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DoggieLawn Product Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give DoggieLawn a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 5/5
Maintenance: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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What Is DoggieLawn? How Does It Work?

DoggieLawn is a no-guilt potty option for busy pet owners. Instead of laying down dozens of synthetically scented potty pads and praying your dog doesn’t miss, DoggieLawn provides fresh, authentic grass for your dog to do its business.

You don’t have to worry about coming home late or calling the pet sitter to let your dog outside. All you have to do is clean the solids. The grass and soil absorb messes, just like if you were to take your dog out.

Of course, there are other questions, like the scent, ease of use, and general upkeep. I’m here to answer these questions based on my 5-week experience using this product.

german shepherd dog sitting on the doggielawn

DoggieLawn – A Quick Look

  • Bulky
  • Poop can stick to grass
  • Difficult to hide

DoggieLawn Pricing and Subscription

Let’s first talk about price. Potty pads are cheap and readily available, so how does the DoggieLawn compare?

Surprisingly, the subscription price was far lower than I imagined. A large tray of grass costs about as much as a large pizza. However, how much you spend with DoggieLawn depends on how often you receive a shipment.

DoggieLawn operates as a subscription service, allowing customers to receive a shipment between 1 and 4 weeks. You choose the frequency and tray size, and the shipment arrives on your doorstep in weeks.

You could stretch out the lifespan of a DoggieLawn much longer than the subscription allows. Just cancel or skip a shipment before they send you a new one.

Signing up with DoggieLawn is a cinch. Go to the website, select which size and type of tray your dog needs, then select the shipment frequency.

What to Expect from DoggieLawn

I had the large 24” x 24” tray (the second largest option), so my box was pretty big. Everything came perfectly packaged. My shipment took about one week to process and arrive on my doorstep.

There wasn’t a blade of grass missing from what I could tell. The grass was fresh and well-watered too. No brown spots, crispy edges, bugs, or weird smells.

german shepherd dog lying on the doggielawn

DoggieLawn Contents

I thought I would need to roll out the grass as if I was planting sod. However, the grass came ready in the tray with firmly matted roots. All I had to do was pull the tray out and remove the plastic ties that kept everything together. Once I did this, the grass was ready to use. It took me about 2 minutes total. You can’t beat that!

Long-Lasting & Good-Looking

My dog and I were pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the grass. My dog took to it immediately. I loved seeing fresh grass in our house! I don’t have a balcony, but if I did, this would really spruce up the outdoor space.

Sadly, all grass dies eventually. My DoggieLawn lasted about 2 weeks before I noticed the brown grass. The grass could have lasted longer had I watered it and put it outside in the sunshine, but I didn’t have the time or space. Even so, my dog used it just fine.

If I wanted to, I could keep the old grass, and my dog would continue to use it. The grass’s color faded, but the quality of the grass remained soft.

doggielawn product

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Training a dog to use the DoggieLawn is simple. DoggieLawn provides paper and online resources to help you train your dog. All you have to do is re-potty train your dog. When it’s time for your dog to go, take it to the lawn and wait. Offer treats and praise when your dog uses the lawn.

Some dogs take longer than others to train. However, my dog used it right away. It helped that I placed it in an area where she’s likely to potty if she doesn’t make it outside.


I have a small German Shepherd that needed a big DoggieLawn. But you can order a smaller size if you have a small dog breed.

DoggieLawn offers four sizes:
  • Standard (24” x 16″): Dogs under 15 pounds
  • Medium (24” x 20″): Dogs up to 30 pounds
  • Large (24” x 24″): Dogs up to 50 pounds
  • XL (24” x 48″): Dogs 40 pounds and over

They recommend the extra-large size for dogs over 40 pounds or houses with multiple dogs.

Your dog will have plenty of space, but I recommend placing a rug underneath the tray if you’re placing it outside on a balcony. Your dog might miss, which will become an awkward conversation with the neighbors.

DoggieLawn uses grass that differs from the sod you normally see at garden stores. The root system is more matted and firmer. They typically ship the hydroponic variety, but recently, they added local grass options.

doggielawn packaging

Finding a Location for It Is a Hassle

Location was the biggest downfall for me. I don’t have a balcony or a laundry room where I could hide the DoggieLawn. I had to place the DoggieLawn in my breakfast nook next to my dining table. As you can imagine, this wasn’t ideal.

The tray was 24” x 24” and took up quite a bit of space. I had to push the tray aside to sit down at my table. Eventually, I stopped eating at the table because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of moving the tray around.

None of this was a problem for my dog, of course. But who wants to eat next to a toilet? I sure don’t.

This wouldn’t have been an issue if I had a balcony or a back room. But if you’re like me and don’t have that luxury, the DoggieLawn may not work for you and your home.

General Upkeep

There’s minimal clean-up required with a DoggieLawn. Aside from cleaning up solids, you don’t have to do much with the grass, like watering or fertilizing.

DoggieLawn recommends adding a little water to the grass to clean poop residue. I didn’t have much luck with this. You could water the grass if you wanted to, but I didn’t want the hassle of caring for another plant, so I left the grass alone.

Fertilizing is a big no-no since that would harm your pet. My dog liked to nibble on the grass sometimes, so you don’t want to apply anything to this grass that could harm your pet.

I only noticed one bug on the grass for the 5 weeks I had the lawn. I squashed the bug, and that was that. I didn’t notice any other bugs; however, I kept the lawn inside. If you keep it outside, you might get a few more bugs than I did.

pee on doggielawn


One of my favorite aspects of DoggieLawn is that it’s eco-friendly. DoggieLawn doesn’t use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It also maintains a zero-waste reputation by preventing the use of potty pods.

There’s still waste involved since you must have the order shipped to your house. But my order came with a few zip ties, and that was it. I could even reuse the tray!

Is DoggieLawn a Good Value?

DoggieLawn is a great value purchase. You don’t have to pay much for fresh grass and an all-natural experience. Plus, the lawn lasts longer than you’d expect.

The nice thing is you can encourage other animals to use this lawn. My cats used it a couple of times, and they loved it! We saved some money on cat litter and didn’t worry about my dog having a restroom spot.



Do I need to water my DoggieLawn?

No, watering is unnecessary and can kill your grass quicker since the tray can hold moisture.

Can my dog keep using the grass even after the grass dies?

Yes! Dogs go to the bathroom on dead grass outside, so they won’t have a problem using the DoggieLawn when the grass dies, either.

How long will the grass stay alive?

Location and frequency of use affect how long the grass lives. Indoors with multiple pets, my DoggieLawn lasted about 2 weeks. However, this could vary depending on many factors.

It’s raining—should I cover the grass?

Yes, you should cover the grass when it rains. Otherwise, the grass can become oversaturated and cause a mess.

My dog keeps eating the grass. Is this okay?

DoggieLawn doesn’t use chemicals on their grass, so your dog won’t be harmed if they like eating some of the grass.

german shepherd dog sitting next to doggielawn packaging

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My Experience With DoggieLawn

My 49-pound German Shepherd Raven loved using the DoggieLawn. She took to it immediately. I basically didn’t have to do any training with her. My other pets loved the grass, too.

I loved how easy it was to get the lawn ready to use. All I had to do was remove the grass, clip some plastic, and that was that.

My only issue with the lawn was the location. I didn’t have a good setup in my home to make this effort worthwhile. Raven requires a large lawn, and it wasn’t practical to push the lawn aside to use the table or back door. I wish I had a balcony to keep using this product, but I decided it wasn’t ideal for our house.

Sadly, we’ll have to go back to potty pads. Maybe in the future, we can use DoggieLawn again. I know Raven would love a second chance!



With no chemicals or fertilizers, this lawn provides an all-natural space for your dog to go to the bathroom and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. You don’t have to feel guilty, and your dog gets a taste of the great outdoors every time.

Finding a location in tight spaces is a deal-breaker with this product, so you must ensure a practical space for everyone. If you do, DoggieLawn can undoubtedly add value to you and your dog’s life.

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