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Does MetLife Pet Insurance Cover Surgery? Coverage & Limitations

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MetLife Pet Insurance is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you’re considering the company to insure your pet, you’re probably interested in knowing whether the policy will cover the care you need, such as surgery. MetLife pet insurance covers many life-saving surgeries, but there are some exceptions you should know about.

In this article, we’ll go over the surgeries MetLife covers and some that they don’t include. We’ll also look at other details about MetLife pet insurance that might help you compare their policies with others on the market.


What Surgery Does MetLife Cover?

MetLife offers a standard accident-and-illness insurance plan, which explicitly lists surgeries as one of the procedures covered. Accident-and-illness plans reimburse for the cost of vet care related to emergency and sick visits but not preventative care like vaccines and heartworm tests.

Some specific surgeries the company lists include knee surgeries like ACL repair and spinal disk surgery. Accidents and emergency care are also covered, and any surgery resulting from accidents is most likely covered. A typical example of this type of surgery includes foreign body removal if your pet eats something it shouldn’t.

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What Surgery Is Excluded from Coverage?

Check out the complete list of exclusions in the MetLife policy to confirm whether your pet’s specific surgery is covered. Here are some of the most common surgery exclusions we found.

Elective Surgeries

MetLife doesn’t cover any surgery considered elective or non-essential. Unfortunately, two of the most frequent surgical procedures are considered elective. Spaying and neutering aren’t covered under a standard accident-and-illness plan, but MetLife does offer an optional preventative add-on that may do so.

Surgery Related to Breeding

MetLife excludes breeding or any conditions related to breeding from coverage. If your pregnant female pet needs a C-section or other surgical care, they are not covered.

Surgery During the Waiting Period

All pet insurance policies have a waiting period before coverage kicks in. This generally starts from the date you purchase the policy. Any surgery your pet needs during the period won’t be covered. MetLife’s accident coverage kicks in right away, but the illness coverage won’t be active for 14 days. Knee surgeries have a 6-month waiting period.

Organ Transplants

This might not be a surgery you thought was available for pets, but there have been successful kidney transplants, and veterinary science is constantly progressing. As you might imagine, the surgeries are expensive and aren’t covered under MetLife’s pet insurance policies.

Surgeries Related to Pre-existing Conditions

Like all pet insurance companies, MetLife doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are any medical problems documented in your pet’s record before you purchase pet insurance. If your pet had previous surgery and the same issue pops up again, MetLife may not cover it.

Every pet insurance company is different in determining what counts as a pre-existing condition; some are stricter than others. Enrolling your puppy or kitten as young as possible is the best way to avoid having pre-existing conditions excluded from coverage.

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MetLife Pet Insurance: The Details

Metlife Pet Insurance

As we mentioned, MetLife offers both an accident-and-illness and optional preventative care add-on plans. They offer a range of deductibles from $0-$2,500 annually and annual care limits between $500-$25,000. An unlimited option may be available for some pets and in some areas. Policy reimbursements range from 50%-100%.

Monthly premiums are calculated based on your pet’s details, including age and breed, the cost of coverage in your area, and your own selections for deductible, reimbursement, and annual limits. There are no age restrictions for enrollment, but there may be some coverage limits.

MetLife provides fairly generous coverage in its standard plan, including exam fees, hereditary conditions, and holistic medicine. Several discounts are available upon enrollment, and the company offers an incentive to keep your pet healthy by lowering your deductible automatically each year you don’t file a claim.

For communication, MetLife offers a 24/7 live chat feature and is also available by phone and email. They have an app to help you manage your claims, although the initial paperwork can’t be filed online.

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MetLife pet insurance covers most surgeries your pet might need, but they are just one of the numerous providers available across the country. To find the best and most cost-effective pet insurance plan for your dog or cat, check the specific coverage offered and get individual quotes for your area. Monthly pet insurance costs vary widely, but the peace of mind they offer when your pet experiences a medical emergency could be priceless.

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