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What Is a Dunner Bearded Dragon? (With Pictures)

top view of a Dunner Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is a popular pet that is suitable for beginner reptile owners. They are relatively large creatures that can grow up to 2 feet long and live up to 10 years. They are called “bearded” dragons due to a spiny patch of skin on their throats that can become puffed up when they feel threatened or intimidated. The bearded dragon is one of the most common reptiles kept in captivity.

But what about the dunner bearded dragon? A dunner bearded dragon is still a bearded dragon, but it is a morph. This means that the dunner has been bred to select for certain traits that give it a distinct look. These lizards have different scale and color patterns and even a notably different foot size than the standard bearded dragon. In contrast to any regular bearded dragon you might find in your local pet store, the dunner morph is fairly rare. In this article, we will discuss the dunner bearded dragon more in-depth, including where you might be able to get one.

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What Are the Dunner’s Physical Features?


There are several physical differences that set the dunner apart from a regular bearded dragon. First of all, the bearded dragon typically has teardrop-shaped scales. The dunner, however, has scales that are the shape of a cone. As a result, the scales on a dunner bearded dragon are a lot less smooth-looking than those of a regular bearded dragon.

Dunner Bearded Dragon
Image by: Worraket, Shutterstock

Scale Pattern

In addition to the shape of the scales themselves, the scale pattern is also different on a dunner bearded dragon. Instead of the more consistent scale pattern of the bearded dragon, the dunner’s scales are more randomized. As a result, these lizards have more ridges than the standard bearded dragon, giving it a more rugged look.


The dunner bearded dragon can come in many different colors, such as white, orange, and olive green. The unique pattern of its scales really makes the dunner’s colors come to life. The colors will also present differently on the dunner than they would in the standard bearded dragon. Instead of the standard dragon’s symmetrical stripes, the dunner tends to have spots that appear in a randomized pattern.

dunner Bearded dragon
Image Credit: Worraket, Shutterstock

Foot Size

In addition to the above differences, the dunner bearded dragon’s feet are notably different from the standard bearded dragon. Both the feet and nails on these creatures tend to be longer than those of the standard bearded dragon!

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Where Can I Buy A Dunner Bearded Dragon?

Since the dunner bearded dragon results from selective breeding and can’t be found in the wild, you will need to find a breeder if you are interested in buying one of these creatures. Be sure to do your homework before buying any animals; don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions in order to ensure that the breeder is reputable.

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Final Thoughts

The dunner bearded dragon is a unique morph that you won’t find at your local pet store. There are several notable physical differences that set this animal apart from the standard bearded dragon. If you are willing to put in the work to find a reputable breeder, you could own one of these fascinating creatures.

Featured Image Credit: Worraket, Shutterstock

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