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Do Rabbits Use Scratching Posts? Types & Behaviour Explained

BNOSDM Rabbit Scratch Post Toy

For rabbits, mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Bored rabbits are much more likely to become destructive, which may mean some scratched-up furniture. So, yes, rabbits like and will often use scratching posts or toys when providing them. Offering your rabbit a scratch post, scratch toy, or scratch pad is a great way to combat this by allowing your bunny to act out its scratching urges and have a good old stretch at the same time.

Read on to find out more.


Do Rabbits Like to Scratch?

Yes. Rabbits have a natural love of digging and burrowing and often do so to keep themselves entertained, fend off stress, and keep their claws in good shape. Sometimes, they do it in an attempt to hide from something they’re afraid of.

For this reason, you might spot your bunny digging and scratching at items around your home, like your furniture or clothes. This is especially common in rabbits without any kind of outlet for their digging and scratching urges. Boredom is one of the most common reasons rabbits resort to scratching furniture instead of something more appropriate.

If you’re fed up with having to replace scratched-up items or just don’t share your rabbit’s enthusiasm for shabby chic furniture, you can try offering a scratching post, board, or toy.

rabbit is digging a hole
Image Credit: Alexandr Opalat, Shutterstock


Types of Scratching Posts for Rabbits

Scratching posts aren’t just for cats—you can very easily track down ones made just for rabbits, too. This is great because not every rabbit will like the same posts or toys, so you’ve got some variety to work with. Here are some of the types of scratching posts we came across in our research:

1. Rabbit Scratching Boards/Pads

Litewoo Rabbit Scratch Board Claws and Teeth Care
Image By: Amazon

These are simply boards made of materials like wood or lava pumice for rabbits to chill out on and scratch whenever they get the urge. Some also double up as chew boards to help rabbits wear their teeth down, which is very important for them.

2. Rabbit Scratching Posts

BNOSDM Rabbit Scratch Post Toy
Image By: Amazon

These are more similar to standard cat scratching posts, and they allow the rabbit to stand up and stretch as well as scratch. We found a wide variety of scratch posts ranging from standard upright posts, sloping posts, posts with toys connected, and even a funky carrot-shaped post!

3. Rabbit Scratching Toys

Fhiny Rabbit Scratch Toy
Image By: Amazon

Scratching toys are great for providing extra mental stimulation for curious bunnies. The most common type we found was a raised ball covered in sisal rope that rotates while the rabbit scratches it. We also found a seriously adorable toy that was shaped like a tree with carrots dangling from it—the options are endless.


Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Rabbit

In addition to providing scratching and chewing toys, boards, and posts, there are plenty of ways to enrich your rabbit’s environment to prevent destructive behavior.

Here are some ideas:
  • Create an obstacle course in which treats are waiting for your rabbit at various points.
  • Make sure your rabbit’s exercise pen is as large as possible to give them plenty of space to roam.
  • Provide hiding spots in the hutch and pen (some rabbit hideouts are also designed to be chewable, which is a bonus!).
  • Rotate toys—don’t offer them all at once or provide permanent access to them as your rabbit may get bored quickly.
  • Provide interactive toys that get rabbits to act out their natural digging or foraging instincts, like toys you can fill with bits of food (carrot pieces are good for this purpose).
  • Spend time playing with your rabbit.
  • Groom your rabbit to bond with them while taking care of their fur.
  • If you have a single rabbit, consider getting another rabbit as a companion.
  • Train your rabbit to perform simple tricks, like standing up on command or touching their nose to an object to get a treat.


Final Thoughts

It’s true—rabbits can use scratching posts and many enjoy them very much due to their natural instinct to wear down their claws and dig. You can find various types of scratching items specifically designed for rabbits, so have a look around—we’re sure you’ll find something your rabbit will love.

The salvaging of your furniture is another major bonus of these much-loved rabbit items!

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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