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Does Uber Allow Cats? Company Info

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When you’re using a ride-booking service, traveling with a pet can prove challenging whether you’re taking them for a vet visit or a trip. It’s a relief that Uber has an option that allows you to take along your beloved kitty as long as they’re enclosed within a pet carrier or leashed using Uber’s pet-friendly option.

A while ago, you had to consult your driver beforehand to let them know you were bringing a cat along for the ride. That often resulted in the ride being canceled due to the driver’s refusal to take on pets, but riders can now select pet-friendly drivers that will accommodate pets straight from your in-app service.

Continue reading to find out about this policy and the company information attached regarding the limitations of bringing along your cat for a ride.


Uber Pet-Friendly Rides for Cat Parents

Rides by Uber Pets and UberX cater specifically to pet parents, although they come with correlating fees. Uber doesn’t clarify which pets are included in their policy, other animal tags, but there’s no limitation on breeds or sizes of cats you can bring for the ride.

On the other hand, service pets don’t attract extra fees, and you can share your ride with others if you’re traveling with a therapy cat, for instance. However, an Uber driver has the discretion to refuse or cancel the trip if they deem driving with your animal uncomfortable or unsafe.

While that discretion offered to drivers doesn’t extend to service pets, it’s straightforward to order a pet-friendly ride on Uber. However, you’ll get charged an extra fee for cleaning if your cat leaves a mess on the ride. That includes any poop, pee, or damage done to the vehicle by scratching, chewing, or excessive shedding.

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How to Book an Uber Ride to Travel With a Cat

Booking a pet-friendly ride with Uber follows a similar process as booking normal rides. You’ll start by logging into your Uber app and selecting UberX on your smartphone1, and then proceeding to the ‘Tap to Customize’ section.

Once you’ve tapped the customize button under UberX, select the option labeled ‘Pet-Friendly Ride’ to book a driver and vehicle which cater to pet parents. The service is tailored for four passengers and above and is the only more economical ride-share after UberPOOL.

With UberX’s pet-friendly ride option, you can expect a spacious and newer model vehicle that will accommodate your cat carrier and is fitted with the latest safety features such as braking and suspension2. The service mainly features sedans as opposed to luxury or SUV cars, and models included are the likes of the Ford Escape, Honda Accord, and Toyota Prius.

You can also guarantee a spot for your cat in rides you book by using Uber Pets, which is an innovative service that can transport your furry friend even in your absence. On subscribing to this service, you’ll select the option for pets and indicate the type of animal as a cat, along with pickup and drop-off locations.

The Uber Pets driver arrives with the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure the safe loading, transporting, and offloading of your pet.

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Safe During an Uber Ride

Preparing for All Occurrences

Some felines suffer from motion sickness, and it’s pretty common to have urine, poop, or vomit incidents while on your Uber trip. Therefore, it makes sense that you’re prepared when you’re traveling with your furry friend by stocking up on the right items such as biodegradable poop bags.

Lining your cat’s pet carrier with a training pad will help to soak up any excretions and ensure there’s no spillage, stains, or odor. Remember to carry any medication your cat could be taking for motion sickness or anxiety, as well as food and water bowls for longer trips.

Bringing a Multipurpose Pet Carrier, Harness, or Leash

A pet carrier is necessary when you’re taking your cat out on a pet-friendly Uber ride. An airline-approved product with a metal wireframe provides the sturdiness, space, and ventilation necessary to offer your feline companion sufficient comfort and safety.

Take along a pet carrier your cat is familiar with, so they’re calm and won’t move around so much to get motion sick. If your furry friend hates pet carriers, substitute it with a leash or harness but don’t forget a fleece blanket of the appropriate size to spread on the car seat to reduce the chances of making a mess via shedding and motion sickness brought on by overstimulation.

You may also include a chew or scratch toy for your furry baby, so they’re comfortable and don’t develop anxiety during the trip.

Follow the Driver’s Instructions

Ask your Uber driver whether they prefer where you should sit your pet. The driver knows where your cat will be most comfortable or in which location a pet carrier is least impacted by the vehicle’s movements to reduce the chances of motion sickness.

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How Many Cats Can I Transport Using Uber’s Pet-Friendly Services?

Uber’s pet accommodating services, like Uber Pets and UberX, only take one animal at a time, but without restriction to its size or breed. But according to the ride-share company’s website, how many feline companions you can take along for the ride is left to the individual driver’s discretion.

Some Uber drivers won’t take more than one cat in their car if they’re afraid of the mess, fur allergies, or your felines being loud. You may also come across an Uber Pets or UberX driver that prefers dogs to cats and will cancel the ride, especially if you’ve opted for harnesses instead of pet carriers.

Other than the Uber Pets service, the company’s pet policy isn’t universal, and it depends on which part of the country you’re traveling in. It’s easier to ride along with several cats in urban areas where most city dwellers don’t own cars and are likely to travel with their animal companions than in local regions.

However, Uber Pets matches you with drivers according to the type of animal you’re traveling with, and they’ll accept your request when you’ve booked a ride. When the driver arrives, you’ll ask them if you can take more than one cat.

Don’t forget to review and rate your Uber driver’s performance or optionally leave a tip if you and your furry baby have reached your destination safely and comfortably.



All pet parents especially owners of furry felines should breathe a sigh of relief that Uber allows cats on pet-friendly rides through Uber Pets and UberX. These services are either cheaper or costlier depending on your preference or the options that are available in your region.

You can select the UberX service if you’d rather travel with and look after your cat personally or the Uber Pets option when you’re tied down but need safe transportation for your feline companion. Whichever your preference is, you’re assured of comfort, safety, and convenience to get where you and your fur baby want to go.

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