for a brisk walk after a bath should help relieve that stress without jeopardizing your household belongings.

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Image Credit: Max4ePhoto, Shutterstock

2. To Get Rid of the “Good” Scent

We love the smell of freshly cleaned dogs, but most dogs don’t. They prefer to smell like they always do, without all the scent of dog-safe shampoo. So, don’t be surprised if your dog rubs against the carpet, the furniture, and bed to try to get the “good” scent off and rub their old scent back on themselves again.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, and many don’t appreciate the artificial scents we humans enjoy. They would rather smell like mud, dirt, and traces of scents they pick up while on walks. If your dog doesn’t seem to like smelling “fresh and clean,” try using an unscented shampoo.

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3. To Dry Themselves

Another reason that your dog might go wild after taking a bath is to try to dry off more quickly. Some dogs don’t like being wet, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, they will do whatever they can to dry themselves off as quickly as possible. This could mean jumping on the couch and rubbing into all the crevices, rolling around in the grass or carpet, or diving into a blanket on the bed. Whatever the case, it’s all about getting dry. Thorough drying them with a towel and giving them time outdoors can help minimize this behavior after a bath.

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Image Credit: BachkovaNatalia, Shutterstock

4. To Show That They Feel Good

Sometimes, dogs go wild after a bath because they enjoyed it so much. If they are especially dirty or are used to being pampered, a bath might seem like heaven to your pooch. They might yip and moan in pleasure while rolling around on the bed or blanket after the bath. They may put their ears back, wag their tails, and turn around in circles because they are so happy to be clean. They might even literally jump in the air for joy!divider-dog

Final Thoughts

Dogs are finicky, and that is the case when it comes to taking baths. Some dogs enjoy the experience, others loathe it, and still others are indifferent. Regardless, most dogs tend to act a little wild after a bath, and there are several different reasons for that. It’s a good idea to consider bathing your dog outside when the weather is nice rather than risk messing up your bathroom and home.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Finch, Shutterstock

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