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Doxle (Dachshund & Beagle Mix)

Height: 9-11 inches
Weight: 18-30 pounds
Lifespan: 11-14 years
Colors: Red, tan, black, cream, chocolate & cream, blue & tan, black & tan, chocolate & tan
Suitable for: Families, houses with yards, those who need a guard dog
Temperament: Alert, attentive, funny, cheerful, loving, curious, charming

A cross between a Dachshund and a Beagle, the Doxle is one of the cutest and loving breeds you’ll find out there. With a lifespan of 11 to 14 years, the Doxle can be a variety of colors, from tan to chocolate and cream. This breed makes an excellent early warning system for intruders, as they do put up a ruckus.

If you adopt or purchase a Doxle from a breeder, be prepared for them to bark, as their curious natures will lead them into those types of situations. However, training and socialization as a puppy can do a lot to curb barking tendencies. So, if you’re looking to adopt or purchase a Doxle, follow us along in our guide to find out everything you need to know before bringing a Doxle into your home.

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Doxle Puppies – Before You Buy…


Doxle puppies are adorable and have quite a bit of energy. They train pretty well but can have a barking problem that you’ll need to address. However, they’re loving, intelligent, and alert, which will make them the perfect watchdog when they grow up.

This breed makes an excellent addition to a family, as they’re good with other pets and children. In addition, they don’t grow to be very big, which makes them great for someone who lives in an apartment. It’s essential, however, to realize the amount of responsibility any pet requires before you decide to adopt one of these puppies and bring them home to live with you and your family.

What’s the Price of Doxle Puppies?

A Doxle puppy will cost you somewhere between $300 and $700. The prices vary according to the breeder you choose to purchase your puppy from. Of course, you want a good quality breeder, so expect to pay closer to the $700 mark for your new canine pal.

Other costs associated with your new friend will include toys, bedding, vet visits, food, and any additional pet-related expenses, such as grooming and the like. You can expect to spend between $450 to $600 on spaying, neutering, microchipping, and the like for one-time costs. Expect an average of $460 to $560 for annual medical expenses such as deworming, grooming, and checkups. Non-medical services such as toys and the like should run you from $350 to $450 yearly, according to how much you spoil your little Doxle.


3 Little-Known Facts About Doxle

1. Doxles Like to Dig

If you’re going to own a Doxle, make sure you’re prepared for it to dig. It’s one of this breed’s favorite pastimes.

2. Doxles Work Well for Senior Citizens

Doxles are friendly to everyone but make great pets for senior citizens as well. Their easy-going and loving ways make them perfect companions for the elderly.

3. Doxles Get Along Well with Cats

If you have cats in the house, then a Doxle may be the best choice of pet for you. They get along great with these feline creatures.

Dachshund Cross Beagle
Parents Breeds of Doxle. Image Credit: Left – Dachshund (LoggaWiggler, Pixabay); Right – Beagle (AlbanyColley, Pixabay)


Temperament & Intelligence of the Doxle

With their curious, attentive, and loving nature, Doxles make perfect family pets. They can be a bit on the stubborn side, so you want to start training and socializing them as puppies. The Doxle is also very intelligent. This breed does love to bark, chew things, and dig, so watch for these traits in your Doxle puppy and take care of them early on for the best results.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

As previously mentioned, Doxles make great pets for the elderly, but they also make the perfect dog for families. They love to play with children, and since they are energetic and active, they can keep up with an active family.

They are watchful, which makes them excellent guard dogs, and they are known for being protective of their families.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

While this breed gets along well with pets, there are exceptions to every rule. The breed does have a hunting instinct, so hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and even rabbits might trigger that instinct and cause them to give chase. Training your pet early on and teaching him socialization skills as a puppy can help to curb his instinct to hunt.


Things to Know When Owning a Doxle:

Now that you know the personality traits and the quirks associated with the Doxle breed, you’re probably ready to go out and adopt one for your very own. However, you need to know the food and diet requirements, exercise, grooming and training needs, and any health conditions to watch out for. We’ll go into all of this in our next section.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Your medium-sized Doxle will require food that has quite a bit of protein in it. It’s best to go with foods that have chicken, beef, or lamb as the first ingredient listed for best results. Dry kibble will work for your Doxle, but home-cooked food is also a possibility, especially if you want to be extra sure your puppy is getting the protein and nutrients that he needs to remain healthy, active, and happy. You want to make sure to feed him foods that reduce his risk of gaining too much weight.

Exercise 🐕

A Doxle can be quite active, but he doesn’t require very much exercise, which is what makes him the perfect companion for a senior citizen who can’t get out and about very much. A quick walk around the block and a few minutes of playing fetch in the backyard will suffice for this puppy to get the exercise he needs to be healthy and happy.

Training 🎾

Your Doxle pup can be stubborn, which can make training him a bit of a challenge. Though intelligent, the breed gets bored and loses interest easily, ready to move on to the next thing. Being consistent with your training and using treats and praise for rewards is the best way to get the results you want from your Doxle.

Grooming ✂️

Your Doxle is going to require brushing three to four times a week to keep a shiny, healthy coat. While they don’t do much shedding, brushing them regularly will help keep the hair off your floors and furniture. You’ll also want to clip their nails and brush their teeth on a regular basis to keep them healthy and looking great.

Health and Conditions 🏥

As with any other breed, the Doxle has a few severe and minor health conditions you should watch out for. Many of these you can possibly avoid by choosing a reputable breeder. Below, we’ll go into a few of those conditions.

Minor Conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Deafness
Serious Conditions
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Bloating


Male vs. Female

There isn’t much difference between the male and female Doxle when it comes to their weight or their adult height. It is thought that the female Doxle might be just a tad more on the dominant side than the male of the breed. It is also believed that the female may fight other female dogs and be a bit less affectionate than males.

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Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide on the Doxle puppy and what you can expect if you decide to give one a forever home. The breed is perfect for a family that loves to play and likes to be active. However, the breed is also content to be the companion of the elderly as they don’t require much exercise and are happy just cuddling on the couch with their owners.

We hope this guide on the Doxle has helped you make your decision and that soon you’ll have one of these lovable, intelligent pets living in your home.

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Featured Image Credit: Slavomir Tomka, Shutterstock

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