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Do Huskies Make Good Pets?

Siberian Husky

Adopting a dog is a huge decision for anyone. Whether you have a large family, are part of a couple, or enjoy what the single life has to offer, dedicating yourself and your time to a four-legged friend is quite a big commitment. Choosing the right dog for your situation takes a bit of research and lots of understanding. Not every dog enjoys spending time alone and others require quite a bit of training. This is especially true when considering a Siberian Husky.

Siberian Huskies are best known for their beauty and incredible work ethic. These dogs have a lot more to offer a family, however. If you are wondering if Huskies make good pets, the answer to your question is yes, but you must put in the time needed to ensure they are kept happy.

The Husky has tons of energy and wants to be a companion to everyone in the family. They are a loving breed but require lots of training and attention to keep them in line. These dogs have a bit of a mischievous side, especially if they find themselves suffering from bouts of boredom. If you’re considering a Husky as your next furry best friend, read on below to learn more about this breed and what to expect.


Husky Origins

The Husky is best known as a sled dog, but that’s not what they were bred for. Originally, the Husky was bred in Asia by the Chukchi people. It was their resistance to colder temperatures, good health, and strength that made them perfect for mushers (all transport methods powered by dogs) in Alaska.

The Husky is a medium-sized dog with great power and the ability to pull sleds for great distances. Although smaller than the hardworking Alaskan Malamute, the Husky is easily considered just as dedicated and great for any mushing job. Over the years, people throughout the world have come to love the Husky and they are now among one of the most popular breeds of dog to bring home as a pet.

A Husky Must be Properly Trained

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Image Credit: Jan Ziegler, Shutterstock

You may hear people complain about issues with their Huskies, but most likely, they haven’t been properly trained. One of the most important things about owning a Husky is ensuring they are properly trained from an early age.

Huskies are known as very temperamental dogs. Their stubbornness can make training quite difficult for an owner who is new to owning a pet. If you feel comfortable in your training abilities, then making a Husky part of your home can be quite entertaining. You’ll have hours of arguments from these overly vocal dogs when it comes to telling them no or keeping them from something they truly want.divider-paw

The Pros of Owning a Husky

If you’re considering bringing a Husky into your home, below we’ve listed a few of the best attributes they will bring to your life.

siberian husky standing on grass
Image Credit: Mohan Nannapaneni, Pixabay

1. Loyal and Loving

A Husky can bring a great deal of love and loyalty to your home. These dogs are considered quite loyal to their families and love spending quality time with their owners. If you have children in the home, a well-trained Husky will quickly become their best friend.

2. Highly Energetic

Huskies have endless amounts of energy. If you lead an active lifestyle, they will make a great addition. Your Husky will love going on long walks, hikes, and trips. Playtime is a must with these dogs, however, and should take place several times a day to help avoid boredom.

3. Very Vocal

One of the things most people love about the Husky is their vocal capabilities. Those who own Huskies truly believe they speak to them and try to vocalize their needs. Whether this is true or not, the vocalization of the Husky is both impressive and endearing when you get to witness it.

4. Highly Intelligent

Huskies have impressive intelligence and love showing it off. During playtime or one of their famous vocal sessions, you’ll learn just how intelligent these dogs truly are. Huskies are known for working things out and often, discovering things they shouldn’t. Yes, this can be considered both a pro and a con in any given situation. Never forget that a Husky is known as the Houdini of the dog world for a reason.

5. Friendly Personality

Huskies love to socialize with humans and other dogs. If you have other dogs in the home introducing your new Husky won’t be an issue. Huskies love playing and will easily welcome a new friend into the fold. The same can be said with humans. Huskies aren’t considered guard dogs and don’t react aggressively toward strangers. They are natural hunters, however, meaning smaller animals like cats may not be advisable with a Husky in the home.

6. Healthy Dog Breed

The Husky is considered an overall healthy dog breed. Considering their activity level and work ethic, slowing down isn’t in the cards. With proper vaccinations and routine veterinarian visits, you’ll offer your Husky a great life. Juvenile cataracts and issues with their hips and joints are the most common ailments Huskies face throughout their lives if well cared for and exercised properly.divider-paw

The Cons of Owning a Husky

Although a great pet for most, a Husky may not be for everyone. If you’re still on the fence about owning a Husky, here are a few cons you should keep in mind when trying to make this important decision and long-term commitment.

Credit: Valmedia, Shutterstock

1. Huskies Don’t Like Being Alone

Yes, a Husky can handle being alone while you go to the store or off to work, but if you are constantly gone, they may act out. With their need for attention and love of play, Huskies will find things to do if they are left alone day in and day out. Often, your furniture or other personal objects will pay the price when a Husky deals with loneliness.

2. Lots of Shedding

Yes, Huskies shed. No, it isn’t a little, it’s a lot. The double coat of the Husky features both a top coat and an undercoat. In spring and fall, this breed will “blow” their coats, which is quite an experience. During this period, while the top coat grows, you’ll find hair everywhere. To help avoid issues with hair all over your home, daily grooming and constantly vacuuming is a must. You’ll quickly realize a great vacuum is your best ally when raising a Husky.

3. The Attitude

If you’re a first-time dog owner, a Husky’s attitude may take you by surprise. These dogs are quite independent, stubborn, and even a bit naughty. Don’t be surprised if you get a dose of this attitude often. Yes, Huskies love their owners and are loyal to a fault, but they don’t mind letting their dislike of something be known.

4. Location Issues

Huskies were bred for life in the cold. This doesn’t mean they can’t live in warm areas, but tropical climates may be a bit much for them. If you live in a hot area, special attention will need to be paid to avoid your Husky overheating. Run your air conditioner, supply adequate water, and offer shade when spending time outside.divider-paw

Properly Caring for a Husky

siberian husky pulling a sled
Image Credit: Viola ‘, Pixabay

With their high energy levels, Huskies need a high protein diet. It’s important to prepare for this beforehand. A portion of well-balanced dog food is great for your Husky. This breed is known as a grazer, meaning they will eat throughout the day instead of at one mealtime. Keeping your Husky a dish of their favorite high-protein kibble available ensures they can eat when needed for their body’s well-being.

Huskies need proper grooming. Yes, this can get a bit tedious, but due to the importance of their coats, it’s a must. Choose an undercoat rake and a slicker brush to keep your Husky looking its best. Keeping loose fur tended to help a Husky regulate its body temperature no matter the weather outside.


Is a Husky the Right Dog for You?

Yes, Huskies make a great pet, but is this breed right for you? Honestly, that answer depends on you and your lifestyle. If you have the time and energy to dedicate this breed of dog, you’ll find yourself with one of the most loyal companions ever. If spending time with your new dog is difficult due to your schedule, then choosing another breed may be best for your situation. Huskies are amazing dogs, but they do best with an owner who can grant them the attention they need and deserve. Keep this in mind before you decide to bring one of these beautiful dogs into your home.

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