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Does Pet Assure Cover Surgeries? Important Facts to Know

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Pet Assure is a popular alternative to pet insurance which is available from certain employers to their employees for a small fee. Members are given a 25% discount card for use in any partnered veterinary offices around the country, with eligible offices in every state.

While Pet Assure differs from classic pet insurance policies, it has incredible benefits, particularly for those who may have trouble getting an insurance policy on their pet. Owners of elderly pets, exotic pets, or pets with pre-existing conditions can all use the Pet Assure discount in the same way as other pet owners, with no restrictions.

What does Pet Assure cover? Does it cover surgeries? The answer is yes; the 25% discount applies to all surgeries performed at partnered veterinary practices.

For example, suppose your dog needs an operation for a broken leg that costs $1,000. If you show your Pet Assure discount card at the point of sale at a participating vet’s office where the veterinarian did the operation, the 25% discount is applied and is taken off the price. The surgery would then be reduced to $750.

The Pet Assure discount even applies to surgeries like neutering, which aren’t usually covered by pet insurance, which is why Pet Assure is so beneficial. The downside to Pet Assure is that only partnered veterinary practices will accept the 25% discount card. While Pet Assure does indicate a local vet practice in each state, it may be tricky to get to those practices for those living in rural areas.

This program is only available through employers, so if your employer is not on the Pet Assure list, you can’t sign up for a membership, and you can’t apply to Pet Assure on your own. However, the list of exclusions for Pet Assure coverage is very small, meaning that the vast majority of all surgeries will have the 25% applied to the total bill, excluding take-home medications or any holistic therapies such as rehabilitation after surgery.


Will Pet Assure Cover X-rays?

Pet Assure covers all diagnostic imaging, including X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs. The 25% discount will be applied if the diagnostic imaging is done at a partner practice; however, they do not cover any outsourced tests.

It works the same way as any other claim with Pet Assure; simply show your 25% discount card when you pay for your pet’s treatment, and it will be applied to your final bill at the point of sale.

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Does Pet Assure Cover Medication After Surgery?

While the 25% discount from Pet Assure is applied to the cost of the surgery itself, it won’t apply to any medications dispensed for your pet to take home after their surgery.

For example, if the surgery costs $500 without the medication, the Pet Assure card will take 25% off this bill. However, if the medication costs an extra $100, the $400 will be payable as the 25% discount doesn’t apply.

Does Pet Assure Cover Neutering?

Pet Assure covers neutering, and the 25% discount applies to almost everything. Very few exclusions apply to Pet Assure, and surgeries including spaying, neutering, and pregnancy-related complications such as a C-section can all have the discount applied.

However, this doesn’t apply to any medications or supplements that pets may need after the surgery is complete.

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Final Thoughts

Pet Assure is an exceptional resource for those who want guaranteed coverage in most situations for their pet. While it’s limited to a 25% discount and is only available via employers to their employees, it’s still a great option for those whose pets may not be able to get traditional insurance coverage. Pet Assure covers all types of surgeries, including preventative ones such as spaying and neutering.

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