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Do Ferrets Like to Cuddle? Facts & FAQs

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It might be every little kid’s memory—you walk into a pet store and see the adorable ferrets all snuggled up in warm little piles. One of the most fascinating things about these creatures is their precious ability to socialize and show affection.

If you don’t have any prior ferret experience, you may wonder if these creatures are cuddly. We think you’ll be pleased to know that they are some of the sweetest, most affectionate small pets you can own.divider-bird

Are Ferrets Affectionate?

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Ferrets are very interactive and playful. But as enjoyable as the romps can be, they also love to slow down and show affection. When your ferret tuckers out from a day’s long play, they might very well hide in your hoodie pocket or roll up in a blanket on your lap.

Ferrets are also highly social creatures that make friends quickly thanks to their curious personalities. They love to be in on all the happenings around the house, so they will acclimate very well to almost any lifestyle.

Because they are so chipper, they also make terrific first-time pets for responsible children.

Is Cuddling Important for Ferrets?

Many animals use cuddling as a love language shared between them and their family members. Physical affection is a huge deal, even in the animal kingdom.

Even though ferrets can be adorable little cuddlers, good luck getting them to settle down. These critters want to romp around more than anything else, so be ready for next to no downtime.

If you go into the purchase thinking you’re bringing home a lazy lap pet, you’ll be sorely mistaken. These critters are super high energy with a love for shredding and biting.

So, expect to be busier more than relaxed with this companion. Most of your time together will be fun and games—with maybe a dash of downtime. But once they are out of the enclosure and wear themselves out, you may gain a Netflix buddy after play.

Benefits of Cuddling for Ferrets

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Image By: Alexandra Koval, Shutterstock

There are several perks to some weaselly snuggles, but here are just a few:

  • Strengthens bond
  • Reduces stress
  • Stops anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Aids in blood flow


5 Steps to Welcoming a New Ferret

If you bring home your new bundle of joy, we understand how tempted you will be to snuggle them to death. However, remember they have experienced a total change of scenery—they’re going to be out of their element until they adjust.

To make your new ferret comfortable:

1. Leave Them Alone for a Few Days

When you finally have their area set up and they are settled in, give them a few days to acclimate to their new home. They will need to feel safe in their environment before they can trust you.

Just make sure they have plenty of food and water in the meantime.

Orange Ferret sleeping on his bed
Image Credit: pantipac85, Shutterstock

2. Let Your Ferret Get Used to Your Voice

The sooner they recognize you, the quicker they will warm up. Some ferrets are friendlier than others. When they hear you, they may curiously charge to the café edge to find you. Others may hide for a few days—it all depends on personality.

Just talk to them softly so they familiarize themselves with you as their new owner. Be consistent.

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Image By: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

3. Quarantine for 2 Weeks

Always keep your ferret safe away from other pets for 2 weeks after they arrive. Let all parties get used to the new smells and sounds before any introductions.

4. Get Ready to Bond

Soon, your ferret will greet you. They will anticipate your snacks and the soothing sound of your voice. Since each will be ready at their own pace, pay attention to their body language when they see you.

Once you have officially won them over, you’ve met success.

Credit: kemll, Pixabay

5. Cuddle Time!

After sealing the deal, it’s time for lots of activities—everything from playing to exploring to cuddling. Soon, your little fuzzy guy or gal will be snoozing on your chest. Let them choose the pace and go with what works for them.



Ferrets are incredibly wonderful small pets that truly create lasting impacts on lives. These interactively ambitious little buggers will warm your heart with their silly antics and sweet snuggles.

Remember, ferrets are very social—so giving them a partner in crime to snuggle with on their own accord is a terrific idea (just to put the bug in your ear).

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