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Dog Breed Plus Is Now a Part of Pet Keen!


Dog Breed Plus is pleased to announce a new partnership with—the new home of our comprehensive dog resources! Here, you’ll find our library of content that has helped so many people enjoy the wonders of having and caring for man’s best friends. But before we get into specifics, let us say thank you for making Dog Breed Plus such a success that we’ve decided to join forces with a major player in the pet care industry. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Rest assured, we’ll continue our work with the passionate animal lovers at Pet Keen to produce informative and helpful content about your favorite dog breeds.

Pet Keen is the premier site for the pet ownership lifestyle, which fits perfectly with our mission to answer all the questions you may have. With this move, we are joining an established network of pet experts and veterinarians who care deeply about the bonds between pets and their owners. Together, we will continue to dive deep into dog breeds—from pure breeds to the latest designer pooch.

Expect to see a steady stream of product reviews and how-to articles about training, feeding, exercising, and maintaining the health of your dog—or dogs, plural, for multi-pup households! We’ll also get into some of the typical dilemmas that first-time dog owners may encounter: Does my dog get along with children? Can my dog eat human food? Can cats and dogs co-exist peacefully? All this and more are just a click away!

And while you are here, why not check out some of the fascinating content about other pets? You may learn something! Pet Keen covers the full spectrum of domestic animals, from cats and dogs to lizards and fish—interested in raising chickens? Look no further. Thinking about adopting a guinea pig? We’ve got you covered. Pet Keen is now the one stop shop for dog breeds and every other pet on the planet. Bookmark us now and enjoy the content!

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