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Does Pet Assure Pet Insurance Cover Dental Procedures? Coverage Explained

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Pet Assure is a dog and cat pet insurance company that is provided to companies for their employees under America’s Veterinary Discount Plan. It does include dental vet bills in their coverage plan, including dental exams, X-rays, and teeth cleanings. The list of other covered pet costs includes a long list of other covered areas for your pet.


How Does Pet Assure Work?

Their website allows you to enter your company’s name to review coverage areas and more details about your insurance plan. It differs from other pet insurance companies because it is not a personal pet insurance plan, but one chosen by your employer.

Rather than a pet owner researching different pet insurance plans and deciphering which one works for them, Pet Assure has a base coverage of 25% off all your submitted claim costs. Basically, any reason you have to visit a veterinary office will have a reduced cost.

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What Is Not Included?

Pet Assure covers a long list of accidents, illnesses, and vet bills, but will not reduce your costs for extra things your pet may need. This includes things like grooming, training, boarding, outside specialist fees, or blood work sent to external labs. These are considered extra costs that are more personal to you.

Luckily, this pet insurance plan does not have the same exclusions as most companies in that pre-existing conditions are also covered. This means that if your dog has a genetic condition or illness prior to signing on to Pet Assure, you still receive a 25% discount on your costs. There is also no maximum on how many times you use Pet Assure for discounts on submitted claims.

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How Do I Use Pet Assure?

Pet Assure is easy to access through their mobile application where you can get an image of your ID card obtained through your employer. There is also an online website or portal that contains your ID card and other important details. The app is great for situations where you either forget your physical copy of your card or in an emergency when you need to pull up your ID quickly. It even allows you to look for participating vets in your area.

Another benefit of Pet Assure is that you don’t need to fill out any forms or go through extensive details under a pet insurance company to submit claims. All you need is an ID card, and your discount is applied on the spot.

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Benefits of Pet Assure Compared to Other Pet Insurance Companies

Although other pet insurance companies have high maximum annual coverage costs, Pet Assure has the benefit of no fine print. They have no specified areas of coverage, deductibles, premiums, or waiting periods that you get with other pet insurance plans. It’s as simple as obtaining an ID card through your employer, registering your pet, and caring for them without the hassle of gathering and submitting different documentation.

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Final Thoughts

Pet Assure has many benefits and makes it very easy to reduce pet-related expenses. Their base coverage percentage of 25% (no matter what) seems like a breeze. However, not everybody has access to Pet Assure and not every veterinarian in your area may be a partner. Your employer would have to provide this as an option to you as staff and local vets would have to sign on to take part. It skips on all the extra work required by most pet insurance companies but has less amount of coverage in general.

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