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Double Doodle

Nicole Cosgrove

June 18, 2021


It is a mix of Goldendoodle and Labradoodle or various mixtures of Golden Retriever, Labrador retriever and Poodle. It is easy available and very common. Double doodle is not good for cold climate. It is gorgeous non-shedding canine that is intelligent, very friendly and cordial with the children. It is also a good watchdog. Their traits may vary from dog to dog as they are mix of two hybrids or one hybrid and poodle purebred dog. Double doodle also known as North American Retriever and Golden Labradoodle. Their some of talents are Watchdog, Jogging, Narcotics detection, Agility, Hunting, Guarding, Retrieving, Search & rescue, Sighting, Tricks, Obedience, Tracking and Competitive obedience. It is a medium size dog and has weight 30 to 70 pounds. Their life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

Here is the Double Doodle at a Glance
Average height Medium to large
Average weight 30 – 70 pounds
Coat type Straight, wavy or curly, rough, silky or wiry
Hypoallergenic? Yes
Grooming Needs Low to Moderate
Shedding Low
Brushing Daily
Touchiness Fairly high
Tolerant to Solitude? Not for long periods
Barking Low to moderate
Tolerance to Heat Good to very good
Tolerance to Cold Moderate – they do not do well in very cold climates
Good Family Pet? Very good to excellent
Good with Children? Very good to excellent
Good with other Dogs? Good to very good
Good with other Pets? Very good
A roamer or Wanderer? Moderate
A Good Apartment Dweller? Smaller sizes can be
Good Pet for new Owner? Very good
Trainability Easy to train, will need less repetitions than most dogs.
Exercise Needs Very active dog
Tendency to get Fat Moderate
Major Health Concerns Addison’s disease, bloat, Cushing’s disease, epilepsy, heart problems
Other Health Concerns Skin problems, eye problems, patellar luxation, joint dysplasia, OCD, allergies, ear infections, cold tail
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Average new Puppy Price $650 – $1800
Average Annual Medical Expense $500 – $600
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $500 – $650

Where does the Double Doodle come from?

Being a mix of the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle this means they have three purebred dogs in them, the Poodle, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. This means there can be quite a variety of traits and personalities that can come up with the Double Doodle. The idea was to create a people-oriented dog likeable dog like that Golden Retriever, one that had the energy and work ethic of the Lab, and had low allergy and non shedding Poodle qualities. To understand a designer dog we usually look at the two purebreds that went into the making. For this one we will take a look at the temperament of the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle as well as a brief look at the history of the 3 purebreds involved.

The Goldendoodle’s Temperament

This is a very popular designer dog and for good reason. He has many positive personality traits and everyone he meets loves him. He is intelligent, friendly, accepting, extremely affectionate, patient and gentle with children and loyal. He is a great family dog, he can be playful and mischievous on occasion too and with good training is very obedient. He loves company and being with his people.

The Labradoodle’s Temperment

This dog is another great family dog though with her tendency to express her joy and excitement through jumping, training is needed. She is clever and everyone is her new best friend. She is energetic and loves to play and is completely devoted to her family. She does have a gentle side too and can be laid back when she is not being exuberant.

The Poodle

Is originally from Germany and was bred a waterfowl retriever for hunters. He became popular in France where he was bred further to become the Poodle we know today. He is an old dog, pictures of Poodle like dogs can be found on artifacts dating back to the 1st century! He is also smart. He is popular as part of these breeding schemes because of his hypoallergenic status and low shedding. He is not as aloof as he present himself, once he accepts you he will be loving, playful, loyal and mischievous. He is eager to please and so training should be easy. He is not good at being left alone for long periods though and can be destructive if not trained and socialized out of boredom.

The Golden Retriever

This dog was developed in Scotland from the mid to late 19th century by a Lord who wanted a good retrieving dog for when he went hunting but one that was also even-tempered at home. He focused on yellow puppies for his breeding program and they were recognized as a breed in 1911. Today he is a sweet dog, very calm, and loves people. Eager to please he is a great family dog.

The Labrador Retriever

This dog was bred as a retriever also but this time in Canada in the 1700s where he retrieved fish and lines for fishermen. He was also bred to be a great companion and family dog when he returned home at the end of the day. He was brought to England in the 1800s where he was very popular and thrived. It was a good thing too as in his native land he disappeared due to tax laws and new dog regulations. He is a very popular dog today not just with families but also as a working dog with the police, military, an assistance dog, therapy and more. He loves to work, he loves people, and is a very high energy dog. He is outgoing, eager to please and smart. Some Labs can be a little rowdy and some are more laid back.

Temperament of the Double Doodle

The Double Doodle is a loyal and loving dog, very friendly and very intelligent. He has a lot of energy (from his Poodle and Lab sides) and is playful and sociable. He can be hyper sometimes but is quite adaptable and smaller Doodles can easily live in apartments though exercise is vital. He is a very family orientated dog, loves company and wants to be a part of family activities all the time. People tend to love him, and he is good with all ages, children included. He is also usually good with other pets and dogs though socialization and training is key here.

What does a Double Doodle look like

The medium to large sized Double Doodles weigh between 30 to 70 pounds and have floppy ears and button eyes that are well set with a black nose. His coat can be anywhere from straight to wavy to curly and can be rough or silky or wiry. Colors include golden, silver, black, tan, white, cream, brown, chocolate and red.

Training and Exercise Needs

How active does the Double Doodle need to be?

He will need a lot of exercise each day as well as mental stimulation also. He is best suited to active families or owners so that he can just join you when you do things like cycling, hiking, jogging, walking, running and so on. He also would enjoy visits to a dog park as well as some play time either inside or in the yard. Probably an hour a day or more, with a couple of long walks and some play at least would keep him healthy, happy and better behaved.

Does he train quickly?

This is a dog that comes from a bunch of smart dogs, he has brains, and is eager to please his owners, he listens to commands and he obeys them. He will train quickly, in fact most Double Doodles, when trained consistently and in a positive manner will actually learn quicker than most other dogs and will need less repetitions. That does not mean he does not need training or socialization just because he is smart. All dogs should be socialized and trained from as soon as you get them to get the best well rounded dog he can be.

Living with a Double Doodle

How much grooming is needed?

He should be low to non shedding so there is not a lot of clearing up to do when he sits on your couch or puts his head on your lap for scratch time. Because he has a coat like a Poodle’s for the most part, he will need daily brushing to get rid of any debris that has snagged in it and to take care of mats. Bathing just needs to happen when he needs it. As he is big, if you have not trained him from an early age how to get in and out of the bath keep in mind a lot of groomers have a place you can take your dog to to bathe him, or you can leave him there for them to take care of it. They could also do the nail clipping which is something that has to be done by people who know that dog nails have live vessels and nerves in the lower part so care has to be taken.

Other grooming needs you can do at home is to check his ears once a week and wipe them clean. Use a damp cloth or cotton ball, or use a vet approved solution to clean them with. Do not push into the ear at all. He also needs his teeth brushed, preferably once a day, but at least three times a week.

What is he like with children and other animals?

This is a fantastic family pet as he is very good with children, even small ones, and is also good with pets and other dogs. Socialization really helps this too. Make sure you teach the children how to play nicely with dogs, what things they shouldn’t do as it might hurt the dog.

General information

He will need 2 to 2½ cups of high quality dry dog food each day, and that should be split into two meals to avoid him scoffing it all down too quickly. It is not good for dogs if they are at risk of bloat to eat one meal only too quickly. He will bark to alert you to intruders and in general is a low to moderate barker. He does well in most climates but not extreme cold ones.

Health Concerns

There are potential hereditary health issues the Double Doodle may pick up from the Lab, the Poodle or the Golden Retriever. These might include Addison’s disease, bloat, Cushing’s disease, epilepsy, heart problems, Skin problems, eye problems, patellar luxation, joint dysplasia, OCD, allergies, ear infections and cold tail.

Costs involved in owning a Double Doodle

The Double Doodle is a very popular designer dog and this keeps the prices up. It also means there are plenty of puppy mills and disreputable breeders taking advantage of their popularity to make money with no concern over the dogs they breed. Take care about where you buy from and you can expect to pay between $650 – $1800. Your puppy will need a carrier bag, a crate, leash and collar, some medical tests, shots, micro chip, neutering. This will cost between $500 – $650. Then taking care of a dog will involve food, recurring medical needs, toys, treats, training, a license and savings for emergency health situations. These will cost between $1000 – $1250.


Looking for a Double Doodle Puppy Name? Let select one from our list!

This is a lovely dog, great for single owners or families, and suitable for apartment living in his smaller form. He will need regular mental and physical exercise and despite coming from dogs with even temperaments you still need to socialize and train him. It really does bring out the best dog possible.

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Nicole Cosgrove

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