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Do Geckos Make Good Pets? What You Need to Know

Gargoyle Gecko

Geckos are found in nature wherever the weather stays warm throughout the world. They are most common in tropical places, like Hawaii and the Bahamas. However, not all geckos live in the wild. These animals are popular pets, especially in the United States, and for good reason. Geckos make excellent pets due to their docile nature and lack of aggressiveness. There are many reasons that geckos make good pets. Let’s explore them here.divider-reptile

They Are Super Easy to Take Care Of

Geckos can happily live in a glass aquarium with dirt, tree branches, rocks, wooden caves, and faux leaves to enjoy. All it takes is a heat lamp to keep things bright and warm during the day, and a heat mat to keep the ground in the habitat warm throughout the night. These animals will eat almost any type of insect that they are provided with, and they require nothing more than a bowl of water to stay hydrated — no misting is necessary.

frog eyed gecko
Image By: ZayacSK, Shutterstock

They Seem to Enjoy Being Handled

Geckos seem to like being picked up and handled by their human companions. At the very least, they do not mind touch interaction. They are never aggressive and will spend time sitting on a hand or shoulder without trying to run away, as wild geckos would. This makes them an excellent pet option for younger children who do not have much experience dealing with animals or who are not ready to care for a dog or cat.

They Can Live for a Long Time

These little animals can live up to 20 years, which means a long-term commitment is necessary when acquiring one as a pet. But there is no need to explain to a child that their beloved pet died, as their gecko would likely live until they reach young adulthood. Also, adults can expect their gecko to remain a large part of their life without having to worry about losing the pet after just a few years.

wonder or frog eyed gecko
Image By: miniformat65, Pixabay

They Look Cool

Another reason that geckos make great pets is that they happen to look cool. They seem scaly like a snake, but they are smooth to the touch. They have big, alert eyes that seem to emote when they look at a person. Geckos come in many colors nowadays due to breeding for the pet industry. They can also change colors depending on the colors displayed in their environments. They might be green when around grass and leaves but turn brown when on a tree stump or rock.

They Are Generally Healthy Animals

Geckos can develop certain health conditions, such as stomatitis and respiratory infections. While the development of these conditions is rare, it is important to schedule a checkup with an exotic animal veterinarian once a year to ensure that if a condition does develop, it is caught early so it can be treated. Most geckos in captivity will never experience a serious health problem.

Namib Sand Gecko-Shutterstock
Image By: Chantelle Bosch, Shutterstock


Some Final Thoughts

Geckos are fun, beautiful, long-lived, and easy to care for.  What isn’t there to love about the thought of owning one of these animals as a pet? Geckos are sold at pet shops all over. If your local shop does not carry them, chances are that the next one that you visit does. Just make sure that you prepare a safe habitat for your new pet to live in before bringing them home for the first time.

Featured Image Credit: kifbook, Shutterstock

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