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Does Pet Insurance Cover Training? Facts & FAQ

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There are times when we need extra help training our pets. Certain annoying behaviors are normal for pets, like excessive barking, chewing, or digging, and these are also fixable. But what about when you have an overly reactive dog that could be dangerous to visitors or when your cat is peeing outside the litter box? In these cases, you might need behavioral training. This type of training can be expensive, so many pet owners wonder if pet insurance covers the cost.

There are a few insurance companies that cover the cost of behavioral training for your pet, but how much they cover depends on a few factors.


What Qualifies as Behavioral Training?

There are different types of behavioral training, but most of them involve some sort of positive reinforcement to encourage positive behavior. The idea is that when animals associate good behavior with a reward, they will exhibit good behavior more often. The reward is typically food, but it can also be praise, affection, play, or a favorite toy.

Before initiating any behavioral training for your pet, it’s crucial to make sure that the “bad” or unwanted behavior isn’t a result of a health problem. For example, a cat peeing outside the litter box could have a urinary tract infection. A dog that is experiencing pain can exhibit aggressive behavior.

When there isn’t a medical cause for the behavior, you may require behavioral training or modification techniques from a professional trainer. While many owners train their animals themselves, a professional should address certain issues, like aggression.

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Cost of Behavior Training

The cost of behavior training varies based on:

  • The type of pet
  • How extensive the training is
  • Whether it’s basic training or behavioral modification
  • The professional trainer

Most trainers charge by the session and the intensiveness of training required. General behavior training for a dog that teaches basic obedience and manners averages $50 per hour. Behavioral training for serious issues can cost $200–$600 per week. Boot camp training for dogs that require more intensive behavioral training can range from $500 to $1,200 per week.

Pet Insurance Plans That Cover Behavioral Training

The good news is that a few insurance companies cover the treatment of behavioral issues. The bad news is that they don’t typically cover behavior training. Here are four companies that cover behavioral training.

  • Embrace — Embrace Pet Insurance covers the cost of behavioral treatment within their illness/injury policy. This also covers any prescriptions that your pet will need.
  • Pets Best — While Pets Best won’t cover the cost of a trainer, they will cover your consultation with a vet and any prescription medications for behavioral issues. For example, if your dog needs sedation to visit the vet, they will cover that cost.
  • SPOT — SPOT’s illness and accident policy covers behavioral issues if they are treated by a licensed veterinarian. This includes consultations and medications.
  • Nationwide — Nationwide’s wellness policy covers behavioral issues, vet consultations, treatments, and prescriptions. If a licensed veterinarian prescribes behavioral training for your pet, they will cover the cost of the training.

If you are looking for the best coverage for training, we recommend checking a few different companies to compare policies and find the one that best fits your needs.

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Most pet insurance companies don’t cover the cost of behavioral training. There are a few that cover the costs associated with behavioral treatment, including vet consultations and prescriptions for behavior issues. In most cases, though, you will have to pay the full cost of a professional trainer yourself.


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