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Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets? Facts & Explanation

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Pit Bulls tend to always get a bad rap. Due to their history as fighters, many people automatically assume that Pit Bulls are prone to aggression. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As with any other dog breed, a Pit Bull’s attitude comes from its environment. If a Pit Bull is treated with kindness and is properly trained and socialized, this dog can make an amazing pet for an experienced owner.

So, do Pit Bulls makes good pets? The answer depends. Let’s explore this topic more in-depth so you can decide if a Pit Bull is the right pooch for you.

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Are Pit Bulls Safe to Own?

As we previously mentioned, a Pit Bull’s personality is a direct reflection of the environment it was raised in. If a Pit Bull puppy is brought up in a caring and loving home, it will turn into a wonderful family pet. However, many Pit Bulls aren’t so lucky. Abused and neglected dogs can develop trust issues, be aggressive, shy, or anxious around both people and other pets. If you choose to adopt a Pit Bull from a shelter, it’s critical that you learn about its history. With rehabilitation and plenty of patience, even abused Pit Bulls can become loving and loyal companions.

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What About Their Bite?

It’s common knowledge that Pit Bulls were bred to be fighters. They are often depicted in movies as aggressive predators. To further this negative image, many people believe that this dog breed locks onto a victim and doesn’t ever let go. While Pit Bulls do have powerful jaws, the assumption that this breed “locks” into place after biting something or someone is false. Pit Bulls are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train.

Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets?

A properly trained and socialized Pit Bull will make an awesome pet for an experienced dog owner. Due to their powerful build, Pit Bulls are super strong dogs. It’s imperative that you train a Pit Bull from the get-go. Positive reinforcement training techniques work best for this breed.

It’s also important to note that “bully” breeds, including Pit Bulls, are illegal to own in many areas. Always check your local policies to ensure you can legally own a Pit Bull in your town or city.

Pit Bulls can make excellent family pets, even in homes with small children. In fact, Pit Bulls were even used as “nanny dogs” during the early 20th century. Families would trust their Pit Bull to look after the youngsters.

If you do have small children, it’s essential to educate them about how to properly interact with a dog. They should never bother the dog when it’s eating, tug on its tail or ears, and never rough-house with your pup.


Final Thoughts

Pit Bulls do make fantastic pets! With time, affection, and training, a Pit Bull can make a lovely addition to nearly any home. If you’ve decided to adopt a Pit Bull, always learn about its history and take it to a professional trainer.

If you add a Pit Bull to your household, you’ll enjoy endless companionship for years to come!

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