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22 Dog Haircut & Grooming Styles (With Pictures)

A dog getting a haircut

Dogs come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, and they can have coats of various colors, patterns, lengths, and thicknesses. Therefore, the options are almost limitless when it comes to dog haircut styles. Depending on the breed and coat of their dog, owners can create haircut styles for their pooches that are comical, unique, sporty, fanciful, and everything in between.

It can be tough to come up with a new haircut idea for your pooch if you have never done anything with their coat before or you are used to just one style. So, we put together a visual list of different dog haircut styles that you can use to get some inspiration. Even if you don’t own a dog, you are sure to get a kick out of the following ideas.

The 22 Dog Haircut and Grooming Styles

1. The Cotton Ball Look

This little cutie looks just like a cotton ball. All it takes is a fluffy coat, a gentle cut, and a quick brush to create this adorable dog haircut style.

2. The Straight and Long Look

These dogs know how to sport hair just like humans do. It likely takes many hours each week to keep these hairdos looking good.

3. The Clean-Cut Look

This dog is going to stay cool all summer long thanks to their short, clean-cut style. It is shaggy on the top, which helps create a little character and drama.

4. The Mohawk Look

Believe it or not, dogs look good in mohawks. This one seems pretty laidback about it, and we can see why. They can stay cool without losing all their hair and style.

5. The Polar Bear Look

A nice, rounded haircut makes this pooch look like a polar bear, even though their hair is a little too dark. Overall, the look is cute and cuddly and seems easy to maintain.

6. The Long Beard Look

The overall cut on this schnauzer is typical, but the long beard makes the style stand out. Hopefully, food does not get stuck in the beard too often!

7. The Short Beard Look

This pooch seems to love their short beard, which looks almost like an upside-down bowl cut. This is a style that reminds us of the good ol’ 1970s.

8. The Braided Look

This luxurious dog style is more than just a haircut. An intricate braid helps hold everything together, and the embellishments enhance all the handiwork.

9. The Royal Look

This dog haircut style exudes royalty from head to toe. The body hair has been turned into a “dress” and the long, curly mane hangs perfectly around the face.

10. The Child-Like Look

This dog looks like they just got home from a long day of learning and playing at school. The ponytail can be grown out for a more sophisticated look.

11. The Basic Casual Look

This is a casual style that offers a clean-cut look that any dog and owner can be proud of. Owners likely must make haircuts a monthly priority to maintain the look.

12. The Alien Look

This is one of the strangest haircut styles that we have come across! There is a mohawk on the back, a beard on the chin, and ears that look like a Gremlin’s. This dog definitely looks like they are from another planet!

13. The Loc Look

This dog has some serious locs! We suppose this style can be done just on the head or the tail, but the entire body is eye-popping. We wonder how much time and effort it takes an owner to maintain this look!

14. The Lion Look

This is a haircut style that would go over best on a large dog like the one here. It requires more than a glance to establish that this is not really a lion! Our favorite part of the style is the tail because it looks like it would make a great duster.

15. The Spiral Look

Poodles with thick, dense hair could pull this look off without a hitch. The style is a unique one that provides extra dimension and drama that a standard Poodle cut lacks. It looks like it would be tough to pet the dog on the back.

16. The Schoolgirl Look

The puffy paws, the long-haired tail, and the cute pigtails all work together to create a schoolgirl look that could easily be turned into a schoolboy look by having the pigtails cut shorter. The outfit on this dog takes their hair to the next level.

17. The Donkey Look

We are not sure whether the owner did it on purpose, but they succeeded at turning their pooch into a donkey lookalike thanks to that mohawk. We love the erect ears and stubby tail, but the shaggy legs look like they require regular grooming.

18. The Wig Look

While this dog may look like it has a wig on, the hair is all real. It has just been cut to resemble a human haircut, which looks odd on a dog. A pair of sunglasses would round this look out and give the dog a less “dorky” look.

19. The Camel Look

We don’t know how anyone came up with this idea, but they did an excellent job with the style overall. This dog barely looks like a dog at all, with the special hairstyling that has been done and the embellishments that have been adorned. The hump on the back is all hair.

20. The Half-and-Half Look

This dog looks like their stylist’s clippers broke down before the styling job could be completed. Half the body is shaved clean, while the rest looks like it has not been touched.

21. The Pom-Pom Look

With a head that looks like a pom-pom, this is the perfect hairstyle for a Pomeranian. However, we think that almost any dog with a thick or curly coat could pull this look off.

22. The Hair Bow Look

Not many dogs can pull off this look, simply because they don’t have a long enough coat to do so. But if your dog has a long coat, try pulling some hair up and tying it into a bow. If anything, it will help keep fur out of your pooch’s eyes.


Final Thoughts

We love all the different things that owners can do with their dogs’ coats of hair and fur. Thinking outside of the box can result in interesting and unique dog haircut styles that are unlikely to be seen elsewhere. Why not try something new the next time that you take your dog to the groomers?

Featured Image Credit by: aurelie le moigne, Shutterstock

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